Help settle and Arguement DVK for M/M Question

Mon Oct 14 10:20:51 EDT 1996

Greetings Fellow Contest MANIACS!

Sam, WT3Q, and I were discussing the merits of using a DVK/DVP in Multi -OP
use during CQ Phone from a DX LOCATION. Sam is not sold on the idea. I
brought a Neltek Labs DVK 100 to V2 the last two years but had trouble with
it...The old 761 had been hit by lightning and it must have effected the VOX
circuit..had RF into the VOX and it made the DVK inoperable...VOX is another
issue all together....(am I the only op using 100% VOX?? Sam and I fight
about this one all the time)  Anyway...I used the DVK at TO5MM in 93 and
found it invaluable. I am not the best typist in the world and found that I
could give a report and enter the log info faster and more accurate by
responding with the DVK F1 (this probably has something to do with being able
to walk and chew gum at the same time)....While the DVK was sending the reply
I could finish typing and be ready to hit F3. I figured it sure as heck cuts
down on the abuse your throat takes in a contest, too! We don't call CQ all
that much but with 12K + Q's using the DVK on each run station would really
help reduce fatigue. Program F2 with FIVE NINE EIGHT, F3 with THANK YOU
V26B,and F4 with the V26B pileup buster.  Sam thinks the rates would suffer.
Hence our "arguement.

We are fairly new DXpedition OPs so we are doing a lot of "on the job"
training. The guys at PJ9B have been fantastic in giving us pointers. We
spent quite a bit of time at Dayton eagerly listening to them devulge some of
the secrets they employ. This was one of the questions that got lost at the
gin mill in the CQ Hospitality suite. :-)

So the questions are: (1) Do you use DVK/DVP from a multi environment? 
                                      especially DX Multi
                                (2) Any R.F. or other problems?? 

                                (3) VOX or footswitch  (this ones for me)

                                (4) Shielding required on DVK ? (I use just
torroids from a SO)

                                (5) Are rates better or worse with DVK/DVP

                                (6) Can you arrange to have V2 towed south a
few degrees?
                                     Say...just into 3 point territory..?

Comments Welcome...Will summarize if interested. See you in the pileups!

de Doug V26DX 15m OP at V26B        

Team Antigua V26B WEBsite
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automatic certificate of appreciation via the mail.

>From k0wa at (Lee Buller)  Mon Oct 14 14:41:49 1996
From: k0wa at (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 08:41:49 -0500
Subject: KT34XA Gain - MLA2500 Modification - Linear-Loaded Yagis - FT990/1000         Interface
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>(2)  4CX400A Russian Tubes for the MLA-2500 Amplifier, modification (<$350)
>allows for economical tube substitution (plus higher power) (W4OIW/6).


When I was at Dayton this year I saw the modification for the MLA2500.  I
thought it was rather cumbersome because of  the tetrode and having to have
all the associate circutry.  

I talked to another vender out under the tent on the west side of the
parking lot (and I forgot his call) and he uses an Eimac 3CX800A7 to retube
the MLA2500.  He says it is really easy to do too.  Just put in a new box on
the back plane of the unit, install a new socket and chimney, and that is
it.  Has more plate dissapation that the 8875s.  Don't even have to retap
the coils or anything because the MLA2500 is a direct feed on the
input...and the tank circuit stays the same.

I am waiting on my buddies MLA 2500 to shoot craps and then we are going to
make the change.  One of the things I want to do is put an over protection
circut in for the we don't destroy the tube inadvertantly.

Just some observations.

k0wa at

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