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Sat Oct 26 21:53:09 EDT 1996

It might benefit all of us to see a formal announcement by the FCC of their
intentions to delay processing.

As for being "reasonable and well planned" in their approach to handling 
both Gate 1 and 2, a better comparison might may be that they have acted
in a manner more comparative to the 3 Stooges at their best.

Eligibility for Gate 1 was an absolute farce. To require no authentication
is beyond belief. All that has resulted in additional work for the 
enforcement division, and believe me, they are hard at it. 

As for Gate 2, their initiation of an electronic filing process only a
few days before September 23 was little more than the act of a madman.
But, 330+ electronic filings are now waving the body of the 4300+ who
submitted by the Mellon Bank. The Mellon did date stamp the applications
and place them in NUMBERED letter trays for processing upstairs. The manager 
( not the Shift Supervisor, but their superior ) also stated to me that they 
would be forwarded to the FCC in THAT order. If the FCC had accepted the 
fact that the tail should not wag the dog, it would have been a simple 
matter to process the entire thing, and calls would have been issued within 
days, WITHOUT the necessity of keying in everything twice in the order in 
which Mellon received them. It would also have been a simple matter to open 
the electronic filing page on September 24, and again, all this would have 
been avoided, OR, merely to have opened the Gate on ANY day except Monday. 
Mellon's actions are dictated by directives of the FCC, and it's THEIR rule 
that said any application received at the close of a business day on Friday 
would be automatically date stamped with a date of the next business day.

Chinese fire drills have been better planned.

What I would like to see is the name of the FCC official who approved this
mess. The word incompetent is not worthy of being disgraced by using it in
reference to him. I'm not sure any word is.

If anyone thinks this matter will be settled without lawsuits, and calls
revoked, I believe you're living in a dream world.

To think, only a few weeks ago, we were worried about the Tuckers and their
numerous club calls..

Why do I feel there will be more fiascos to come....


Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb at
Date: 10/26/96
Time: 8:53:09 PM

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