TS-950SDX Noise blanker operation

hamradio at emerald.oz.net hamradio at emerald.oz.net
Sun Oct 27 06:21:00 EST 1996

     I have a TS-950SDX and its noise blanker generally works well on the type 
of impulse noise that I most often encounter.  However, as we all know, a 
nearby strong signal (such as during CONTESTS!) causes major problems with 
almost any blanker, ranging from rendering it ineffective to increasing 
apparent splatter from nearby strong stations.
     Since the TS-950SDX (and probably other transceivers) has a second 
receiver built in, with its own noise blanker circuit driven by a 
second IF chain, I was wondering if there is a way, or if anyone has tried, to 
use the second receiver and noise blanker to control the main receiver (or 
versa).  The advantage would be that the second receiver could be tuned safely 
away from the signals of interest (and nearby strong signals) and to a 
frequency down the band a ways where blanking signals would still be generated 
from noise pulses.
     I seem to remember some discussion about this possibility somewhere a 
while back but wonder if anyone has details.

de Randy, W7HR    <hamradio at emerald.oz.net>

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