Kenwood Sales Manager

Dan Keefe KS6Z at
Thu Oct 3 21:20:33 EDT 1996

Dear Jim,

Please tell us the bottom line on the Kenwood letter.

Is Kenwood selling radios to unlicensed operators at truck stops or not?

If they are selling radios at truck stops what is their rationale for
doing it?

Dan KS6Z

>From thompson at (David L. Thompson)  Fri Oct  4 05:21:57 1996
From: thompson at (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 00:21:57 -0400
Subject: CT cty file
Message-ID: <199610040509.BAA11518 at>

Been so busy with finishing the 1996 CQ 160 results that I have lost who now
has the updated
CT CTY file that was maintained for years by N4RJ.

E-mail  direct please.

73, Dave K4JRB

>From n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM ((415) 335-2265)  Fri Oct  4 07:18:13 1996
From: n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM ((415) 335-2265) (415335-2265)
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 96 23:18:13 PDT
Subject: Work contest, win prizes -- CQP '96 this weekend!

Here's the final "Reserve Your County" list for the 1996 California
QSO Party, which is THIS WEEKEND.  Remember, CQP offers great prizes,
including genuine Napa Valley wine and CQP T-Shirts (see QST or CQ for
details).  Exchange serial no. and state/province/country (CA stations
send serial no. and county).  160m - 2m (excluding the new bands),
both Phone and CW.  Have fun everyone!

Bob, N6TV
1996 CQP County Coordinator

County          Station(s)
--------------- ----------------------------------------------------
(mobile)        AA4NC(also at WB6IRC), [NV6O,K6NP,WB6RVR] Sutter,Glenn,Colusa,Yolo

Alameda         N6CCL
Alpine          WD6EKR,KD6RHM
Amador          AC6DQ,K6BPB(lim.),N6KD(+N6KI,N6AZE),K6PU
Butte           KI6AN,KN6EL,AE0M(+N0BBS)
Calaveras       N6TNX(+N6TNW), K6RK
Colusa          [NV6O,K6NP,WB6RVR]
Contra Costa    N6RO(K3EST,WM2C,W6EMS),K6MO/mm
Del Norte       AA6DX,K6HY,AA6UN(lim.)
El Dorado       WB6IRC(+W6OAT,AA6MC,AI6V,AA4NC),W6SUN
Fresno          KG6F(lim.)
Glenn           KM6RH,KQ6CN,[NV6O,K6NP,WB6RVR]
Humboldt        W6JTI
Imperial        KK6XN,N7CW/6,N6SMW,WA6FGV(lim.)
Inyo            W6TVP(lim.),K0BGL/m,KM6TB?,WB6UCD(WB6WMW,AC6SZ)
Kern            N6MU,KD6WPK,W8AKS(lim.),KM6TB?
Kings           AA6GZ(lim.),N6UPU
Lake            W6ESJ/m,N6BT/m,KJ6PJ/m
Lassen          N6BT/m,K6JKC(lim.),KJ6MD(lim.)
Madera          N7STU,KD6FW(lim.)
Marin           WA6CTA,W6ZQK(lim.),K6MO/mm
Mariposa        KE6GTR(lim.),W6PYX,K6LRN
Mendocino       KB6LZW
Merced          KI6PR
Modoc           K6RN,WB6IUU
Monterey        N6NM
Napa            W6FSJ
Nevada          WA6AUE
Orange          N6HC
Placer          K6SMH(+KE6QNJ),K6DGW,W6RFF
Plumas          KG6VI,KF7AM
Riverside       W6EEN
Sacramento      KV6H,K6SG,K6FO(lim.),K6DR,W6NKR
San Benito      WA6BWT(lim.),KB6INO(lim.)
San Bernardino  KE6TLV(N7QQ),W6HAL,WA6FIT
San Diego       W6MVW,KC6MIE,WA6YOO,WB6MSE
San Francisco   W6BIP(N1EE),AC6AH
San Joaquin     KJ6DL,KD6WW(lim.),WC6H
San Mateo       N6NF(lim.),W6ISO,KA6ING(lim.),KN6PW(+KB6LUC,NU6P,N6ZFT,KF6EIB)
Santa Barbara   KC6CEX,W6OUL
Santa Clara     N6TV,N6WLF(lim.),WA6HRK,KV6S(lim.),N2ALE
Santa Cruz      AB6EQ(+KD6NOS),KG6I
Shasta          KG6LF,W6BJH(lim.),W6US
Sierra          WB6RXE
Siskiyou        NI6T,WA6OZZ(+N6EZN)
Solano          WB6YRN,W6JSB(lim.),KD6DXA,WX6M,K6MO/mm
Sonoma          WW6D(lim.),WA8LLY,KC6UUY(lim.),W6ESJ(lim.),K6MO/mm
Stanislaus      WA6TKV
Sutter          [NV6O,K6NP,WB6RVR]
Tehama          K6AAW(lim.),W6JEX,KN6WY,WB6KOE(lim.)
Trinity         N6IFW,N6BT/m
Tulare          KO6OP,WB6YIK(+KC6HJJ),KE6UP
Tuolomne        N6UUG(+WA6YVS),KI6PG(lim.)
Ventura         K6VMN,AC6T
Yolo            KE6DPV,[NV6O,K6NP,WB6RVR]
Yuba            AE0M/6(+N0BBS)

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