Garry Shapiro ni6t at scruznet.com
Thu Oct 31 00:56:08 EST 1996

Jim McCook wrote:
> During the SSB weekend of CQWW I was appalled to hear FW2OI INSISTING that
> people calling him give their "last two letters!"  He repeatedly insisted people
> call again using the last two, and on many occasions refused to work people he
> obviously heard unless they played his game.  On one occasion I heard NH2C try
> to work him by giving his full call phonetically over and over again, and FW2OI
> refused to ever work him. Later I worked NH2C, who was obviously frustrated with
> FW2OI.  Additionally, he would occasionally stack up a group of his "last two"
> collection and run down his "list." It was beyond belief how anyone actually
> operating a contest on any level could show such a degree of ignorance.
> I watched the reflector for a couple of days after the contest to see if there
> were any comments about this, and was surprised to see none.
> It goes without saying that this approach is not only grossly inefficient, but
> is inconsiderate to those who choose to operate properly.  If a station is
> assigned a call with 4 or 5 characters, he should give his whole call, or he is
> bootlegging a false call not assigned to him during his identification.  One of
> my friends who was in the top 5 world single op group even suggests his log be
> thrown out for advocating such an approach.  I think someone in his part of the
> world should try to explain to him how he should reduce his ignorance.  His home
> call is DJ4OI.
> The old argument that "this is his game and he can do what he wants" doesn't get
> it.  It would be interesting to see some thoughtful comments about this.
> Thankfully there are CW contests where this kind of infection has not spread.
> 73, Jim McCook W6YA

Hi Jim:

The only reason I did not vent about this guy was--what for? What one
usually gets for a message such as yours--which I think is right on--is
flamed by the "it's-his-trip-he-can-do-what-he-wants" crowd, and I went
through that after that solo ZL8 trip that preceded the real DXpedition.

I went through the last-two inanity with that list-lizard for a while,
and even came back to try again. Then I decided that life was too short
for such stupidity and went somewhere else.

In contrast, the CW op, FW2EH, is competent and persistent. Today, he
appeared on RTTY and worked the hell out of the finger-talking crowd.
Garry Shapiro, NI6T
Editor, The DXer
newsletter of the Northern California DX Club

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