ARRL CW from 9G !

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Wed Oct 2 22:05:48 EDT 1996

Hello all fellow contesters,

Like last year it is very likely that I will spend my holiday in
Ghana again.
It will be around the ARRL CW contest. (What a pity HI)
(Very very maybe also during the SSB one)
I have some plans to run it from a top of a mountain with nothing
between USA and antenna then air. (What a pity again !)
Available >   6 element monoband beam for 20 meter.
              Cushcraft A3S triband beam
              Vertical for 40 and dipoles for lower bands.

I think it is very hard for me to decide how to run it.
Single operator  multi or single band. (wich band ?)
Any suggestions or experience ?

I will also try to get a license for 160 meter this year. (This is not
allowed with a 9G5 call) only I remember the static problem in receiving.
On the place where I will stay out of the contest a beverage is not possible.
I now a lot of you have been in Africa. How did you solve this problem ?
Most trouble on 80 and 160 meter.

Please any suggestions direct to my email adress  Thanks very much.

Steve  PA3GBQ /  9G5BQ  Member of Contest Group Oude Maas PI4COM / PA6WPX

email : pa3gbq at

ps I'm very happy there is no dx cluster in Ghana so that discussion
   is closed HI.

>From jholly at (Jim Hollenback)  Wed Oct  2 22:28:29 1996
From: jholly at (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 14:28:29 -0700
Subject: SO vs. SOA
References: <1367849531-77079345 at BANJO.EASY.COM>
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On Oct 2,  4:15pm, John Warren wrote:
> Subject: SO vs. SOA
> Logically, you might expect SO to have more QSOs (they don't get distracted
> from runs by potential goodies elsewhere), and conversely SOA to have
> better multipliers. If the quality of the operators in both classes were
> the same, it would be interesting to see if that worked out to be true
> across a reasonable spectrum of locations.
> But then, since typical contest scoring gives too much weight to QSO runs
> (brute force, QTH advantage) and too little to multipliers (skill,
> knowledge), SO would still come out ahead anyway.

Amen. Can we move on now?

73, Jim, WA6SDM
jholly at

>From vr2bg at (VS6BrettGraham)  Wed Oct  2 23:44:28 1996
From: vr2bg at (VS6BrettGraham) (VS6BrettGraham)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 1996 06:44:28 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: October Asia-Pacific Sprint date
Message-ID: <199610022244.GAA17949 at>

The date of the next running of the Asia-Pacific Sprint has been published
by various sources on two different dates. The autumn event should be held
on the third Saturday of October, which is 19 October.  Some sources (CQ
Contest, QST, NCJ) give a date of 12 October, which is incorrect.
Please note that the correct date is 19 October.  See you then!
                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
73, VS96BrettGraham vr2bg at

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