CQWW_CW - or Why am I here?

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Mon Nov 25 15:10:11 EST 1996

Hi to the Contest gang.

Well the 10 meter band is in the doldrums again.  
After some exciting openings in the last two weeks,
things were horribly flat on 10m for the CQWW_CW.

Heard nothing at the start of the contest, and only a few JA's
last night.  So nearly gave it away.

Today for the last session, the 10 M band opened from
the South Pacific to North America for the last 4 hours
of the contest.

First thru were:
Nov 24.	UTC	Call
	----	----	
	1956	W4YV
	2007	K5GN
	2008	W3LPL
	2013	N2RM
	2014	N4QQ	
	2018	N3RR
	2020	N4MM
	2045	K5NA
	2047	W4QJ
	2144	W6KFV
	2147	K0RF
	2148	AB7KS
	2151	W7EKM
	2157	N7HUS
	2159	W7EU
	2200	K6VX
	2303	W0AIH
	2304	N7RO
	2205	W7RN
	2005	WA5PAE
	2006	K4CSB
	2207	K3LR
	2209	N6NR
	2214	K5NU
	2219	WH6R
	2220	K9OM
	2221	N5NT
	2223	WA3OCG
	2226	KL7HF
	2229	N6ND
	2230	NL7G
	2247	KH8/N5OLS
	2252	N2IC
	2258	N5NMY
	2257	KS4LC
	2300	K6TAR
	2315	K6XV
	2317	N6GDS
	2238	JH5ZJS
	2342	VK4XA
	2347	K8CC
Thanks to these dedicated operators who will never quit!
-sorri for my shaky CW.

Solar flux over the contest was 83, 91 and 100. Any forecasts
for the ARRL 10 meter contest dates of December 14-15?

Cheers for now,

Martin ZL1ANJ
 < jmellis at ihug.co.nz >


Tom Wylie wrote:
> Hi guys, and thanks to those who worked me - GM6X. - 40m SOSB.
> Well, its 2215 on Sunday night and well may you ask - why is he
> here and not on the rig?
> Well things did not go quite according to plan at GM6X.   Our site is on a
> hill top
> farm in the south west area of Scotland (home of GM4NFC -actually).
> I normally borrow a laptop computer for the contest, but this time I left it too
> late and had to us my trusty old 386, with CT.   However, the computer
> didnt like the linear and fell over every time it was keyed.   Got it sorted -
> well almost just before the start of the Contest - but guess what - Murphy beat
> us to it.   Dont know what the problem was but propogation on the Friday
> night/ Saturday morning was very poor.   Likewise the early morning long path DX
> opening didnt happen.    Went to bed hoping for a short path opening to VK/JA -
> Yes you guessed it - didnt happen.   We had a blizzard and snow storm on the
> Saturday night/Sunday morning, lost the rotator on the 40m beam, lost
> the computer several times and finally lost the electricity supply to the
> farm about
> 1300 on the Sunday.
> So this year's test was a dead loss.  Less than 1,000 Qs......
> Poor condx, very heavy rain/snow static, computer problems, high noise level
> and finally no power killed not only the station but the enthusiasm.   Had to
> drive home through a blinding blizzard..........
> How I wish I was in southern California- where it never rains
> -------------------
> CU guys in the ARRL
> 73 de Tom

>From w7ll at juno.com (Dale Belcher)  Mon Nov 25 03:37:46 1996
From: w7ll at juno.com (Dale Belcher) (Dale Belcher)
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 20:37:46 MST
Subject: Reset Alpha
Message-ID: <19961124.203748.14766.5.w7ll at juno.com>

After 6 hard faults the Alpha 87a will not reset.  How can it be reset or
problem resolved?

Send reply to;

W7WW at juno.com 
W7LL at juno.com  or post it on the reflector.

Thanks in advance.

>From hwardsil at wolfenet.com (Ward Silver)  Mon Nov 25 05:58:10 1996
From: hwardsil at wolfenet.com (Ward Silver) (Ward Silver)
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 21:58:10 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Floating concrete
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.95.961124215449.22479E-100000 at gonzo.wolfenet.com>

> At 11:43 AM 11/24/96 -0800, Charlie Deel wrote:
> >        Reply to:   RE>Floating concrete
> >
> >Ken,
> >
> >Concrete ships float for the same reason steel ships float, they displace a
> >volume of water greater in weight than the weight of the material used to
> >construct them.  Having built and raced concrete canoes in college I have seen
> >it firsthand.  But, you fill a steel or concrete ship with water, and they
> >sink like a rock (re: Titanic).  Concrete support foundations will not float,
> >since they do not displace a volume of water greater in weight than the
> >foundation concrete itself.
> >
> >Cliff  W4CE
> Isn't it more likely that what happens is that the wet sand above the anchor
> does not exert the same resistance to the guy-wire's pull as when dry?  Less
> cohesive soil (like saturated sand) would tend to flow around the anchor
> block, allowing the guy wire gradually to pull it to the surface.  I know
> this could happen in my Rohn-standard application, because the anchor blocks
> are not heavy enough by themselves to handle the maximum guy wire pull they
> could theoretically sustain.  They rely on the weight of the earth above
> them, and its cohesion with the surrounding soil.  Fortunately, mine aren't
> in sand, but I had a worried few days this summer when the area around one
> guy anchor flooded.

Next time there's a flood in your area...go look at the filling stations
where the underground tanks popped out of the ground.  They floated their
way up because the water table rose.  The water fills the space between
soil grains and exerts the same amount of hydrostatic pressure as for a
pool of the same depth.  (All this from an electrical engineer with a
civil engineer for a father...)  I doubt that a concrete anchor block
would 'float'...the disruption of the sand cohesion due to the
introduction of water as a lubricant sounds much more reasonable.
Anything hollow would truly 'float', though.

73, Ward N0AX

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