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<< Am I dupe? I think not. The rules dont seem to address this. The
 rules get less detailed every year!
 This software shortcoming is what I am referring to. Can CT, TR, and NA be
 modified to accomodate this? I wish to work guys over and over again.
 What do you think?
 de Hose  KN5H

I think you are a dupe.  The section is for multiplier credit only
73, Ken/KA5Q/6  soon to be ?6?? or K6KEN

>From dleclair at (Cleve D Leclair)  Sat Oct 12 06:23:58 1996
From: dleclair at (Cleve D Leclair) (Cleve D Leclair)
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 22:23:58 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: CW SS Logging/Mobile PLUS new question
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Thought...If someone works k7tyu and the k7tyu moves to a different 
section/state/?? then k7tyu would log as a "new" k7tyu/7.
And if he does not change then dupedupedupe. This will mean multipule(?)
logs...k7tyu/7, k7tyu/6, k7tyu/5...or k7tyu 599 ewa, k7tyu 599 or, k7tyu
599 ???  ... What I'm getting at is .."you will change we won't"
CT and NA should kick it as a dupe....

Cleve - N7IXG

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