ct v9.27 Packet problem

rlake at top.monad.net rlake at top.monad.net
Mon Oct 21 07:19:25 EDT 1996

Hi all....I am having problems figuring out my packet configuration...
I am loosing some letters on the packet screen...not real fun to read!
I am using the same comtsr2 setup as I was using in ver.8.xx and that worked 
just fine....I have a KPC-3 and am using a 25 pin cable.....
I hv tried diff. configs but ssame thing....missing letters.
Any help wud be appreciated
Randy N1KWF >>

>From WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault)  Mon Oct 21 21:26:31 1996
From: WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault) (Thomas Thibault)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 13:26:31 -0700
Subject: Voices keyer
Message-ID: <326BDC77.47F8 at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

Hello all I planning on buying a voices keyer  and need some imfo on
IRQ'S, comports  and lpt ports .  What irq's comports and lpt ports can
be used with K1ea dvp. I have IRQ"s  10  11 12  unused  can these be
used if not what combination can be. Any suggestion on another voices
keyer that would work please answer the above questions with your
suggestion.I use CT versoin 9.27 and DXBASE Also your throughts on
difficulty to install and use.

Please reply direct via packet or email

Thanks  Tom   WW1E

packet  WW1E @ kc1xx
Email WW1E at worldnet.att.net

 Ps sent the wrong file the first time.

>From k0wa at southwind.net (Lee Buller)  Mon Oct 21 14:57:01 1996
From: k0wa at southwind.net (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 08:57:01 -0500
Subject: MLA2500 Problem Found
Message-ID: < at southwind.net>

I am happy to report that one electrolytic in the PS is bad and measures
only 2 Mfd.  We are ordering six 140 mfd 450 folt caps and new bleeders.  

Thanks for the information guys.

k0wa at southwind.net

>From pa3dmh at igr.nl (Alex van Hengel)  Mon Oct 21 23:56:50 1996
From: pa3dmh at igr.nl (Alex van Hengel) (Alex van Hengel)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:56:50 -0700
Subject: 1996 Caribbean Tour Website
Message-ID: <326BFFB2.40A8 at igr.nl>


Just to advise you that the problems with the statistics of the tour
are solved and that all figures are now avaialble for you to check.

Additional pictures are also available.

       ( # # )
Alex van Hengel, PA3DMH

Secretary Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM/PA6WPX

Homepage PI4COM : http://www.euronet.nl/users/norf/pi4com.html
1996 Carib Tour : http://www.igr.nl/~pa3dmh/tour1996.htm
Internet e-mail : pa3dmh at igr.nl

>From k0wa at southwind.net (Lee Buller)  Mon Oct 21 15:07:23 1996
From: k0wa at southwind.net (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 09:07:23 -0500
Subject: KI4HN-vanity call page???
Message-ID: < at southwind.net>


Any one know the new URL of KI4HN's vanity call page.  Can't seem to access
it from here on the Web, and AltaVista doesn't have a new listing.

k0wa at southwind.net

>From silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)  Mon Oct 21 16:25:33 1996
From: silver at ax.apc.org (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira) (Carlos Augusto S. Pereira)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 13:25:33 -0200
Subject: 6 meters contest?
Message-ID: <199610211525.NAA07013 at ax.ibase.br>

I have just raised a 4 el. Yagi for 6 meters and my radio is an ALinco DX-70T. Next month I'll upgrade my station with an amplifier (150W). I am pretty new in the business despite my 9 years license.

So my question is:

Are there contests only for 6 meters?


Carlos - PY1CAS
The Ham who is looking for Wyoming State on any band to complete the WAS!

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