FCC licensing activity - or lack of???

WN9JAT at aol.com WN9JAT at aol.com
Wed Oct 30 19:35:08 EST 1996

Hi Steve,
I have been checking the fcc ftp site dayly and found the
same thing 0 zip nada. I called the fcc and found out there
computer has been down since last Friday evening, and is
still down today. So who was squashing rumors about
computer problems, corrupted database etc ? They do
not know when the computer will be back on line. This
isn't like waiting for Christmas, It's like no knowning when
Christmas will be coming. I asked the guys at the ARRL
to have their guy try to get a more definitive answer. 
Hardware, Software, Corrupted data, part not available,
Using FAA flight contollers computers (those things are always
going down) whats up ?? Some answer even bad news would
be better than no news.

73/Jerry/WN9JAT -----> Now theres a guy that really needs a vanity call

>From ai7b at teleport.com (Bob Wruble)  Thu Oct 31 01:03:58 1996
From: ai7b at teleport.com (Bob Wruble) (Bob Wruble)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 17:03:58 -0800
Subject: Vanity info
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> From: Lee Hiers AA4GA <aa4ga at contesting.com>
> To: cq-contest at tgv.com
> Subject: Re: Vanity info
> Date: Wednesday, October 30, 1996 3:04 PM
> On 30 Oct 96, Bill Fisher KM9P wrote:
> > Regarding the W4DX callsign that was taken back by the FCC...
They said
> > they could not alter my application after it was submitted.  So
some lucky
> > devil that didn't bother to take W4DX off his list will probably
get it.
> Since it was issued, they should take it off the market for 2 years

> like any other vacated call...then we could all have another shot
> it in Oct. 98.
> I _was_ gonna send my club call request in tonite on the web, but
> computer outage scares me...man, I hope KS5SHS will still be 
> available....
> 73 de Lee
> --
> Lee Hiers, AA4GA
> Cornelia, GA
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