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Lee Hiers AA4GA aa4ga at
Wed Oct 30 23:04:55 EST 1996

On 30 Oct 96, Bill Fisher KM9P wrote:

> Regarding the W4DX callsign that was taken back by the FCC... They said
> they could not alter my application after it was submitted.  So some lucky
> devil that didn't bother to take W4DX off his list will probably get it.

Since it was issued, they should take it off the market for 2 years 
like any other vacated call...then we could all have another shot at 
it in Oct. 98.

I _was_ gonna send my club call request in tonite on the web, but the 
computer outage scares, I hope KS5SHS will still be 

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA
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