Phono Plugs (correction)

Scott Ellington sdelling at
Wed Oct 30 14:07:26 EST 1996

> Radio Shack is out.

A bad choice of words.  I meant RS is not a possibility.  Besides
the price, their plugs and jacks aren't even the same size any


Scott  K9MA
sdelling at

>From radio at (Sergey Popov)  Wed Oct 30 19:57:51 1996
From: radio at (Sergey Popov) (Sergey Popov)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 96 22:57:51 +0300
Subject: FOR K1BV ONLY
Message-ID: <AA_CxToWb2 at>

Please send me your E-MAIL and I will be sehd to you
rules of some Russian and others awards.

Sergey RN3QO
e-mail: radio at

>From 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson)  Wed Oct 30 20:34:00 1996
From: 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson) (David & Barbara Leeson)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 96 15:34 EST
Subject: USGS Maps & TA/YTAD
Message-ID: <95961030203459/0005543629DC3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

USGS maps have always been a favorite of mine, available around here
from USGS in Menlo Park.  To make the map that's seen in the TA ads,
I took a 1:24000 to Kinko's and had them run my QTH through X8 (X4,
then X2) to get the 1:300 scale local topo map.  They (and possibly
other copy places using the same equipment) can spot the part of the
map to blow up without a lot of tape or pencil marks, and the result
is quite useful.  You can, of course, chose other scales if you wish,
but I recall that X4 was as big as their machine could go in one step.

73 de Dave, W6QHS

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