CW SS Logging/M

KA5Q at KA5Q at
Sat Oct 12 01:18:10 EDT 1996

go high in the band and only call CQ.  let the other ops do the duping.  I
like the suggestion that you use a keyer that will send the serial numbers
for you.

copy the whole time you are mobile on a microcassette tape recorder and then
transcribe to one of the logging programs.  There are only a few rare
sections you will have to worry about missing.  just keep track of them on a
"post it" and assume that you will work the rest if you put in a lot of

 good luck and have fun. I suggest that you plan your mobile operation to
avoid areas of high voltage lines which are a source of really bad noise most
of the time.

de Ken / KA6Q/6  soon to be ?6?? or K6KEN

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