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Sun Oct 27 09:46:59 EST 1996

Thanks for the replies, but can I run my VOX headset with the radio 
using the two-pin connector?
73 es vy gud DX
de N9YXA-Cedrick

>From 100260.342 at CompuServe.COM (Roger, G3SXW)  Sun Oct 27 18:59:41 1996
From: 100260.342 at CompuServe.COM (Roger, G3SXW) (Roger, G3SXW)
Date: 27 Oct 96 13:59:41 EST
Subject: Update on Togo
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To CQ-Contest reflector de G3SXW, 27 Oct.

The 5V5A project for CQ World-Wide CW Contest is just about
ready to roll. Ten operators, six stations, 17 antennas in the
multi-multi category: AA7NO, G3SXW, G4FAM, GM3YTS, K5VT,
K7GE, KC7V, N7BG, W6RGG, WB7SRW. This is the same team
that did TY5A (1995) and 9G5AA (1994). First departures are on
13 November. We'll travel by road through Ivory Coast and
Ghana to reach Togo - undoubtedly our most logistically
challenging project yet.

A number of queries have been received from visitors to the
Web page about operations before and after the contest.
There will be some activity before the contest whilst testing
antennas on various bands, using personal call-signs, but
please allow that we are extremely busy! This may include
160 metres on Thursday night (Nov 21). On 160 always look
for us low in the band. After the contest we tear-down at 0600
Monday: sorry, no QRV after the contest. But during Nov 20 to
24 we also hope to activate the WARC bands.

News updates are posted frequently to the WWW Home Page:  
where may be also found propagation tips for working Togo
(best times and bands per area), the travel story/logistics,
operating tips for CQ WW CW contest, brief resume of each
operator, details of QTH/stations/antennas, summaries of this
team's ten years of multi-op WW entries, plus of course many
useful links.

This weekend is CQ WW Phone, a reminder that the CW leg
is only four weeks away. Good luck to all with preparations for
the CW weekend.

73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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