What is your Lat-Long?

Jerry Fray jefray at comsys.net
Wed Sep 4 14:08:19 EDT 1996

Craig R. Cook wrote:
> For those upcoming contests that need a grid-square, or if you are just
> someone like me who likes to know their lat-long to the nth degree, I found
> what I think is a good WWW site. Point your browser at
> "http://tiger.census.gov". This is the census bureau tiger mapping service.
> As briefly as I can explain:
> 1.  Near the bottom of the form, either fill in your known approximate
> lat-long, or it will take a city and state.
> 2. On the first map you create, zoom in until you start to recognize major
> highways, rivers, whatever.
> 3. You can redraw the map with a new center by just clicking on the current
> map in the place that you want the new center to be. Do this before you zoom
> in too close to avoid getting lost.
> 4. You should soon be able to recognize your neighborhood. When you can
> click on where your house would be, do so.
> 5. You can now put a marker and/or a label on your qth. Look at the lat-long
> info on the bottom right side of the page when you are sure you are centered
> as close as can be. Put this same info in the boxes on the bottom left of
> the page and select your marker type and label (I used my call).
> 6. You can now download the final map with a dot and label on your qth. I
> converted it from a .gif to a .bmp and superimposed the lat long info on top
> of it. Remember to write down the final lat-long info from the bottom right
> of the page. Unfortunately, it will not be shown on the map.
> 7. Now, hope that the info is accurate. I can not attest to that. Run it
> through one of the algorithms that computes grid squares.
> 8. Have fun. 
Craig -
	That's a mighty powerful lot of instructions to get yer long./lat.
Although the info on the grid square program was interesting. The
EASIEST way is to simply call the city/county engineer or the Dept of
Natural Resources. Tell em yer address. The provided me with my
long./lat. AND elevation above sealevel! Simple and amazing!

Jerry KB9NMU

"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

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