george fremin iii geoiii at
Thu Oct 3 00:10:34 EDT 1996

>1: Is one to assume that operating techniques and abilities and the " second
>radio" alone are responsible  for the dramatic increase in SO scores.

Yes - that and the fact that there are more stations
on the air with bigger signals. (On both ends)

>2: Co-incidental to the ever increasing incidents of top guns working over
>100 countries on nearly every bands was the advent of packet radio.

If you think it is *because* of packet - you are wrong.
See above.

>4: As one who has to bust his butt for every Country Multiplier in a dx
>contest, making 100 countries on even one band during a major contest for me
>is a feat !
>5: There are no packet dxclusters available from this area.  I have often
>wondered if my score would increase ? Undoubtedly S & P for multipliers
>would not be as difficult, when you already know the freq.!

I think that this points to the flaw in your logic on
this subject - It is my experiance that multipliers
answer CQs.  With two radios - you never have to
stop calling CQ thus making it eaiser for the mults
to find and call you.  The second radio used to work the
mults that only call CQ.   

The multipliers that call CQ are the easy ones to
work - the trick is to have a big signal on for 
48 hours to attract the mults that dont call CQ ever - those
are the hard ones to work. 


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.   
The operator formerly known as WB5VZL
geoiii at

>From trey at (Trey Garlough)  Thu Oct  3 11:26:35 1996
From: trey at (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 96 10:26:35 MET DST
Subject: Frequently Asked Questions
Message-ID: <CMM. at>


                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
                             CQ-Contest at TGV.COM

                by Trey Garlough, WN4KKN & Jim Reisert, AD1C

                                July 1, 1996


Contained in this FAQ:

  1. General Information about the FAQ and CQ-Contest at TGV.COM
        o About this FAQ
        o About CQ-Contest at TGV.COM
        o Editorial Guidelines
        o Appropriate Topics for Discussion
        o Inappropriate Topics for Discussion
  2. Subscribing and Unsubscribing
        o General Information about Subscribing and Unsubscribing
        o Subscribing to the list
        o Unsubscribing from the list
        o Getting the list in Digest form
        o Temporarily stopping and restarting mail
  3. Operating Practices
  4. Mailing List Archives
  5. E-mail addresses of Contesters
        o General Information about E-mail Addresses
        o WB5VZL List
        o CQ-Contest REVIEW
        o QRZ! Ham Radio CDROM
        o World Wide Web Directory Services
        o The old-fashioned way!
  6. Related Mailing Lists
        o Contest Results Group -- 3830 at
        o Kids contest group -- kids at
        o CT users group -- ct-user at
        o NA users group -- na-user at
        o SuperDuper users group -- sd-user at
        o TRLOG users group -- trlog at
        o Internet DX Reflector - dx at
  7. Internet Resources for Contesters
        o Contest Log Submissions
        o World Wide Web
  8. Finding out more about the Internet


1) General Information about the FAQ, CQ-Contest

1.01) About this FAQ

This FAQ will be posted every so often to the CQ-Contest mailing list.

If there's something you'd like added to this FAQ, please send mail to
WN4KKN (trey at cisco.COM), and he will update it.

1.02) About CQ-Contest at TGV.COM

CQ-Contest at TGV.COM is an electronic mail reflector dedicated to hams
interested in all types of amateur radio contesting. This is a good place
for contest-related announcements, discussions and rumors. This forum is
more like the NCJ than QST; INFO-HAMS at UCSD.EDU and
are good places to look for a more rounded discussion of the hobby.

Although there is overlap between contesters and DXers, CQ-Contest is not a
DX-oriented group. DX at is an electronic mailing list
(reflector) dedicated to the discussion of DXing. For details on how to
subscribe to this and other mailing lists, consult the section entitled
Related Mailing Lists.

CQ-Contest is NOT the place to announce your score after a contest.
3830 at is an electronic mailing list (reflector) for reporting
scores. See the Related Mailing Lists section below for details on how to
subscribe. Jimmy Floyd, WA4ZXA also collects scores and will occasionally
post a summary to CQ-Contest.

Each message you send to CQ-Contest at TGV.COM will be sent out to all the
other subscribers, kind of like a 2-meter repeater that has a coverage
radius of 12,000 miles or so. Think of sending mail to the list as the
equivalent of an ANNOUNCE/FULL message on PacketCluster. Use regular E-mail
to send a message to a specific individual.

1.03) Editorial Guidelines

The rules are very simple. Postings to CQ-CONTEST at TGV.COM should be
non-commerical and related to radio contesting. Anything outside of those
boundries should not be seen here unless specifically approved by WN4KKN
(trey at If Trey thinks the update has merit, he will likely
approve it.

1.04) Appropriate topics for discussion

   * Contest Announcements: Must be true contests, not "operating events"
     or "special events".
   * Contester's shack (inside) hardware/software: Must be relevant to
     CONTESTING, not just a discussion of bells and whistles that have
     little or no application to contesting.
   * Contester's outside shack (antennas/towers/coax/relays): Again, must
     be RELEVANT to contesting.
   * Contester's strategy: Before, during, after. How you planned/executed
     your activities.
   * Contester's skill: What you do that makes you good (or bad).
   * Contester's stories: Must be directly about contesting.
   * Contest ethics
   * Contest rules
   * Contest operators: who was where, who is good, who is an SK, etc.

1.05) Inappropriate topics for discussion

CQ-Contest at TGV.COM is mailing list dedidcated to contesters talking about
contesting. Termendous lattitude is given to INTERESTING topics ranging far
afield, but there are some types of messages that are strictly
inappropriate. For instance:

   * Meta-discussion about the CQ-Contest mailing list. These should be
     conducted in private with WN4KKN (trey at
   * The summary sheet from your latest contest effort. That should go to
     3830 at
   * What is the QSL route for xxx?
   * What is the E-mail address for xxx?
   * Is the xxx mailing list up/down?
   * Is the xxx DXpedition on the air yet?
   * Product annoucements.
   * Solicitations for nominations for "Young Ham of the Year".
   * Advertising (unless approved in advance by WN4KKN trey at


2) Subscribing and unsubscribing

2.01) General information about subscribing and unsubscribing

Subscription management is handled automatically by a program that answers
mail sent to CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM. This address also answers
administrative requests, like stopping mail, or showing a list of
subscribers. Subject lines are ignored.

PLEASE do NOT send these requests to the list mailing address!

2.02) Subscribing to the list

To join the group, send a message to CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM and write
the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message.

2.03) Unsubscribing from the list

To leave the group, send a message to CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM and write
the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the body of the message.

2.04) Getting the list in Digest form

Tack (je1cka at has graciously offered to redistribute CQ-Contest
messages in digest form. This means that all messages posted to CQ-Contest
on a given day will be bundled together and resent as a single message to
the subscribers of Tack's list. This is useful for people with Internet
providers that place a limit on the number of messages you can have in your
mailbox at once. This is the case for many of the JA subscribers.

To subscribe to JE1CKA's CQ-Contest-Digest list, send a message to
Contest-Request at DUMPTY.NAL.GO.JP that says:

        SUBSCRIBE CQ-Contest-digest your_callsign

If you are subscribed to CQ-Contest, remember to send the a message to
CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM that says:

        SET NOMAIL

Since you will be getting the messages in digest form, you won't need to
get them directly from CQ-Contest at TGV.COM, but you will need to remain
subscribed if you still want to post messages.

2.05) Temporarily stopping and restarting mail

To stop mail (for example if you're going on vacation), send a message to
CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM that says:

        SET NOMAIL

To start mail again, send a message to CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM that

        SET MAIL


3) Operating Practices

Electronic mail is different from packet radio, in that many subscribers
receive their E-mail through commercial services such as CompuServe and
MCImail. In essence, many people are paying for each byte of every message
sent to CQ-Contest. In order to minimize spurious messages, please follow
the operating hints detailed below:

   * Put your name, callsign and E-mail address on every message you send.
     We don't all know everyone by just a callsign, nickname or Internet
     address. Furthermore, not everyone's E-mail software lets you see all
     the headers of the message, so it's sometimes difficult to reply to an
     individual posting without knowing the sender's address.
   * Use a subject line that indicates the true subject of your message.
   * Wait a while before answering someone's question. Six other people
     have probably answered it already. Most answers should go directly to
     the person who posed the question, rather than to the list.
   * Unlike PacketCluster, many people pay $$$ when they receive messages.
     Some people pay per message, some per byte. Therefore, please take
     this into consideration when writing a response. Would you pay $0.50
     to read the message that you just wrote?
   * Eschew flamage. If someone sends a flame to the list and you can't
     bite your tongue, send your flaming reply directly back to the flaming
     individual, not back to the list. No one wants to pay $1.00 to read
     these messages (the original flame + your reply). Treat flamers the
     way you would 2-meter repeater jammers - ignore them.
   * Make sure there is something of value in each message you send to the
     list. Avoid messages that are a complete reprint of someone else's
     message, with nothing but "I agree" or "Me too" added to the bottom --
     not much value there.
   * Some people pay by the byte, so when following up to someone else's
     message, be sure to include only the essential pieces or thread of the
     note. Don't include those 20 extra header lines that your mail gateway
     tacked onto the original message.
   * If you are going to make a personal reply, make sure to remove
     CQ-Contest from the header of your outgoing mail message. Otherwise,
     everyone else on the list is going to see your personal message.


4) Mailing List Archives

You can fetch messages from the CQ-Contest archive by sending a message to
FileServ at TGV.COM that says:

        SENDME CQ-Contest-ARCHIVE.yyyy-mm

where yyyy-mm is the year and month of the archive desired. For additional
information, you can send a message to FileServ at TGV.COM that says HELP.


5) E-mail addresses of Contesters

5.01) General information about E-mail addresses

There are number of ways to find the E-mail address for a particular
contester. Please do NOT send a message to CQ-Contest that says "Does
anyone have the E-mail address for ______?"

5.02) WB5VZL List

George Fremin, WB5VZL (geoiii at, maintains a fairly current list of
contester E-mail addresses. Send him a note to him asking for his list. Or
you can find the list on the WWW at

5.03) CQ-Contest REVIEW

You can get a list of CQ-Contest subscribers by sending a message to
CQ-Contest-REQUEST at TGV.COM that says REVIEW.

5.04) QRZ! Ham Radio CDROM

The QRZ! Callsign Database has the E-mail addresses for over 30,000 hams!
You can access it on the WWW at

5.05) World Wide Web Directory Services

There are several services on the WWW for looking up E-mail address for a
given name. Here are a few of them:


Thanks to Steve Zettel KJ7CH for the information!

5.06) The old-fashioned way!

If you've exhausted every other resource, try calling the person you seek
on the telephone and asking for their E-mail address directly. Or send a
letter to their Callbook address (and include an SASE if you desire a quick


6) Related Mailing Lists

6.01) Contest results group -- 3830 at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to post-contest score reports, as is
done on 3830 KHz after contests. Summaries of the scores reported to this
mailing list are posted on CQ-Contest on a regular basis after contests. To
subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to
3830-request at that says SUBSCRIBE.

6.02) Kids contest group -- kids at

This mailing list is used to post the results of the SquINT contests which
are announced on CQ-CONTEST. These contests encourage kids to participate
in a fun filled event and gain exposure to amateur radio and contesting.
Contact n6tr at to sign up and receive a copy of the rules.

6.03) CT users group -- ct-user at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to the CT Logging Program, by K1EA.
To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to
ct-user-request at that says SUBSCRIBE.

6.04) NA users group -- na-user at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to the MA Logging Program, by K8CC.
To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to
na-user-request at that says SUBSCRIBE.

6.05) SuperDuper users group -- sd-user at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to the SuperDuper Logging Program,
by EI5DI. To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to

6.06) TRLOG users group -- trlog at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to the TRLOG Logging Program, by
N6TR. To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to
trlog-request at that says SUBSCRIBE.

6.07) Internet DX Reflector - dx at

This mailing list is a forum dedicated to Amateur Radio DXing. To subscribe
to this mailing list, send a message to dx-request at that


7) Internet Resources for Contesters

7.01) Contest Log Submissions

Jimmy Floyd, WA4ZXA (floydjr at is the unofficial Internet
scorekeeper. He compiles the "score rumors" that are posted to the 3830 and
CQ-Contest reflectors.

          Contest Name                   Address
 ARRL Contests                 contest at
 CQ WPX                        n8bjq at
 DARC Worked All Europe (WAE)  100712.2226 at
 NCJ Sprint (CW)               cwsprint at
 NCJ Sprint (SSB)              aoniswan at
 North American QSO Party (CW) w9nq at
 North American QSO Party (SSB)merchant at

7.02) World Wide Web

 Contesting On-line     
 ARRL Contest Branch    
 CQ Contest Magazine    
 National Contest Journal (NCJ)
 KA9FOX Web Page        
 LA9HW Web Page         
 OH2KI Web Page         
 WB2K Contest DXpedition Registry
 CT by K1EA Software    
 Super Duper by EI5DI   
 TR by N6TR             


8) Finding out more about the Internet

Pick up a copy of the book The Internet Companion by Tracy LaQuey,
Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-62224-6. If your local technical book store
doesn't carry it, you can order from Computer Literacy, 2590 North First
Street, San Jose, CA 95131. Their phone number is +1 408 435-0744.


This FAQ was written by Trey Garlough, WN4KKN (trey at cisco.COM) and
converted to HTML by Jim Reisert, AD1C (AD1C at Many thanks to Jim
and to everyone else who has contributed to this FAQ.

>From Andrew at (Andrew Williamson)  Wed Oct  2 16:38:23 1996
From: Andrew at (Andrew Williamson) (Andrew Williamson)
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 16:38:23 +0100
Message-ID: <ZUpCKDAvxoUyEwzg at>

In message <3251e60f.14687768 at>, Bill Turner
<wrt at> writes
>On Tue, 1 Oct 1996 17:31:05 -0500 (CDT), w9sz at wrote:
>>>   2) The packet cheating isn't surprising. Two hams called
>>>me on the phone after CQWWCW to tell me that my competition
>>>had connected to their packet cluster several times during
>>>the weekend, and had declared themselves to be SO.
>Actually, a person doesn't have to be CONNECTED to the local packet cluster to
>"use" it.  One can set their TNC to monitor un-connected packets sent to other
>stations and get all the DX spots that way and no one would ever be the wiser.
>It's a problem, no doubt about it.

Also, to make things even more difficult to prove, a Single Op *CAN* be
connected to the DX-Cluster legally (at least in CT).  In Single Op mode
you can send spots but not receive them.  To receive spots you need to
be in Single Op Assisted mode.  So even if you do a SH/U on your cluster
and you see an op who is doing Single Op unassisted, you still can't
prove he was cheating.

My vote goes for combining SO and SOA.  Then there can be no accusations
of cheating, at least in this area of the rules.

See you all in CQWW CW when once again I'll be operating from GI0KOW.

Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG/AC6WI
E-mail : andrew at
One of the WestNet DX Gang.
Operations from EU006,007,103,106,124.

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