dupe/no dupe - Part II

Garry Shapiro ni6t at scruznet.com
Tue Oct 29 14:14:28 EST 1996

Tom Francis wrote:
> Hi all:
> Opinions on the work dupes or not question
> agreed with my opinion, so I'm comfortable
> with my choice of working 'em all regardless....
> How about this as an ethics question in
> the light of contest dupes/no dupes....
> Say it's late in the contest, you notice
> TA2KK (just an example - not real) comes
> across the cluster and for some reason it's
> a mult for the band your working. You zip
> to his frequency, call him and he tells you
> your a dupe and gives chapter and verse (i.e.;
> time/date of the Q)! You accept the answer,
> but check back in the log and no T anything
> in the log for the time he mentioned. You
> zip back, call him again, but he ain't buying
> a duplicate Q - no way, no how...
> Here's the question:
> Do you make a note of the Q and "massage" the
> log after, just forget it, or log the contact
> as a current contact (after all, he did hear
> you, hi) and hope for the best?
> Flames to me - opinions to the reflector, hi..
> 73 and thanks for your input..
> Tom, NM1Q (tomf at neca.com)


We have all been there.

Given the amount of time wasted informing/arguing/agonizing about dupes,
the whole idea of penalizing for them should be DROPPED. This one act
would eliminate the problems--time-wasting arguments during the contest
become history, as do agonizing over lost mults, the QSL B4 key, CT's
problem with portable stations, inconsistencies between logs due to one
op purging his log of dupes after the contest, ad nauseam.

I decided after CQP last year to just log the DUPES. I still forget late
in a contest sometimes, and tell a guy he is a dupe, but I am trying not
Garry Shapiro, NI6T
Editor, The DXer
newsletter of the Northern California DX Club

>From kg5u at hal-pc.org (Dale Martin)  Tue Oct 29 22:38:04 1996
From: kg5u at hal-pc.org (Dale Martin) (Dale Martin)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:38:04 -0600
Subject: stateside qso's
Message-ID: <01BBC5B7.91CDEEE0 at pm1-93.hal-pc.org>

On Tuesday, October 29, 1996 13:19 PM, Hans Brakob[SMTP:71111.260 at CompuServe.COM] wrote:
>>Numerous comments have been made regarding bringing fresh blood into the
>>community.  Chastising a neophyte contester on the air is counter-productive.
>>Work 'em and move on.  Educate them after the contest.
>>73 de Bob - K0RC
>As he usually does, Bob states a simple truth in simple terms.  
>I'd extend the idea to state that chastising in *any* public venue, 
>including the reflectors, is counter-productive.  Do it privately.
>73, de Hans, K0HB
>It's a shame we teach children to walk and talk,and then tell 
>them to sit down and be quite....... Rebellion Dog

Hey!  Let's educate them on the air.  Who knows Big Guns, there may be
five others 'waiting in the wings' to work you, listening, and who will learn 
from what you say and remember later that it was you that took the time to 
explain the rules a bit more clearly. 

How many times have any of us patiently worked through the SS exchange
on SSB, and even on CW, with not-in-the-contest,-but-want-to-give-you-a- 
point' folks?  While in CQWW you might not get a point for working them
and having taken the time to explain things to them, it may benefit you 
indirectly if other Big Guns also explain things and thus cause those
potentially new contesters to not call you.  Besides, the rules do say that
there are multiplier points for working your country's zones and country. 
How will they work their mults if you won't allow them to work you?  If 
everyone did that where would any of us be? 



Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

>From tree at lady.axian.com (Larry Tyree)  Tue Oct 29 22:43:34 1996
From: tree at lady.axian.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 14:43:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SS operating hints
Message-ID: <199610292243.OAA13090 at lady.axian.com>

Here are some hints that you might find handy this weekend in
the CW Sweepstakes.  Use at your own risk:

1. Since the skip on 80 meters might be really long around midnight
local time, it is suggested that all stations between the Mississippi 
river and the Rocky mountains start the contest on 80 meters.  

2. When sending your exchange, don't use the ARRL suggested format.
It is better to send all of the numbers first, then your call, then
the section and precedence.  This makes it less confusing to copy
as the person will be expecting numbers before your callsign, and 
only letters after it.  This is similar to the thoery used for
coherent CW.  So, instead of sending 1234 A N6TR 67 OR, you 
would send 123467 N6TR ORA - much more efficient.

3. When making a packet spot for someone operating split frequency, 
make sure you prefix the QSX frequency with the letters "LID".

4. Whenever working a station in the new Northern New York section,
ask them if they meant Northern New Jersy.  Then fumble around 
before giving them your exchange because your logging program 
just hung up because it doesn't know about the new section.

5. If you are operating QRP, make sure you sign your call with 
/QRP after it just in case they missed the Q in your precedence.

6. Don't forget to move multipliers whenever possible.  If there is
a ten meter opening, you should try to QSY as many guys from 15
before the band closes.

7. If you hear a rare multiplier (VY1 or KP2), make sure to put out
a spot on packet.  This way, the pileup will get so big, the guy 
will get frustrated and turn off his rig.  Do this AFTER you have 
worked him.

8. Operate at least 25 hours and then choose your best 24 for 
your final score.

9. Don't let the big guns get away without following the sprint
QSY rule.  Remind them politely and if they still don't give
you the frequency, start CQing on them until they do.

10. Don't always call people with the last two letters of your 
call!  Be more creative and use any two letters you feel like.
They don't even have to be adjacent or in order.  Keep them 

Have fun, and see you on all seven bands.

Derek KC7KMC

>From 100260.342 at CompuServe.COM (Roger, G3SXW)  Tue Oct 29 23:53:19 1996
From: 100260.342 at CompuServe.COM (Roger, G3SXW) (Roger, G3SXW)
Date: 29 Oct 96 18:53:19 EST
Subject: TOGO
Message-ID: <961029235319_100260.342_EHV71-4 at CompuServe.COM>

To DX Magazines de G3SXW, c.c. 5V7A team, 29 October.

Our trip to Togo for CQ World-Wide CW Contest (November
23-24) is confirmed. Ten operators will enter the multi-multi
category with six stations and 17 antennas.

We had been promised a special prefix by the Togo PTT and
announced the call-sign 5V5A. Licences have now been
issued and we now know that we will operate the contest with
the call 5V7A. Please note the change.

Before the contest we will operate with personal call-signs:

AA7NO           5V7MB
G3SXW          5V7A
G4FAM           5V7FA
GM3YTS        5V7RF
K5VT              5V7VT
K7GE             5V7JL
KC7V             5V7MF
N7BG            5V7BG
WB7SRW     5V7PN

Some activity may be expected on November 21-22 whilst testing
antennas and also hopefully on WARC bands. On 160 metres
please always look for us low in the band. All activity will cease
at the end of the contest as we leave for home the next morning.

QSLs for all the above call-signs go via home-call except for 5V7A
which is via GM4AGL.

Information has been updated on our World-Wide Web home-page.
You are welcome to visit the page for regular news updates:


Good luck in the contest to everyone,
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

>From jfeustle at UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)  Wed Oct 30 00:23:54 1996
From: jfeustle at UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.) (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:23:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Corrupted Vanity database?
Message-ID: <v01510100ae9c07126159@[]>

Well, I didn't get my information from anyone in Georgia, but rather from a
source who will only be identified as the Inside Person at the Skunk Works.
This source says that the FCC computers at Gettysburg are simply not up to
the task, so, as an election-time example of interagency cooperation, the
whole thing got ported to the more powerful machines at the FBI. So far, so
good. However, when attempting to generate a random number using samples of
white noise taken from the upper atmosphere, the Vanity database got
intertwined with the one the FBI uses for its Witness Protection Program.
My Inside Person tells me that this leads to some good news and some other
news for all amateur applicants later this week.

The good news is that each amateur applicant will get TO KEEP HIS ORIGINAL
CALL. The other news is that he will be issued a new identity. In my case,
for example, I'll continue to be N8AAT, only I've been renamed Varko
Cranston. I'm no longer a Professor of Latin American Literature at the
University of Toledo but have been transferred to Memphis where I am now a
researcher in a program sponsored by a prominent pharmeceutical company in
the ever growing field of cryogenic proctology.

Be certain to check the appropriate WEB sites every opportunity you get and
find out who you'll be and where you will be relocated.


>From k8mr at barf80.nshore.org (Jim Stahl)  Tue Oct 29 23:41:03 1996
From: k8mr at barf80.nshore.org (Jim Stahl) (Jim Stahl)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 96 18:41:03 EST
Subject: 40M Flagrant Violations
Message-ID: <5m4kwD1w165w at barf80.nshore.org>

If you are confident of your identification of the person/station
involved, and confident that it was not a momentary fatigue
induced slip of the brain (and as you described it, such is the
case for both) I think you should publicly identify who it was,
giving as much information as possible, such as times,
frequencies, and DX being solicited (if possible).
If you are hesitant about publicly naming the culprit, you should
provide the information by private e-mail to anyone requesting
Contest disqualification on the basis of a single unrecorded
event is not appropriate.   But in the court of opinion of one's
peers, careful observations by others in the contest community
provide useful insight in identifying the bad apples.  Simply
reporting that something wrong was done, without naming the
violators, will do little or nothing to stop the practice in the

Jim Stahl  K8MR     k8mr at barf80.nshore.org

Jim Stahl
InterNet: k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Basic Amateur Radio Frequency, BARF-80 +1 216/237-8208
"Totally devoted to Amateur Radio" - 24 Hrs a day 8/N/1 14.4k-300 baud

>From gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)  Wed Oct 30 00:08:00 1996
From: gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW) (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:08:00 -0500
Subject: A few dumb questions
Message-ID: <m0vIPEE-000fFgC at mgate.arrl.org>

[ Per CT Version 9.27,
with the latest country files: ]
>UY5QD   16 = Ukraine (UR)
>C36NES  10 = Andorra (C3) [Europe]
>CI3AT   4 = Canada (VE)
>CQ9M    33 = Madeira Is. (CT3)
>ED9EA   33 = Ceuta & Melilla (EA9)
>RA0AUW  19 = Asiatic Russia (UA9)
>RN6BY   16 = European Russia (UA)
>RU1A    16 = European Russia (UA9)
>RW1ZA   16 = European Russia (UA)
>TM1C    14 = France (F)
>VS6WO   24 = Hong Kong (Nice catch!)
>XR8S    12 = Chile (CE)
>YE2DV   6 = Indonesia (Another good one.)
>ZSM9A   38 = South Africa
>ZX0F    11= Mexico (XE)
>ZX5J    11 = Madeira Is. (CT3)
> VY1JA = Canada (VE)
>M6+ 1 letter = UK (Kinda like WRTC call signs, eh?)

>Is Western Sahara the right country for S01M? [ Yup! ] (Zone 33)

>Did anyone else hear the VA2AM working Europeans...?
>Was he real? [ Eastern Canada to Europe--no sweat! ]

>Where do these people get these wild and crazy callsigns for ordinary
>countries?  [ It's fun! - Welcome to contesting! ]

Do they get them just to confuse those of us who don't do this
>every day? [ CT (by K1EA) helps a ALOT! ]--[ Or, TR or NA, etc. ]

>Jim White, WD0E
>wd0e at amsat.org

               [73! de KB1GW]

>From broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan)  Wed Oct 30 01:38:20 1996
From: broz at csn.net (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:38:20 -0600
Subject: Suggestion for an 80/160 beam
Message-ID: <199610300137.AA26087 at ns-1.csn.net>

At 04:51 PM 10/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I keep reading about 4 squares and I remember the discussion W0UN and I had
>about these last year.  A four square is an excellent antenna, but no better
>than a 2 el phased array in any one direction.   How do you put up any
>antenna that has 2 or 3 DB more gain than a 4 square
>without resorting to separate 2el quads as W3LPL has done?

Dave K4JRB   


Well, actually I said "not much better than a two element array"--typical
gains for a 4-square are 5.96 dBi and for a close spaced 2-element vertical
under similar circumstances you can get 4.85.  Barely a dB better--but with 
4 positions, instead of two.

Horizontally polarized antennas are hard to beat with the ground reflection gain
helping out----if you can get them high enough, but they limit the steerability.

A typical 4-square on 160 with its 5.96 dB gain is pretty much the standard
of comparison, but contrast that with a 160 M 4 element Yagi at 200 ft with a
boom length of only 320 ft which has 13.33 dBi gain.  At 200 ft, the wire
Yagi matches the 4-square in elevation pattern but with a LOT more gain,
albeit in 
only one direction.  (Not impossible, there are many 200 ft towers at some
of the
bigger stations and  it should be an outstanding performer----NO, not this year,
unfortunately, but I do happen to have four 200 ft towers in a square of 
320 ft, with a broadside face to Europe----(making it only a matter of
a lot of wire).

I have done a lot of modeling trying to get something better than the
typical 4-square and I like my "nine-square" (TM) design, although it is
one antenna in the center and 8 in a circle around it.  With current taper it
is possible to get an excellent pattern with 45 degree symmetry, but it does
require a circle almost 400 ft in diameter for 80 meters for the antennas and 
ground screen.  And it only buys you a little more than 2 dB more gain than 
the 4-square.

With verticals the only way I can see to get very much gain is to limit them to
being uni- or bi- (reversible) directional.  Azimuthal symmetry and steering
just pays too much of a price.  1/2 to 5/8 wave spacing of 1/8 spaced pairs
provides for pretty good performance in two directions, but leaves out too much.

For 80M  one can get Europe and LP or JA and SA, but to do everything
needed for a competitive contest station just requires too much aluminum and
land--unless one is will to go for max in two directions and settle for what
one can get in the other directions.

If any one comes up with some great designs I would love to play with them.

73 John  W0UN

John Brosnahan
La Salle Research Corp.
24115 County Road 40
La Salle, CO 80645 USA

voice 970-284-6602
fax   979-284-0979
email broz at csn.net

>From gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)  Wed Oct 30 00:34:00 1996
From: gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW) (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 19:34:00 -0500
Subject: A few dumb questions
Message-ID: <m0vIPbY-000fFlC at mgate.arrl.org>

Or is he in Zone 1?


>>Did anyone else hear the VA2AM working Europeans...?
>>Was he real? [ Eastern Canada to Europe--no sweat! ]

>From rwerner at usit.net (Robert Werner, Jr.)  Wed Oct 30 01:40:58 1996
From: rwerner at usit.net (Robert Werner, Jr.) (Robert Werner, Jr.)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:40:58 -0500
Subject: Little Guns revisited part deux
Message-ID: < at pop.usit.net>

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that responded with a kind note or
other hint or just a story about their operating conditions.  (I recieved
over 100 replies, who says no one reads the reflector?)

As a compelation of responses here's what I got:

1)  Don't give up (which I never intended to do, I was just frustrated).
2)  Enjoy what you have, some people would be happy to have even that much.
3)  Hone those operating skills (I did do better the second day as MANY
people suggested)
4)  If possible, which it isn't in my case, raise your antenna/dipole or put
up an antenna for 40/80.  *see reason for this at end.
5)  When in doubt refer to number 1.

Anyhow, I think you get the idea.  Now the reason behind number four.  I
can't raise my antenna any higher due to lack of funds, and not wanting to
lose my home to lightning.  (Even with 32', my tower has taken 4 hits, so
far).  My house has no trees on the lot, and no higher point then my tower.
Moving my dipole up higher is IMPOSSIBLE!  Putting up a longer dipole for
160, however is possible.

So, yes folks I will be in sweepstakes (1A KC4URW 90 TN), but only in phone,
as my CW needs some serious help.

Once again thanks for the replies, and CU in SS.

Live from the "Happenin' City" of New Market, TN!
Bob Werner
rwerner at usit.net

>From floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Wed Oct 30 01:40:05 1996
From: floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 21:40:05 -0400
Subject: SS SCORES Submitting them on Internet
Message-ID: < at interpath.com>

As everyone knows it is time for the SS tests. I will be doing the scores
for these as I did last year. Here is the format I plan to use and also
some helpful hints that I hope will help.

CALL       OP/SECT     SCORE        Q's      SECT      HRS

WA4ZXA       NC        000,000     0000       77        36

That should be easy enough to follow. Also the summary sheets from CT and
NA will be fine also. Make sure you put whether you were A, B, or Q.

PLEASE NO ATTACHED FILES!!!!!! I say that every contest and I still get 
them. I cannot post your scores if you send attached files. Just type in
the above line is all. 

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! At present I am doing the CQWW SSB test. I beg
you to put the test you are submitting scores for and your call in the
subject line. I have separate folders for all the tests and this really 
saves me time. Here is a sample of what I mean:


Remember I will still be doing the CW test scores when the SSB takes place
and if you do not put that in your subject line I could mix it up. Also
if I have to go back and check your score or post you sent me for any 
reason it makes it a lot easier to find.

I do realize that this does sound a little picky but it really makes a big
difference when you are dealing with hundreds of scores.

Also remember this!!!!! DO NOT POST ANY SCORES ON THIS REFLECTOR!!!!!!!
Send them all to me direct or to the 3830 reflector. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be leaving for Atlanta on Thursday 10/31 and returning 11/4.

There will be no postings during this time but keep your scores coming.
I will get on it as soon as I get back. So if you do not see a CW posting
right away you will understand. It is on the way.

Again I want to thank everyone for their help in making this run smooth.
I would have never thought it would have got this big but I do enjoy doing
it and until you all fire me I will continue. See everyone in SSB SS!!!!!

73's Jim

>From WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault)  Wed Oct 30 10:56:58 1996
From: WW1E at WORLDNET.ATT.NET (Thomas Thibault) (Thomas Thibault)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 02:56:58 -0800
Subject: Email address for CQWW SSB logs
Message-ID: <3277347A.6DA8 at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

Hi I am looking for the email address to send my cqww ssb log to. Is 
there one if so please send it direct to one of the addresses below.
Any help is very much appreciated.
Thomas Thibault  DE WW1E  73
Packet Mail @ KC1XX
Email @ WW1E at worldnet.att.net

>From wd0e at amsat.org (Jim White)  Wed Oct 30 03:04:35 1996
From: wd0e at amsat.org (Jim White) (Jim White)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:04:35 -0700
Subject: dumb question responses
Message-ID: <v01540b15ae9c75fb68a1@[]>

Thanks to all who provided lots of very helpful and useful information and

Jim White

wd0e at amsat.org

>From aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U)  Wed Oct 30 03:23:26 1996
From: aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 22:23:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Little Guns revisited part deux
Message-ID: <199610300323.WAA10220 at vixa.voyager.net>

At 08:40 PM 10/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>So, yes folks I will be in sweepstakes (1A KC4URW 90 TN), but only in phone,
>as my CW needs some serious help.

Hello Bob and Other Reflectorites,

You have just stated one of the best reasons to enter SS CW! Don't miss out
on all that excellent CW parctice. Find a spot high in the cw band segment
and call cq at your own comfortable pace. I will find you and slow down or
speed up as necessary to work you and you will have many others eager to
work you......especially on Sunday PM. Each year I enter SS CW to re-learn
the alphabet and the numbers. This year is no exception. I figure if I keep
at it some day I will find myself competative.......loosely defined, that
is. hi hi

Do it Bob. You will see I am right on this one. 

                !! CW IS FUN !!

aa8U at voyager.net 

single op B power check 62 MI

Go Mad River !  

dit dit

>From ey8mm at sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)  Wed Oct 30 07:47:28 1996
From: ey8mm at sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh) (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 07:47:28 MMT
Subject: EY2Q
Message-ID: <199610300447.AA00470 at scylla.sovam.com>

Dear contesters,

Here our score for CQ WW SSB

      Call: EY2Q                     Country:  Tajikistan
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160       19       38     2.00      7      15
       80      114      283     2.48     12      40
       40      695     1876     2.70     32     113
       20      403      869     2.16     24      76
       15      763     1806     2.37     27      88
       10       21       50     2.38     10      14

     Totals   2015     4922     2.44    112     346  =>  2,254,276

Operators were EY8MM, EY8CQ, EY8XX, EY8RR (AA3DK)

We had good time and enjoed contest.
We used:
Inv. L antenna for 160 meters               
2 el Inv. V for 80 meters
3 el yagi for 40, 20, 15, 10 meters
IC-725, FT-757GX, TenTec Scout 555
1 kw PA

Very good but short opening to US LP. QRM level from Broadcasting stations
made reception almost imposible but we worked the strongest ones.
Thanks for all who worked us!

CU in CQ WW CW!!!
All qsl's for EY1ZA, EY50V, EY2Q, EY8CQ/R3Q, EY8AB, UJ8JCQ, RJ8JAB
must be send via EY8CQ.

Direct address are Alex Rubtsov, box 32, Moscow, 117449, Russia or
via Tajik Amateur Radio League bureau.

73, Nodir EY8MM

Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh EY8MM        *   tel:+7(3772) 214-706
Member of EY2Q contest team         *                212-844
ex. UJ8JMM, YA1MM, YA5MM, DL/EY8MM, *   fax:+7(3772) 212-847
RJ0J, RJ1J, RJ2S, RJ4X, RJ5R, RJ6K, *   
RJ8WCY, EU9J, EK8R                  *                                
Mailing address: P.O.BOX 303, Dushanbe, 734001, Tajikistan
e-mail: <ey8mm at sovam.com>
        <ey8mm at tarl.td.silk.glas.apc.org>

>From ey8mm at sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)  Wed Oct 30 07:48:20 1996
From: ey8mm at sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh) (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 07:48:20 MMT
Subject: Help Needed
Message-ID: <199610300448.AA00516 at scylla.sovam.com>

Dear friends,

I need help in procedure how to connect IC-725 with IBM PC for CW
operation using CT K1EA programm. I know that it nessesary some
kind of small modem and circuit of which is greatly apprecuated.

Thanks beforhand for help. 

73, Nodir EY8MM

Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh EY8MM        *   tel:+7(3772) 214-706
Member of EY2Q contest team         *                212-844
ex. UJ8JMM, YA1MM, YA5MM, DL/EY8MM, *   fax:+7(3772) 212-847
RJ0J, RJ1J, RJ2S, RJ4X, RJ5R, RJ6K, *   
RJ8WCY, EU9J, EK8R                  *                                
Mailing address: P.O.BOX 303, Dushanbe, 734001, Tajikistan
e-mail: <ey8mm at sovam.com>
        <ey8mm at tarl.td.silk.glas.apc.org>

>From bruce46 at juno.com (Bruce Talkington)  Wed Oct 30 00:14:30 1996
From: bruce46 at juno.com (Bruce Talkington) (Bruce Talkington)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:14:30 CST
Subject: Thanks
Message-ID: <19961029.181550.9383.10.bruce46 at juno.com>

	Thanks to the many many people who responded to my plea for qsl
information. I was surprised by the number of helpful replies I
I should have mentioned that I do not at this time have internet access,
and only very recently subscribed to the dx reflector, so I missed the
qsl lists that have been posted, but I have them on paper now.

Again thanks to all....Bruce/N4ZEZ

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