Balloon Vertical Tip - Store Balloon Dry

Tue Nov 26 13:02:24 EST 1996

For the first time I popped a balloon while filling it. It actually popped
in the XYL's face, as she was holding it while I held the nozzle on the
helium container. It sure made a big noise, but only surprised us and did no
damage. I believe it was because I must have not stored the balloon
completely dry. When I took it out of storage, parts of the balloon stuck in
creases. I pulled them apart before inflating, but had the sense that
weakened the material. Last time I flew it I took it down before the morning
dew had burned off. I dried it out inside (I thought) but must not had
gotten it completely dry. 

Fortunately, I had a spare.  

73. Ken, K6LA - Ken Six Los Angeles, KWIDELITZ at DELPHI.COM

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