LTA = Like Them Alot !

WR3O at WR3O at
Thu Oct 17 20:46:29 EDT 1996

To those who feel this is inappropriate, sorry for the bandwidth.
With all the whining & moaning about this person and that company
which goes on here, I wanted to share something of a positive nature.

I had posted that I was having problems with a remote band decoder for
my Icom contest rig.  Shortly thereafter I received email from K3LR and
the LTA gang.  Tim suggested I send the box to LTA, and they would have
a look at it.  I sent it off a couple of weeks ago, and was worried that
I wouldn't have it back in time for the start of Contest Season.

Well, the repaired unit landed in my mailbox today.  No charge.
Quick and timely service for a unit not even under "warranty."  They
replaced the entire PC board.  In these days of 'caveat emptor,' I was
delighted with the treatment I received.  And all of you on here know
how busy Tim & his crew must be getting ready for the Big One.

Again, apologies to those who feel this inappropriate, but I felt that
some public kudos were in order here.  Hats off to LTA!  Like Them Alot.

73,  Kirk  WR3O

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