E-mail logs?

Luiz Felipe Ceglia felipe at pobox.com
Sun Nov 24 16:29:27 EST 1996

Can anyone repost the e-mail for sending the logs?


Luiz Felipe Ceglia <felipe at pobox.com> <http://www.pobox.com/~felipe> 
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>From aa0ob at skypoint.com (Greg Fields)  Mon Nov 25 00:28:05 1996
From: aa0ob at skypoint.com (Greg Fields) (Greg Fields)
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 18:28:05 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contest Vanity Humor
Message-ID: <m0vRou5-000090C at mirage.skypoint.com>

I was anxious to try my new call K0OB in CQ WW CW contest
to see how it played on CW versus AA0OB. I called one station
who came back with 0OB? Imagine my surprise when I repeated my
call and he came back with AA0OB! I tried to correct him but,
he continued on certain he had my call. I guess he had a old
MASTER.DTA, which has my AA0OB call. He must of thought he had
AA0OB when he saw it in the MASTER.DTA. I thought I was hearing
things at first but, my DVP receive confirmed it really happened.
I knew it was going to take awhile to get used to sending my 
new call but, I sure didn't think I would continue to hear my
old call come back!



Greg Fields K0OB (Previously AA0OB)
aa0ob at skypoint.com
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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