Who's Doing Ferrite Order?

HANKKIER at aol.com HANKKIER at aol.com
Fri Oct 18 00:35:49 EDT 1996

A few days ago someone was putting together a ferrite group order. I
accidentally erased the message before reading. Please copy me on it or send
me an email address for direct contact. Thanks Hank KF2O

>From aa0ob at skypoint.com (Greg Fields)  Fri Oct 18 04:36:51 1996
From: aa0ob at skypoint.com (Greg Fields) (Greg Fields)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 22:36:51 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: W9XT Card/Icom 751 config?
Message-ID: <m0vE5jv-0000rPC at mirage.skypoint.com>

I writing this for Jeff, AA0SQ, who recently
purchased a W9XT card. We worked on it tonight and
can't get it to transmitt voice from a Heil HM-10
mic into a Icom 751. Could you take a minute to
look at our wiring diagram and tell us if we 
are doing anything wrong? We seem to be able
to record using the DVRC S/W but, we get no
output when playing the memory. And when the 
mic is keyed with the switch we get a terrible
noise, some sort of feed back with a low tone.

DB 25 pins      Radio Side

23              Mic in, pin 1 of Icom 751
11              Mic Gnd, pin 7 of Icom 751

25              Mic out, pin 2 of Icom 751. 27 uF cap in line 
13              Mic GND, pin 7 of Icom 751

14              PTT OUT, pin 5 of Icom 751
1               PTT GND, pin 6 of Icom 751

8               CW plug of Icom 751
9               CW plug of Icom 751 

CW works O.K., and card seems to be behaving 
correctly but, we are wrong with our wiring 
somewhere. Any help you could give would
certainly be appreciated since CQWW phone
is almost here!


Greg AA0OB for Jeff AA0SQ
Greg Fields AA0OB
aa0ob at skypoint.com
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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