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Sun Oct 6 19:58:13 EDT 1996

John Brosnahan wrote:
> I recently upgraded my computer system to a clone 6x86/133 MHz
> in a mini-tower.  The level of RF interference is probably 20 dB
> worse (into a AM table radio) than the old 486-25.  Of course the
> 486 had a case with an attempt of RF tightness.  The mini-tower
> has lotsa paint on all of the seams between cover and chassis.
> I will experiment with trying to seal up the case a little better, but can
> anyone help with a source of really RF-tight mini-tower cases.  Don't
> mind paying a premium to get a decent case, but the ones I have
> ordered have all been disappointments.
> I know someone must have solved this EMI/RFI problem with a commercial
> solution.  Want to see a case with finger contact stock
> around all seams or lots of screws and any improvements to reduce
> emmisions from any other leaks.


Before you put yourself through the agony of the damned, check out the
switching power supply. I bought a P-75 about a year ago and almost
the first time I turned it on it was so noisy. I finally traced it to an
inadequate line filter on the switching power supply. A commercial grade
filter was added in series with the existing but ineffective filter in
supply and presto all my computer birdies went away ~8^).

dit dit

>From kt4ld at (Andrew H Lewis)  Mon Oct  7 02:49:27 1996
From: kt4ld at (Andrew H Lewis) (Andrew H Lewis)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 21:49:27 EDT
Subject: Fcc and Vanity
References: <Chameleon.961005110610.k4sb at>
Message-ID: <19961006.214954.4415.1.KT4LD at>

Well let me say this, you don't have to worry because you already have a
nice callsign (a 1X2). Please let's not end the vanity callsign system, I
think it's the savior to our hobby. I don't care whose application gets
processed first (even if I'm the last) I just want a 1X2 or 2X1 callsign
since I wasn't even alive when they were issuing those callsigns. Suing
is not the answer to you're problems. A callsign is a callsign. It's just
a hobby.

                                                           KT4LD-16 YEARS
                                                           ANDREW LEWIS

>From rthorne at (Richard Thorne - WB5M)  Mon Oct  7 09:58:16 1996
From: rthorne at (Richard Thorne - WB5M) (Richard Thorne - WB5M)
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 01:58:16 -0700
Subject: New Astron Switching Power Supply
Message-ID: <3258C628.702C at>

Does anybody have any experience with the new Astron switching power

I'm heading to N4ZC's at the end of the month for CQWW SSB and am 
taking my TS-850 and RS-20A.  The 20A weighs 18 lbs.  The new 25 amp
switching supply weighs 4.2lbs.  Sure would cut down on the weight.

I called AES and they don't stock them.

So the questions is any wisdom on the switching supply and does any
one know who is stocking them??


>From 0006008716 at (Doug Grant)  Mon Oct  7 03:28:00 1996
From: 0006008716 at (Doug Grant) (Doug Grant)
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 96 21:28 EST
Subject: Web Search for Alpha
Message-ID: <04961007022840/0006008716DC6EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Just for kicks, I turned Altavista loose to see if the Alpha/Power Web page
was up yet.

SHort answer: No.

Long answer: Altavista turned up about 30 hits. Many relating to the DEC
"Alpha" processor chip. Some relating to psychology and pseudo-psych stuff
about cannabis use and Alpha brain waves or some such. One pointed to a 
group named Alpha, dedicated to the supremacy of the Aryan race.

Make sure you go for the one you really want when their Web site is up!

Doug  K1DG

>From jcarter at (Jerry A. Carter)  Mon Oct  7 03:32:44 1996
From: jcarter at (Jerry A. Carter) (Jerry A. Carter)
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 19:32:44 -0700
Subject: CQP Results
Message-ID: < at>

An all YL team operating from the QTH of WA6YOO and using the call sign ALL
CALIFORNIA SIX FOXY LADIES (AC6FL) acchieved the following results, using
low power.  Operation was SSB on 15, 20, 40, and 75.

QSOs:  909 x 2 points x 57 multiplier (no NWT) = 103,626 points.  

Location:  San Diego County

This was a first time effort for the team and only a couple of them had
participated in contest or Field Day before.  The participants were:

     N6UWW - ELLEN     Team Leader and Head Cheer Leader

     KB6NMK - JO

     KM6WF - GAYLE






The ladies took turns operating and computer logging and report they'll be
back again next year to try to improve their score.  My wife Jerry played
"house mother" and kept the coffee pot full.  Me?  I watched TV, read the
newspapers, and napped.  The last thing the ladies wanted was me messing up
their concentration.  You'll see me in SS.

73 all,

wa6yoo at

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