Thu Oct 3 00:05:36 EDT 1996

While some are no doubt cheating, I think you will find that most of the guys
in the big box are doing it legit.

Yes, the lure has been too much for many to resist, sad...they have spoiled
it for themselves - looking back will they remember one of the contests they
did so well in for doing well or for doing wrong? 

The second radio is a godsend, however...if you assume a big station op
spends a LOT of time cqing he will either be accomplishing nothing during
that time or he can be enhancing his score by tuning and amassing more
mults/qsos on a second is amazing how much time you realise you have
been wasting all these years when you get in the mode...its not like you have
to monitor the computer or memory keyer to make sure it is sending the
correct thing!

Thanks for all those contest QSOs over the years.


Jim K1ZX (awaiting a 4 call)

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