[cq-contest 19137] Re: Multiple-Choice Packet-in-Contests Quiz

kony at iodata.co.jp kony at iodata.co.jp
Tue Oct 1 10:46:16 EDT 1996

>Well, we had long discussion to reform the JIDX contest rule 
>during '95. In JA land, the PacketCluster has been popular for 
>DX spotting but not for contesting. Some of them do not care 
>about the exact Sop regulation in CQ WW DX contest. 

  Don't belieave this massage, everybody. 
I hear from many friends seven or eight years ago JE1CKA Tack  said ' Packet and Packet
 network do not adapt under JAPANESE RADIO LAW. Because It's 3rd party communication.'
Central Japan PacketCluster is popular for DX contesting. In JE1CKA case , he do not
join in Packet network . Actually, over 4000 FBB/RLI type BBS, over 90 PacketCluster Node
in JAPAN, I did not see JE1CKA massage in Packet Network for 2,3 years.  

  I guess JE1CAK has no right to say about Packet,Packet Network and PacketCluster Node
Network as JAPANEASE OPINION. He do not join with Packet Network revolution.

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