Pennsylvania QSO Party

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Sat Nov 30 16:18:37 EST 1996

Hi Gang,

The High Claimed scores from the Pa. QSO Party are now posted on the web
Cross checking is underway and results will be mailed to all by mid February,
I hope!

Web site URL: (no L
on the end)

We received just about 600 logs so it will take some time to get through them

73 to all,  Doug W3HDH

>From kk5ep at (Michael Causey)  Sat Nov 30 21:44:55 1996
From: kk5ep at (Michael Causey) (Michael Causey)
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 15:44:55 -0600 (CST)
Subject: K8DO address?
Message-ID: <199611302144.PAA17744 at>

I need to find Denny's correct e-mail address or phone number please.  I
can't reach him through e-mail.  Tnx, Mike  N5ZX.

>From haines at (Stephen Haines)  Tue Nov 26 18:52:49 1996
From: haines at (Stephen Haines) (Stephen Haines)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:52:49 -0800
Subject: CQWW CW Help
Message-ID: <329B3C81.420B at>

What is the correct e-mail address to send logs from
the CQWW CW contest? The announced address "cw at"
bounced, unknown domain.
    This was my first use of CT (ver. 6.26) and my
first attempt to submit by e-mail. TIA and 73

Steve Haines, ZP9EH
Encarnacion, Paraguay
haines at

>From oh6yf at (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)  Tue Oct  1 03:08:56 1996
From: oh6yf at (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF) (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 19:08:56 -0700
Subject: SAC 1996 score rumours...
References: <3246ED9D.34D1 at>
Message-ID: <32507D38.1553 at>


I'm collecting raw scores of the SAC 1996. Please, send your result, 
call, class and totals for QSO & multipliers to my E-mail address:

oh6yf at

Remember to send your entire log to Jan SM3CER for log checking. My list 
is just to get more first hand information how was the contest!

You can see the raw score list at my Web home page:

See you again in the SAC 1997...

73 de Harry OH6YF
B.Sc. (El. Eng.)
P.O.Box 30                     Asematie 4
FIN-64701 TEUVA                FIN-61300 KURIKKA
FINLAND                        FINLAND
Ham Radio Calls: OH6YF-OH0MYF  Tel./fax: +358 64 4502673
Tel: +358 400 160368           Tel: +358 400 160368
E-mail: oh6yf at   E-mail: oh6yf at

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