The negative effects of packet on S/O Unass.

Sun Oct 27 09:51:02 EST 1996

This is what N6AA has been talking about...less operating ability
demonstrated by the average operator (dumbing down?) and more usage of packet
as a crutch as opposed to an aide...we have all read and heard about the bad
callsign spots that show up in a ton of logs from the appropriatew cluster

The only way to treat those non call signers is to try and work them, request
their call then give them your exchange...even if it is a dupe - what other
choice are you given?  I know you have a modest station and will probably not
be busting through the pile quickly but if more and more guys do this the
message will get to the other end of the pileups and the good operating
procedure of signing callsigns may return! It has been shown by the top ten
finishes by regular call signers that this is not a deterrent to ending up in
the big box.

If every one of us demanded call signs they would be used, rather than have
us take up rate time by asking for a call they would sign theirs....a dx
station can end his qso with:

almost as fast as 


Guess you need to stick to dxpeditioning in order to keep your zone
straight......quick quiz, Ken - what's your ITU zone for the IARU Radiosport?


Jim  k1zx/4 zone 5
(---still awaiting that 4 call)

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