two antenna "tee"

K5GA at K5GA at
Thu Oct 3 23:06:35 EDT 1996

I am getting old and can't remember much anymore. Would someone younger
and wiser please help me on "T-ing" two antennas. From W5WMU for all these
years, the station owner had these things for me to use, and being lazy, I
took time to figure out the lengths of coax used.

Each end of the "tee" was a length of 72 ohm coax. This went to each antenna.
The center of the "tee" of course went to the transceiver. What length should
these 72 ohm pieces of coax be cut to???? Is it 1/4 wave for the band you
are cutting it for???

Thanks in advance for any help. I promise to start the contest one hour late
for payment of this advice.


Bill   K5GA

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