Ferrite Bead Group Purchase - Last Call

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Tue Oct 15 02:54:57 EDT 1996

I've firmed up costs with Amidon for the 77 material ferrite beads and
cutting charges to split them. 

The 100+ piece price is $.90 each for the .25 i.d. bead and $1.70 each for
the .5 i.d. bead. The next price break, a dime per piece, is at the 300 piece
level. The cutting charge is $75 per bead type, regardless of quantity.

With the current quantities requested, the cost will be $1.48 each for the
split .25 i.d. bead and $2.03 each for the split .5 i.d. bead. This does not
include tax (8.25%) and shipping. If you want non-split beads I will include
your request with the order and you won't pay for the cutting charge.

Delivery was quoted two weeks by engineering and four to six weeks by sales.
I am accepting requests for minimum 50 piece orders and will charge the
actual cost. I'm not looking to make a cent on this. This is a very good deal
considering the Radio Shack snap-ons are $4 each and the 43 material split
beads are $2.75/$5.00 for the .25/.5 i.d.'s in single piece quantities. Of
course, for the 77 material split beads, there is no plastic carrier, so you
will have to tape the halves together. 

I'm going to place the order Wednesday, so please email me ASAP if you want
in on this.


>From nortonr at mrd.srl.dsto.defence.gov.au (Norton, Richard)  Tue Oct 15 22:53:00 1996
From: nortonr at mrd.srl.dsto.defence.gov.au (Norton, Richard) (Norton, Richard)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 96 15:53:00 CST
Subject: Please Don't Use Expired Calls
Message-ID: <326423E4 at msmail.dsto.defence.gov.au>

It seems pedantic to have to say the following but -

Some people think it is cool to give friends extra contacts by working them 
with their old, or even future-expected call. This has, in the past, 
included people who should know better. There even was a case of this 
detected during the WRTC.

Some people think it is cool to give friends extra contacts by working them 
with their wife's call, or multi-op station's operator's call, or call of a 
foreigner licensed to their location. This has, in the past, also included 
people who should know better. There are discussions taking place between 
some of the judges of one big contest about to do with one guy who received 
35 private contacts in one recent event. One of his friends gave him a 
"contact" with a guy who died about five years ago, and he actually logged 
it. He is the only "serious" competitor doing this kind of thing. The sad 
thing is that the guy actually has enough talent to win his class someday, 
with skill, if things went right for him. Presently he has a reputation that 
I wouldn't want, and he can thank his helping friends for part of it.

There are likely to be a number of new calls on the air in the upcoming 
contests. It sure would be nice if there were no contacts made with the 
calls that were given up. Log checkers would thank you if you made their 
work of looking at computer generated notations of "Bad-calls" easier, by 
using only your call currently assigned by the FCC.

It would be much cooler to let your friends win using their skill.


Dick Norton, N6AA/VK5

>From aixxo004 at cmu.chiangmai.ac.th (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5)  Tue Oct 15 21:41:12 1996
From: aixxo004 at cmu.chiangmai.ac.th (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5) (Jumsai Janhom-HS1NIV/5)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 13:41:12 -0700 (GMT)
Subject: TS450S with FL2100B
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.961015133529.1827A-100000 at cmu>

 Hi OM,

         I've got YAESU FL2100B Linear amplifier for the comin contest.  
 Unfortunately,I lost its manual.And I also have not experience with a 
 linear.Anyone can tell me how to hook it to TS450S? As well as how to
 tune it?

 Log around the clock!!

>From k5zd at ultranet.com (Randy Thompson)  Tue Oct 15 10:41:15 1996
From: k5zd at ultranet.com (Randy Thompson) (Randy Thompson)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 05:41:15 -0400
Subject: CW SS Mobile ops - the answer from KR1R
Message-ID: <01BBBA5C.93CC06C0 at k5zd.ultranet.com>

If you call me while doing this, and you don't want to be ignored as a =
dupe, try the following:  send KN5H/<your section> when you call.  This =
is how I am going to have to log you anyway to get the computer to not =
think it is a dupe!

Be prepared for a lot of frustrating attempts to explain what you are =
doing... over and over and over.

Randy, k5ZD

From: 	Steven Nace[SMTP:snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov]
Sent: 	Monday, October 14, 1996 1:08 PM
To: 	cq-contest at tgv.com
Subject: 	CW SS Mobile ops - the answer from KR1R

K4OGG got this answer from the League. I am reposting as it appears he =
not send this message to the entire group.

>I wondered about the scoring, regarding sections, myself so I asked
>Billy Lunt at the ARRL.  The response was that each time you enter a =
>section, you start from scratch. I'll be in TN (visiting daughter at
>Vandy) and will then be coming back to GA on Sunday afternoon. I will =
>with number 1 when I enter GA. Problem (if I do this -- and many are =
>that I should not) will be convincing stations that I am not a dupe. =
>if I do it, I'll probably use a tape recorder.
>Thanks for your response!
>- Jay/K4OGG

de Hose   KN5H     not  KM5H or KN5S or KNH5

Randy Thompson                                                           =
                     Amateur Radio Call Sign: K5ZD
E-mail: k5zd at ultranet.com
11 Hollis Street,  Uxbridge, MA 01569
h (508) 278-2355  w (508) 337-6600

>From aa9jy at prairienet.com (Dean Feistamel)  Tue Oct 15 11:40:10 1996
From: aa9jy at prairienet.com (Dean Feistamel) (Dean Feistamel)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 05:40:10 -0500

I will be making a whole day out of giving out counties in IL. Before the
contest I will travel as far south as I can and cone a different route
hopefully covering a lot of counties. I will be on all bands if open with
20 and 40 and some 75 when 20 closes.
I will also run CW from the same counties that I run SSB from.

See you all on Sunday

(any last county requests will be filled as much as possible, email me)


Dean Feistamel
aa9jy at prairienet.com

>From k1rm at snet.net (Vincent Sgroi)  Tue Oct 15 18:49:59 1996
From: k1rm at snet.net (Vincent Sgroi) (Vincent Sgroi)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 10:49:59 -0700
Subject: TS950SDX problem
Message-ID: <3263CEC7.44A5 at snet.net>

I wonder if anyone has experienced any problems with the TS950SDX's RF
monitoring circuit.  It quits on occasion, just stops working.  Then it
will start working again.  When this happens I also notice the sub 
receiver has some noise in it. It never quits for very long either!

If you experience  this problem or know of a solution please let me know
by sending a reply direct to me. Thanks Vin.

>From silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Tue Oct 15 12:55:26 1996
From: silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 09:55:26 -0200
Subject: SET MAIL
Message-ID: <199610151155.JAA07996 at ax.ibase.br>

Some months ago I set to the "no mail" option! Now that CQWW is coming I would like to receive the messages again. What's the command for that?

73's ,

Carlos - PY1CAS

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