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Mon Nov 25 18:47:31 EST 1996

To change the subject from the Vanity issue for a moment, I thought some
would be interrested to see some of the goings-ons that you don't see in
the breakdowns......

Random info from the N2RM M/M effort in the CQWW CW:
Main band operators:
160:  WW2Y  (Mr. Top Band)
80: K2WI  (Wacky Iraqi)
40: N2NC (KZ2S), N2RM (N2RM)
20: N2AA, W2REH
15: N2NU, WH2Z (KE2PF)
10: K2BM (Poor Guy!!)
Operators also hopped around filling operating positions as needed

Happenings: (Daytime only... I wasn't around late evenings)
----N2AA all but completing the Sunday edition's crossword puzzle (the
BIG one!) at the same time as running JA's on 20 at a quick pace
----When no one was answering our CQ's on 15m,  either N2RM or N2NU would
run outside to check that the 4 stack was exactly aligned within 1
----Fortunately no wasps came out of hibernation this time.  However
there was this 1 fly which was equal in size to some small birds
----A contest within a contest: Name the animal in the attic which keeps
making those  scratching/scurrying sounds
----Complaining to RM that we need a 200 foot tower every time someone
beats us in a pileup on 20m
----Spotting a new country on packet and listening to see who would start
calling without listening first; listening to the FRC PacketBratPack as
they laid into the poor South American mult working at 15WPM
----Peter WW2Y eating a big order of chili before the start, causing the
rest of us to suffer for the duration of the weekend (No Dr. Peppers were
spotted in the shack)
----N2RM hearing and commenting on how loud the JA's were on 15m in the
last 15 minutes of the contest, but not working any of them
----The look on N2NC's face when he finally worked the VU for WAZ on 40
----Best band hour: 1300z hour Saturday on 15 meters: 199 QSO's
----N2NU found a flyer at the local WAWA (convenience store) that said
"FREE GEAR FOR LIDS"....it was an ad for chewing tobacco for stuff you
can get by buying so many cans of chew

Overall it was the most fun I've had in a contest in a long time. 
Several of the normal N2RM operators went S/O from their home stations,
and we weren't sure if we would have enough operators for a serious M/M. 
Fortunately N2NU and his crew (The northern Hobo's) decided to join us
(the southern Hobos) to create the "Union of the Hobo's".  It worked out
real well and everyone had fun.  We compared scores with W3LPL a couple
times during the weekend and both stations were extremely close.  I think
this drove everyone to dig in and work toward the best possible score. 
This was probably my last CQWW from the east coast as I'm due to transfer
(USCG) next summer.  Hopefully in the next CQWW I'll be operating either
/KH2 or /KH6

For the RM group,
Dave WH2Z

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