160 m dx window

bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com bill.lumnitzer at paonline.com
Thu Nov 28 10:50:18 EST 1996

Dave, K1TTT said:

 K1> I would like the 'DX Window' idea dropped.  I think it has outlived
 K1> its usefulness.  about 10 years ago it probably made sense, when many 
 K1> european countries we still restricted to low power and a very narrow
 K1> portion of the band it helped, but now it is just in the way.  in most
 K1> contests WE work much more dx outside that window than we work in it.
Emphasize the WE in this statement Dave! I have no doubt that you and other
owners of prime east coast real estate can do this effortlessly! But don't
you agree that 160 is different than the higher bands? For most of us, the
DX signals are weak and neigh-on impossible to work through all the loud
stateside CQ-ers. Yes, I can hear europeans calling CQ outside the window,
but they are very difficult to work because of wall-to-wall stateside QRM.
(Actually this is hard to do in the "window" also!) Anyway, the PUBLISHED
RULES recognize the DX-window on 160 and they are being ignored by many
prominent stations, which I believe was AA8Us point. ARRL should delete
any mention of a "DX-window" from the rules since this idea is not working.
This is still a gentlemens band and most of us will NOT CQ in the window
during a contest. 

I've also observed that MANY (I didn't say all!) of the stations who
disregard the DX window on 160 also demonstrate ethical lapses on the
higher bands, e.g., calling out of band, stealing others run freqs,
continuous sending in pileups, etc.

73 Bill N6CQ/3


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