Zack Widup w9sz at
Tue Oct 1 18:31:05 EDT 1996

>   2) The packet cheating isn't surprising. Two hams called
>me on the phone after CQWWCW to tell me that my competition
>had connected to their packet cluster several times during
>the weekend, and had declared themselves to be SO.

It's interesting that you can't assume this means the person is USING it.

I was in a contest earlier this year (I forget which one, I didn't send 
in a log anyway) during which I was connected to the local 
PacketCluster and forgot all about it! At the time, the Packet monitor 
was in a different room than the shack. It was in the kitchen! I realized I 
was still connected to it when I shut the rig off to go to sleep and went 
to get a snack first.

73, Zack W9SZ


>From apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER)  Wed Oct  2 00:36:54 1996
From: apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER) (ALEX A.P. MEYER)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 16:36:54 -0700
Subject: NEED help in Tampa Florida.
Message-ID: <199610012336.QAA22706 at>


If you live in Tampa Florida please help us out with the

A DX Expedition Group going on a Big Expediton real soon,
Need to talk to a Ham in Tampa.

Reasoon need to find out of Recordex is still in business.

We have a telefoon number, but that thing has a modem on it.

We tried but can not get to them.

If you are willing to help us by going there and if they

are still in business and getting a phone number for us so

we can talk too them.

Please help us and all DXER's.


>From apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER)  Wed Oct  2 00:49:21 1996
From: apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER) (ALEX A.P. MEYER)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 16:49:21 -0700
Subject: Sable Is. .....When???
Message-ID: <199610012349.QAA02905 at>

When is this dx expedition going there?

Thanks for helping out.

"73 es DX..........ALEX...............WB6AFJ......

>From cns-sd at (Art Wallace)  Wed Oct  2 00:52:24 1996
From: cns-sd at (Art Wallace) (Art Wallace)
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 16:52:24 -0700
Subject: Fwd: Kenwood Sales Manager
Message-ID: <199610012352.QAA17102 at>

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Sep 1996 19:23:18 -0700
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Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:44:28 -0700
From: Paul Middleton <paulem at>
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Subject: Kenwood
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I received the following message from the NATIONAL SALES MANAGER at 
Kenwood. Seems he took offense at the message someone put on the 
reflector (which I added to wondering if my Gold D-104 Eagle would work 
with it) about Kenwood selling their Amateur Radio products at truck 
stops. The new radio contained features like "Good Buddy Beeps, Noise 
Generator for clearing the frequency, Echo Generator"

If you want to send your comments to Paul about Kenwoods new Truck Stop 
outlet chain, his E-Mail is  PAULM at IX.NETCOM.COM . Also maybe 
PAULM at KENWOODUSA.COM      His call is KD6DUH .

Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if the TS in TS-870, TS-950 stands for TRUCK STOP? 

73  Art   KK6XN    :)

Dear Mr. Wallace: (that's me,  Art)
I have read your posting to internet. I would like to have the ability 
to speak with you over the telephone. It is important that we talk 
I will call you at your convenience if that is possible. Please provide 
me with your phone # and the best time to reach you. The information 
that you are providing is untrue. I wish to clear this matter up with 


Paul Middleton KD6NUH
National Sales Manager

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