Fri Oct 18 00:01:25 EDT 1996

Yo, Guiding Light!

In this day and age, a positive remark is even more a plus (something my
coworkers ain't figured out!)...Tim has done well by me in the past, and
because of that I will sometimes favor him with my business, too...even if
others have comparable products.

That's the way it should be...if we are always buying based on price,
eventually service will all together disappear as an element of our buying
decision...not a good idea....when we need it, ever notice how the ones who
bitch the most about a lack of it are the ones who always buy on price alone!

Besides, anyone who has met the man and seen the suit at Dayton knows that
you have to:

Like Tim's Attitude

GL this season

Jim ?4?? (AKA K1ZX)

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