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Marijan Miletic S56A at
Thu Oct 24 18:29:08 EDT 1996

Hi California,

having seen all the bad fires in your area and knowing about your ecological
awareness,  I wonder if we can help Carlos, PY1CAS in preserving Amazon forests
together with the rest of under-developed world which happends to be connected
to Internet and eventually may reach
I am sure W6QHS will find funds to cover the cost of local printing IF needed!
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.
P.S.  It is a real pleasure to work with DL2DN, KT1N, N8BJQ email log checkers
N6AA did a great job during WRTC including the conversion of my non-USA format

>From jjr at (Jim Reisert)  Thu Oct 24 19:04:55 1996
From: jjr at (Jim Reisert) (Jim Reisert)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:04:55 -0400
Subject: submit log via e-mail
Message-ID: <9610241804.AA13870 at>

Remember, there are new rules this year for CQWW log submissions.

If you are using a computer logging program, you don't need to print out and 
mail the .ALL, .LOG or .<band> files any more!  Just send the original binary 
log file, along with PRINTED copies of your signed SUMMARY and DUPE sheets.

At least it might preserve *some* of the trees in the Amazon, but might put 
some people at Boise-Cascade out of business.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert <jjr at>		Databook, Inc., Danvers, MA

>From jjr at (Jim Reisert)  Thu Oct 24 19:10:19 1996
From: jjr at (Jim Reisert) (Jim Reisert)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:10:19 -0400
Subject: Reminder:  downloading country files via E-mail
Message-ID: <9610241810.AA13905 at>

It may not have been clear from my other messages, but if you request either 
the CTY.UUE or NACTY.UUE files, you *do not* need to request any other files.  
 These will UUdecode into a PKZIP file, which includes *all* the files in the 
data set (.CTY, .DAT, etc.).

I have noticed a number of people who have requested, for example, both 

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert <jjr at>		Databook, Inc., Danvers, MA

>From pb0aiu at (Peter)  Thu Oct 24 17:54:45 1996
From: pb0aiu at (Peter) (Peter)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 18:54:45 +0200
Subject: Bandplan on WWW?
Message-ID: <326F9F55.66DC at>


Is there anybody out there who has a compilation of the several
bandplans around the world?


pb0aui at

>From steve at (Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008)  Thu Oct 24 21:53:55 1996
From: steve at (Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008) (Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 96 14:53:55 -0600
Subject: QSL Info on the Reflector
Message-ID: <9610241953.AA26315 at>

My, isn't he a charming fellow!
73 de Steve
------- Forwarded Message
From: Vitaly Markhasin <MARKV at SNC-LAVALIN.COM>
To: steve at
Subject: QSL Info -Reply

I do not need your BS, I need QSL info!!!
This info is much closer to the Reflector than let say "vanity
callsigns" BS that flooded the Reflector for months and all world
reads this!!!
You should send an identical message as the one below to all of the
above!!! This would keep you occupied for a while!!!!

>>> Steve Runyon WQ5G  512-838-7008 <steve at>  10/24/96,
11:36am >>>
Yes, you *DO* have a choice - JUST DON'T DO IT!!!
Steve WQ5G

- ------- Forwarded Message

From: MARKV at SNC-LAVALIN.COM (Vitaly Markhasin)
Reply-To: MARKV at SNC-LAVALIN.COM (Vitaly Markhasin)
To: cq-contest at
Subject: QSL info required

Hello All,
I do realize that this in not CONTEST-type request but with VE7TCP
down and no reply from 425dxqsl....I have no other choice... Sorry
I am looking for QSL info for the following stations:
PY0FF QSO on 12/25/95
ZK1BWQ QSO on 10/03/96
J38FR QSO on 10/06/96
VP2V/K6WI QSO on 10/05/96 (if via K6WI - address please.)
Thank you for help.
Please reply direct ASAP.
Vitaly (VE6JO, will use VA6JO in the contest)

>From va3wto at (Rui wittwer)  Thu Oct 24 21:09:33 1996
From: va3wto at (Rui wittwer) (Rui wittwer)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 16:09:33 -0400
Subject: CQWW  Call advertising
Message-ID: <199610242010.QAA25010 at>

I will like to congratulate all the fine and good Contester`s for your
great idea of listing and great magic of propaganda on advertising your
calls so that way we will be able to memorize, and in the contest maybe on
160 meters with all the qrm and qrn you guys are calling cq and some one
can not get your complete prefix but as the suffix,so he reminds him self
that on the internet,he heard that familiar suffix so maybe this his the
Being all this calls on the dx side,it is possible that no one will call
them so they have to make some propaganda,well my friends i have a secret
to share i think every single one of you on this reflector must do the same
thing,my theory is with that you can get at least 2 more meg + to your
score,that way if you advertise you place 1,2,3,and if not then there is
ways a next year.
I almost forgot something look for me in the contest my call it will
be---------and the category---------.
73 and good luck to all of you.
Please take this message as a joke.
Bye Bye

>From mats.persson at (SM7PKK)  Thu Oct 24 22:21:46 1996
From: mats.persson at (SM7PKK) (SM7PKK)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 22:21:46 +0100
Subject: SM7PKK M/S in contest
Message-ID: <3.0b36.32.19961024222140.006bafc8 at>

Hi ,

Since all people have announced themself for the contest I do the same.=20

CU in the big battle on the bands and may the best man win and the contest=
 gods be good to the rest of us. Have fun and call me and SM6CAS every now=
 and then so we don=B4t fall asleep Hi!

73 de Mats SM7PKK

Call in contest: SM7PKK


SM7PKK			E-mail: mats.persson at

Mats Persson		The SM7PKK DX-Pedition Site-



Sweden			CW !!

P.S My logs are open forever.. ever.. ever..

I do not want to receive any MAILORDER offers of any kind to my e-mail


>From wfeidt at (by way of Bill Feidt <wfeidt at>)  Thu Oct 24 21:35:19 1996
From: wfeidt at (by way of Bill Feidt <wfeidt at>) (by way of Bill Feidt <wfeidt at>)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 16:35:19 -0400
Subject: CQWW SSB Announced Operations
Message-ID: < at>

For those lacking WWW access, here's the NG3K "CQWW SSB Announced
Operations" list as of Oct. 24, 1996, 20:30 Z. I know the formatting
is a little awkward in places, but it's about as well as can be done
is plain ASCII. Corrections and additions are still sought and I=20
will continue to update the Web version.  Please send new info to me=20
at: wfeidt at

Good luck to all in the contest


-----clip here-----
[NG3K Home] [Announced DX Operations] [CQWW CW]

                        CQWW SSB Announced Operations
                             October 26-27, 1996

    Call         QTH    CQZ Class      QSL                 Notes
    3B8??     Mauritius  39  M/S  EA2KL, EA3ELM       By EA2KL, EA3ELM

    3C1DX    Equatorial  36   -       EA6BH               By EA6BH
   3DA0CQ     Swaziland  38   AB       WJ2O         WJ2O, ZS6BRZ, ZS6WPX
   3DA0NX     Swaziland  38  SOAB       or         By Team Nippon, JM1CAX
                                                   By DL5RBW, DL8RBR; fm
    3E1DX      Panama    07   -       KF0UI        Contadora Is (NA-072);
                                                        HP1XVH's QTH

    3V8BB      Tunisia   33   SO      YT1AD        By YT1AD; most likely
                                                      3V8BB, not 3V8AA
                                                  By WM2C, YV5JDP, YV5EED,
    4M5X      Venezuela  09  M/S    WS4E mail   YV5AMH, YV5LWM, YV5MHX; pse
                                       drop      include sufficient postage
                                                     for return from YV
    5N36T      Nigeria   35  SOAB      F2YT                  -

    5N9N       Nigeria   35  M/S   N2AU direct  By W0AW, N9NS, K8JP, G0MLY;
                                       only          Reported cancelled
   5N0HMA      Nigeria   35   -         -               Ikoyi Island
    5X1T       Uganda    37  SOAB     ON5NT              15 M or AB
    6Y5XX      Jamaica   08  SOAB     6Y5XX        By Team Nippon, JE3MAS
    7P8EL      Lesotho   38   -       OE2DYL             By OE2VEL

   7X2VZK      Algeria   33   -         -           Algiers Club Station
                                                    operated by students
    8P9Z      Barbados   08  M/S      N6YRU        By KI6IM, K3KG, N6YRU
    8Q7AI    Maldive Is  22  SOAB       -                    -
    8Q7BT    Maldive Is  22  M/S?     EA3BT                  -
                                    Suite 599,
                                     1313 So.
    8R1K       Guyana    09  SOAB     Trail,              By OH0XX
    9K2HN      Kuwait    21   -       9K2FN               By 9K2HN

    9M8R        East     28  SB?        -       By W7EJ; Probably 40 M only
                                                 By K6NA; All QSOs will be
    9Y4H     Trinadad &  09  SOAB  K6NA (Auto)    auotmatically confirmed;
                                                     pse no 2d requests
    A35SQ       Tonga    32  SOAB     W7TSQ         By W7TSQ; Low power
    A45ZN       Oman     21  SO?      Direct              By A45ZN
    AH7G       Hawaii    31  SOAB      N2AU                  -

    C31LD      Andorra   14  M/S?     VE3HO       By C31LD, C31LJ, EA3NY;
                                                Check 1.837 Mhz (+/-) 0615Z
    C40M       Cyprus    20  SOAB     5B4AFM        By 5B4AFM; Low power
    C6AHU      Bahamas   08  SOAB      WJ8C               By W7FKF
    C91CO    Mozambique  37   SO       W4DR        By 3DA0CA; 160/40/20 M
    CP6AA      Bolivia   10  SOAB     OH0XX               By OH0XX
                                                By CT3BX, DK7YY, DL3DXX + 3
    CT3BX      Madeira   33  M/S        -                fm Berlin;
    CT3FN      Madeira   33  SOAB     HB9CRV          By DL4NAC (BCC)
                                  OH6LI/Buro or
  CT3/OH6LI    Madeira   33  SOAB  Aarontie 5,            By OH6LI
                                   P.O.Box 1417
                                   - 9500 Ponta
    CU2AF      Azores    14  SOSB Delgada - Sco       By CU2AF; 160 M
                                     Miguel -

    CY0XX     Sable Is   05  M/M    WA4DAN CBA     By WA4DAN, V73C, KW2P,
    D25L       Angola    36   SO      PA3DMH                 -
    EA8AH     Canary Is  33  M/S      OH1RY               By OH1RY

    EA8ZS     Canary Is  33  M/S      EA8ZS       By EA1AK, EA3DU, EA4DX,
                                                        EA4KR, EA8ZS
    ED6PZ    Balearic Is 14   -      EA Buro           Formentera Is
    ED9EA       Cueta    33  M/S        -              By EA9EA Group

    EY2Q     Tadjikistan 17   AB        -         By EY8CQ, EY8WW, EY8XX,
                                                        EY8VV, EY8RR

    FG5BG    Guadeloupe  08  SOAB  KI6FE (CQWW     By Team Nippon, JF2DQJ
                                                  By N6DLU,N6LL,FJ5AB and
    FJ5AB     St Martin  08  M/S        -        others; fm St. Barthelemy

    FK5DX        New     32   -   WB2RAJ direct  By FK8GM,FK8HC; 160-10 cx
              Caledonia                                  permitting

    FS5PL     St Martin  08  M/S    WX9E (This         By WX9E, N0BSH
                                    test only)

    FW??      Wallis Is  32  M/S        -          By FW/DJ2EH, FW/DJ4OI,
                                                 By G0BVQ G1JKF G3EUS G4LOO
     G6B       England   14  M/S        -         G4OXD G4VXT G4YRF G8ATD
   GD4UOL    Isle of Man 14  SOLP       -           By G4UOL; 100 Watts
                                                  By GM3WOJ GM4AFF GM4BAP
    GM6V      Scotland   14  M/M        -       GM4CXM GM4IGS GM4TXX GM4YXI
    GM6Z      Scotland   14   SB        -        By W5ASP; 7 Mhz High power
   GU3HFN     Guernsey   14   SO       Buro               By ZL2TT
    HC8A      Galapagos  10   -        WV7Y               By N6KT

    HC8N      Galapagos  10  M/S      AA5BT       By WN4KKN, WX3N, VE3EJ,
    HL9DX    South Korea 25   -        N7RO                  -
    HS50A     Thailand   26  M/M        -            By US Team + OH2KI

                Italy                           IG9/IV3TAN (160), IG9/I4UFH
  IG9/call   (Lampedusa  33   -       IV3TAN       (80), IG9/IT9GSF (40),
                 Is)                            IG9/IK2QEI (20), IG9/IT9EQO
                                                   (15), IG9/IT9GEZ (10)
                                                  By Vecio Piave Team; fm
    IL3DX       Italy    15   -       IK3VIA      Lido di Venezia (EU-131,
                                                        IIA VE-032)
    IR0C        Italy    15  SOAB     IK0AZG             By IK0AZG
    IU2M        Italy    15  SOAB  IK2SGC/Buro           By IK2SFZ
                                                 By WB8GEX, W8KKF, WA8LOW,
     J3A       Grenada   08  M/M      WA8LOW       W9INN, IV3TMV, IV3NVN,
                                                     N9NS, WZ8D, WA8NJR
                                                By Radio Amateur Society of
    J48Y       Greece    20  M/M      SV1BKN       Hellas; fm Salamis Is
    J80F     St Vincent  08   SO      DL3MIB             By DL3MIB
    JY9QJ      Jordan    20   SO      DL5MBY              By DL3QJ

    KH0A     Mariana Is  27  M/S   JF1MIA/Buro        By JA1WSX/KH0Y,
                                                 JE2PCY/AC6TN, JF1MIA/KH0A

    KP2?      Virgin Is  08   -         -         By WP2AHW KQ4GC, AE4FY,
                                                        AB4NS, KX8N
    LX1NO    Luxembourg  14  M/S        -           By LX1NO and friends
     M6T       England   14  M/M      G3XTT            Formerly G0KPW
                                                  By N5IA; 160 Meters; fm
    N5IA         USA     03  SOSB       -        3,050 M AZ mountaintop w/
                                                      By JI3ERV/NH2C,
                                                 JG3RPL/KF6BJ, JR3RVO/WX8M,
    NH2C        Guam     27  M/S      JI3ERV     JR7OMD/WI3O; On 40 M, XMIT
                                                    7075-7100 kHZ only;
                                                Sunrise/Sunset: 2014z/0756z

    NH2G        Guam     27  SOAB      WF5T     On 40 M, XMIT 7075-7100 kHZ
    OH0MM     Aland Is   15   SB      OH2MM               By OH2MM
    OI2E       Finland   15  M/S      OH2IW            By OH2HE Group

    OT6T       Belgium   14  M/S      ON4UN                  By
    P40DX       Aruba    09  SOAB      AK4I                  -
    P40E        Aruba    09  SOAB     CT1AHU             By CT1BOH
    P40W        Aruba    09  SOAB      N2MM               By W2GD
    P49I        Aruba    09  SOSB      K4PI          By K4PI; 80 M Only

    PJ9B     Netherlands 09  M/M        -              By N3ED et al

    PJ9T     Netherlands 09  M/S      AB4JI       By AB4JI, K4ADK, KJ4VH,
              Antilles                              KU4J, N4OKX, WA4DPU
                                                  All bands; Club station;
   SV1AFA      Greece    20  M/S      SV1CIB        Low power at 1000 M
                                                 altitude; wire antennas +
    T88T        Belau    27  M/S     Box 88,              By N5CG
                                    Morris, OK

    TK1A       Corsica   15  M/M      DF7RX       Corse DX-gang + Bavarian
                                                        Contest Club

    TL8MS      Central   36   SO    DL6NW/Buro      Mainly 7, 14, 21 MHz
             Africa Rep
    TM2FM      France    14   -         -                 By F6KRV
    TM2WW      France    14  SOAB     F5RZJ               By F5RZJ
    TM0ZK      France    14   SB      F5OZK         By F5OZK; 40 Meters
    V26B       Antigua   08  M/M       WT3Q             Team Antigua
    V31MX      Belize    07  SOLP     K0BCN        By K0BCN; Caye Caulker
    V59T       Namibia   38  M/S       N2AU        By V51BO, V51CM, V51GG
    V85HG      Brunei    28  SOAB     JH7FQK       By Team Nippon, JO1RUR
                                                  By VE9CB(VE2ZP), VE9DH,
                                                    VE9DX, VE9GJ, VE9WH,
    VB9DH      Canada    05  M/M       Buro             K2NJ(VE9NJ),
                                                 NR2H(VE9FRC),NS2K, WA2ASM,
                                                     WU3A, AK4L(VE1RM)

    VP2E      Anguilla   08   SB    WB5CRG CBA    By WB5CRG; High pwr; 20
                                   (Test only)          Meters only

 VP2E/WB5CRG  Anguilla   08   SB    WB5CRG CBA    By WB5CRG; High pwr; 160
                                   (Test only)          Meters only

   VP2E/??    Anguilla   08   SB    WB5CRG CBA   By WB5CRG; Other calls on
                                   (Test only)     40/80, time permitting

    VP5DX      Turks &   08  M/S      K4UTE           By K4UTE, et al

    VP5T       Turks &   08  M/M       N2VW            By N2VW, et al
    XO7A       Canada    03   SB      VE7SV         By VE7SV; 40 Meters
                                                 By OH1KAG, OH2BH, OH2BVF,
    XX9X        Macao    24  M/M      OH2BH     OH2PM, OH6DO, XX9AL, XX9AS,
                                                        XX9KC, XX9MD

   YB1AQS     Indonesia  28  SOAB       -       By YB1AQS; fm Bandung, West
    YB9BV     Indonesia  28  SO?      AA7VB               By AA7VB
    ZD8Z      Ascension  36  SOSB       -                 By N6TJ
    ZM1K     New Zealand 32   -         -          By Kiwi Contest Group

    ZS8IR     Marion Is  38  SOAB     ZS6EZ         Battle Creek Special
                                                   antenna for low bands
                                    Atilano de
    ZX0F     Fernando de 11  M/S   OMS, P.O.Box    By PY5CC, N5FA, PY5EG,
               Noronha             37, Curitiba         PY0FF, PY5GU
                                     - PR CEP
                                  80001, Brazil

Thanks to: DXMB, ARRL DX Bulletin, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, 425DXN, DL2HBX,
DF4RD, K3TLX, WE9V, ZS6CAX, CQ-Contest at, and many others. Corrections
and additions go to wfeidt at

Bill Feidt/NG3K
Last updated: October 24, 1996

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