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Thu Sep 5 23:41:45 EDT 1996

On  4-SEP-1996 01:32:03.9 AH2BEECAMP said to JKAHRS
   > Since I have been on a few Dxpeditions (KH9) am also HL9MM,8P9GI,also
   >been on KH6 and worked from HZ1AB, I think a good call sign is
   >important. Some times
   > speed counts. If you are spending time trying to straighten out calls
   >or your call you
   > are not making Q's...thus no points.....IF you could get a good 2 by
   >2 or 1 by 2
   > it will be better...
   > Also I have never mixed up and XRAY for and ECHO. xray is very
   >distint!!! I like my AH2BE call as compared to my old cal
   >KB6DAW/KH2/KH9/KH0 etc..the simpler the better...
   > In the military we are taught to KISS things...Keep It Simple
   >Stupid..the simpler
   > the betterr and the easier it gets.
   > My thoughts for the day.
   > I am now on AOL and anyone can Email me at:
   > 73's
   > ED

Hi Ed....I still like my phonetics for ur call....Ahhhh to be!  Lifes a
beach here in Niceville.  Missed u in the UQP.

73, Hank/K2UVG
jkahrs at delphi.com

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