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Thu Oct 24 04:05:27 EDT 1996

why worry about breaking promises, Mr Bill doesn't seem to be bothered with
inaccuracies.....100,000 police are - I mean, will soon be......

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>From cpenick at (Chris E Penick)  Thu Oct 24 03:28:14 1996
From: cpenick at (Chris E Penick) (Chris E Penick)
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 21:28:14 EST
Subject: Address for DF2UU
Message-ID: <19961023.212820.9734.1.cpenick at>

Can anyone help me find a mailing address for DF2UU. I have checked some
of the usual callbook servers, but no luck finding the address. If
anyone has his mailing address, pse send it to me here. TKS!!

Chris N4YGY
cpenick at

>From k1jks at (William G Bithell)  Thu Oct 24 10:52:14 1996
From: k1jks at (William G Bithell) (William G Bithell)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 05:52:14 EDT
Subject: CT v9.26 and FT-1000MP
References: <326E705B.14F7 at>
Message-ID: <19961023.095005.5351.12.K1JKS at>

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 15:22:03 -0400 kb2ny at (Jack Trampler)
>I am trying to interface my FT-1000MP with CT ver. 9.26 and am running
>into difficulties.  I keep getting alternating messages saying "YAESU
>Read Radio Timeout" and "YAESU Radio Timeout".  I have the COM port 
>to N82 and 4800 BPS and no signalling.  I have tried it on both COM2 
>COM3, and have also tried the XON, RTS, DSR signalling options.  I get
>no responses either way, however the CAT light on the MP flashes every
>now and then.
>I also tried the above, but with the FT-1000D selection.  I get the 
>messages, however, I am able to change bands on the rig using the 
>or Alt+F2 keystrokes.  Nothing else seems to function.
>Has anyone successfully connected the 'MP to CT or does anyone have 
>ideas?  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance to everyone who
>Good Luck in the Contest(s)!!!
>73, Jack
>packet: KB2NY at W3BI.#EPA.PA.USA.NA  e-mail: kb2ny at
Use a straight through cable that Radio Shack sells for 10 bucks
one end DB9 in the FT1000 MP the other goes to my DB9 i/o port

Install the comtsr for the radio

Mine goes :  COMTSR3 -I10 -B4800  -N82

(You need to identify your com port, be sure that there is no IRQ
conflict.   the B4800 and N82 is mandatory for the yaesu)

Run setup carefully select FT1000MP = Radio1
select the right options in setup.

don't overlook the obvious.

GL, Bill

>From k1jks at (William G Bithell)  Thu Oct 24 10:52:14 1996
From: k1jks at (William G Bithell) (William G Bithell)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 05:52:14 EDT
Subject: W9XT Card/Icom 751 config?
References: <m0vE5jv-0000rPC at>
Message-ID: <19961023.095005.5351.22.K1JKS at>

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 22:36:51 -0500 (CDT) aa0ob at (Greg Fields)
>I writing this for Jeff, AA0SQ, who recently
>purchased a W9XT card. We worked on it tonight and
>can't get it to transmitt voice from a Heil HM-10
>mic into a Icom 751. Could you take a minute to
>look at our wiring diagram and tell us if we 
>are doing anything wrong? We seem to be able
>to record using the DVRC S/W but, we get no
>output when playing the memory. And when the 
>mic is keyed with the switch we get a terrible
>noise, some sort of feed back with a low tone.
>DB 25 pins      Radio Side
>23              Mic in, pin 1 of Icom 751
>11              Mic Gnd, pin 7 of Icom 751
>25              Mic out, pin 2 of Icom 751. 27 uF cap in line 
>13              Mic GND, pin 7 of Icom 751
>14              PTT OUT, pin 5 of Icom 751
>1               PTT GND, pin 6 of Icom 751
>8               CW plug of Icom 751
>9               CW plug of Icom 751 
>CW works O.K., and card seems to be behaving 
>correctly but, we are wrong with our wiring 
>somewhere. Any help you could give would
>certainly be appreciated since CQWW phone
>is almost here!
>Greg AA0OB for Jeff AA0SQ
>Greg Fields AA0OB
>aa0ob at
>Minneapolis, Minnesota
>Greg,  Did you resolve this?
I just built an interface for an FT1000 and have the same trouble!
Low output and hum!

TNX, Bill

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