Marijan Miletic S56A at S55TCP.ampr.org
Thu Oct 17 21:44:20 EDT 1996

Newer rigs (TS-870, IC-775, FT-1000MP) were thoroughly tested by ARRL, RSGB and
DARC and all data show remarkable strong signal performance of new YAESU.  K7JA
surprised me with a fact that relays are used for input RX filter switching so
no problem with IMD2 & IMD3 at the most sensitive spot.  I am amazed that after
all the nice figures available, people still make subjective claims regarding
FT1000D v FT1000MP versus rest of the rigs.  At least we got rid of "Buy USA"
propaganda :-)
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
P.S.  Does anybody uses superb JST-245 in contests?

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