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Many have asked so here it is:

QSL P40W via N2MM.

What a weekend!  More later.


>From janalme at (Jan Almedal)  Tue Oct 29 21:23:15 1996
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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 22:23:15 +0100
Subject: E-mail adr for WB1ASL ?
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does someone now WB1ASL? I received an e-mail from him some days ago
regarding rules for the NH QSO Party. I would like to get in contact with
him, but any mail to him ( ) bounces. Can someone help?

73 de
Jan / LA9HW

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>From thompson at (David L. Thompson)  Tue Oct 29 21:51:32 1996
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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:51:32 -0500
Subject: Suggestion for an 80/160 beam
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I keep reading about 4 squares and I remember the discussion W0UN and I had
about these last year.  A four square is an excellent antenna, but no better
than a 2 el phased array in any one direction.   How do you put up any
antenna that has 2 or 3 DB more gain than a 4 square
without resorting to separate 2el quads as W3LPL has done?

A few years ago I lived near two hams that were true antenna builders.   One
was a radio station engineer who used phased bob tails.  On 75 meter he
always broke the pile ..I remember his 40DB over 9 from CN2AQ (he was 10DB
stronger than W2HCW with 3 el beam).  Problem with phased bob tails is that
they are bi directional and nearby towers will interfere with the pattern.

Dunc Carter, then W5IOU, was a quad builder.  He built quads with rohn 25 as
the boom!!!  8 or 10 elements on 50 or 60 foot boom.  W5WMU received several
of his designs.  He told me about
a G3 (even then a SK) who had a big signal on 80/75.  I looked back 6 or 7
years in my log and found him on 75 AM (not SSB).  He worked all the way to
the west coast on AM and had well over 200 countries on 80CW.   He had a
secret weapon that should be easy to duplicate today!

This G3 had a 100 foot tower that he rotated by hand (actually a track
roller).  His antenna was an 80 meter G4ZU birdcage quad.   The birdcage was
described by G4ZU in a 1960 CQ.  It is a variation of the quad bent back
into a V (actually an X when viewed from below) that requires NO boom.  each
side of the X is 32' for 80 with 68' of vertical spacing.   He claimed 10DB
gain, but We ran this on a fortran based antenna modeler 12 years ago and
found 7.34DBi gain (5.33DBD) or about 1 DB down from a 2 el quad.   The
birdcage rotates with the tower (I don't see you putting up a 68 foot mast
with 2 64 foot X's above a rotator).   G4ZU goes on to explain that using a
1/4 stub (to open one side of each element) the antenna can be made into a
2el  reinhartz antenna .  The 160 antenna will be better than most inverted
V's and its rotatable.  Gotta put this up on a modeling program...would
guess 3.5 or 4 Dbi or slightly less than a 4 square.  The elements must be
insulated from the mast or tower.   For best results the antenna should be
mounted on a 120 foot tower especially if 160 is used.

Wish I could put up  such a tower, but not on 1/2 acre with a big tower
already up!

Dave K4JRB   

>From wd0e at (Jim White)  Tue Oct 29 22:13:49 1996
From: wd0e at (Jim White) (Jim White)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:13:49 -0700
Subject: A few dumb questions
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Please pardon the dumb questions.  After my first serious contesting/dx
effort in 30 years I find I don't have country or continent info for the
following people I worked in the CQWW.  I'd appreciate a steer as to where
on the web I can find a list that would give me that info so I can complete
the entry forms.

UY5QD   16
C36NES  10
CI3AT   4
CQ9M    33
ED9EA   33
RA0AUW  19
RN6BY   16
RU1A    16
RW1ZA   16
TM1C    14
VS6WO   24
XR8S    12
YE2DV   6
ZSM9A   38
ZX0F    11
ZX5J    11

Additionally I would ask the following:
Was HC8N really in the Galapagos?
Was XR8S really signing XR0S when I worked him at 2349U on the second day
or was I dreaming?
Is Western Sahara the right country for S01M?
Was ZSM9A really ZSM9A?
Did anybody else in the middle of the country get T88T?
Did anyone else hear the VA2AM working Europeans on 20M Saturday morning?
Was he real?  Did anyone work him?
Where do these people get these wild and crazy callsigns for ordinary
countries?  Do they get them just to confuse those of us who don't do this
every day?
When did England start issuing M callsigns?  Or did I get that wrong and
these guys were really in Lower Malodovia or some such?

I'd also appreciate the URL's of some good places to look for QSL route
info and accepted QSL practices (who to send cards to along with simple
things like whether or not to include IRC's or money).  I've never done
this QSL thing from the US end before.  My goal was to work 100 countries
in the weekend and I got 96 plus any in the list above I don't know about.
Now I'd like to see how many I can get cards for.

I started jotting down calls to nominate for 'worst signal on the band' but
the list grew so long I gave up.  Those that made the list early seemed to
be the big gun multi/multi stations that must have been trying to outdo
each other for most processor gain.

Kudos to:
The op at VY1JA (wherever the heck that is) for hanging in there while
struggling with the pandemonium which resulted from his rare zone 1 signal.
The op of FW2OI who might not have been doing it the way some others were,
but he stuck with it and maintained his patience.  He sounded about as old
as I am, so perhaps I had extra sympathy.
The op of the Oceania station who, fed up with it all, finally told one of
the big gun kids to unplug his radio if he couldn't use standard phonetics
because he was French and didn't understand all those stupid English words.

Thanks in advance,

Jim White, WD0E
wd0e at

wd0e at

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