WSWSS sprint (call for logs)

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Mon Sep 9 13:44:02 EDT 1996

Just a reminder, the deadline for log submissions for the WSWSS Sprint is
quickly approaching. You are encouraged to submit your log (no matter how
few or many contacts you made).  Submission details follow:


(A) Entries must be postmarked no later than 30 days after the end of the 
contest.  No late entries can be accepted. Use ARRL June VHF QSO Party 
forms, a reasonable facsimile, or submit your entry on diskette.  Mail your 
entry to NI6G, or send your entry to ni6g at via the 

     (1) Official entry forms are available for download from under the filename (10,490 

     (2) You may submit your contest entry on diskette in lieu of paper logs.
The floppy diskette must be IBM compatible, MS-DOS formatted, 3.5 inch (40 
or 80 track).  The log information must be in an CT (v.7 or v.8) .bin
file or an ASCII file, following the ARRL Suggested Standard File Format, 
and contain all log exchange information (band, mode, date, time in UTC, 
call of station worked, exchange sent, exchange received, multipliers 
[marked the first time worked] and QSO points). One entry per diskette.  An 
official summary sheet or reasonable facsimile with signed contest 
participation disclaimer is required with all entries. 

     (3) Entries sent via Internet should include a summary sheet file in
lieu of a paper summary sheet.
     (4) Entries with more than 200 QSOs total must include cross-check 
sheets (dupe sheets).

All diskettes become the property of the WSWSS and are not returnable. 

Send logs, summary sheet, and S.A.S.E. within 30 days to Erik Dean NI6G,
3813 N. State Av., Fresno, CA 93722. Results will be posted by Oct. 31 in
the WSWSS Newsletter.

73, Robert N7STU/YB2ARO, DM07aa/OI52ee

n7stu at (Norcal WSWSS activities & N7STU/YB2ARO homepages)

>From va3wto at (Rui wittwer)  Mon Sep  9 05:27:15 1996
From: va3wto at (Rui wittwer) (Rui wittwer)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 00:27:15 -0400
Subject: Help on Band Pass filter`s.
Message-ID: <199609092006.QAA22001 at>

Hello every one,today wen i was talking with CT1DVV (CT8T) he ask me if i
ad any info about band pass filter`s i said no but i will try at the
internet,there is all ways good peopel that want to give so help,so my
question is,if possibel to get me some design`s of good home made
filter`s,so i can send these ones by fax to Santos,maybe 3 day`s ago there
was here something about w3lpl M/M used filter`s at there place by mistake
i did delete that message any one out there with that message saved.
Tank you for any possibel help given.
73 de Rui.

>From lvn at (Larry Novak)  Mon Sep  9 21:17:40 1996
From: lvn at (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 96 16:17:40 EDT
Subject: Contest Registry: Update
Message-ID: <9609092017.AA10794 at>

Boy, it looks like a very busy contest season for DXpeditions. If you
have any updates, please get them to me ASAP - I'll need to send these
to NCJ this week.

Larry, K3TLX

CQ Contest DXpedition Registry
Updated September 9, 1996

This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak at or via packet to K3TLX.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
WAE CW           KP2         KD4D                   Confirmed SOAB
                             kd4d at

WAE SSB          3V8BB       DF2UU and DK9IP        Multi-Single
                             dk9ip at

CQWW SSB         3DA0        WJ2O, ZS6WPX, ZS6BRZ   M/S high power     
                             WJ2O at

CQWW SSB         8P9Z        K3KG & K4FJ            M/S
                             K4FJ at

CQWW SSB         CT3BX       Six DL ops             Multi-Single
                             hermann.stein at

CWQQ SSB         CT3EE       DL4NAC                 SOAB
                             hermann.stein at

CQWW SSB         FG          KI6FE/7 es JF2DQJ      SOAB
                             76353.2760 at

CQWW SSB         HC8A        Rich, N6KT             Firm - QSL via WV7Y
                             n6kt at

CQWW SSB         J3A         W8KKF, WA8LOW etal     M/S or M/M
                             Additional ops considered (hflasher at

CQWW SSB         KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW SSB         PJ9B        N3ED etal              Probable M/M
                             emoody at 

CQWW SSB         PJ9T        AB4JI etal             M/S (QSL PJ9T via AB4JI)
                             kj4vh at

CQWW SSB         V26B        (QSL WT3Q)            Confirmed Multi/Multi
                             N3ADL at

CQWW SSB         V85HG       JO1RUR, JO1BMV         Planned M/S 
                             jo1rur at

CQWW SSB         VP2E        WB5CRG                 POSSIBLE 20 MTR S/B
                             w5robert at blkbox.COM

CQWW SSB         VS6WO       WN4KKN, K5TSQ, etal    multi-single
                             TREY at

CQWW SSB         T32         VE7SBO                SO / Speculative
                             ve7sbo at

CQWW SSB         V31DX                             multi-single 
                             jdowning at

CQWW SSB         VP2MDE      Joe, W5ASP; Andy, GM0ECO (et. al. ?) M/S

CQWW CW          C6A         WA3WSJ and K3TEJ      Multi-Single (QSL via K3TEJ)
                             k3tej at

CQWW CW          CT9U        DL2HYH                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at

CQWW CW          CT3FN       HB9CRV                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at

CQWW CW          J3          J3/WJ2O               Planning SOHP
                             WJ2O at

CQWW CW          5V5A        N7BG, G3SXW, etal     Multi-multi
                             trogo at

CQWW CW          HC8N        Trey, WN4KKN          Firm - QSL via AA5BT
                             trey at

CQWW CW          HR6         Roatan Is, WA6VNR      Booked
                             jhypna at

CQWW CW          J6DX        SW Ohio DXA            MS
                             millersg at

CQWW CW          KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW CW          V2          Larry, K3TLX           Reserved Single Op
                             lnovak at   ** The big 5-0 birthday bash **

CQWW CW          V85HG       JO1RUR, JO1BMV         Planned M/S
                             jo1rur at

CQWW CW          VP2EV       AA7VB                  FIRM M/S 
                             AA7VB at

CQWW CW          VP5         Dave, WD5N             Reserved
                             wd5n at

CQWW CW          ZF2RF       K4UVT, K9LA, N8SR +    multi-single
                             k4uvt at

CQ 160 MODE?/97  ZF          WA6VNR, W6OSP          Booked, Call ZF1A
                             jhypna at

CQ 160 CW        P40WA       John K9UWA & Jean N9PXF
                             k9uwa at

CQ160 SSB        VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

CQ160 SSB        KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO
                             readerl at

ARRL DX CW       6Y          Ken, WM2C etal         Planned M/2
                             ken.silverman at

ARRL DX CW       FG          FG/WJ2O                Planning SOHP
                             WJ2O at

ARRL DX CW       KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO
                             readerl at

ARRL DX CW       ZF2NE       Joe, W5ASP             SO
                             Jastaples at

ARRL DX CW       VP2EV       AA7VB                  FIRM S/O
                             AA7VB at

ARRL DX CW       VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

ARRL DX CW       VP5         Joe, K8JP              Reserved
                             palooka at

ARRL DX SSB      KP2         Larry  KE2VB           Reserved SO or M/S
                             readerl at

ARRL DX SSB      V2          WB9TIY, etal           Planned M2
                             blckhole at

ARRL DX SSB      V31DX                              multi-single
                             jdowning at

ARRL DX SSB      VP2V        KK9A                   20M single band.

ARRL DX SSB      VP2V        Dallas, K1DW           LPSO
                             warddm at

ARRL DX SSB      VP5         Glenn, WA0PUJ           Reserved
                             palooka at

WPX CW/97        VP2MEJ      Joe, W5ASP             SO
                             Jastaples at


     | Larry Novak            \-\-\         email:   lnovak at |
     | Century Computing, Inc.  |             Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
     |      |   Amateur Radio:    K3TLX, C6AHE  |
     +       INSULATOR COLLECTORS:        +

>From ka8okh at (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)  Mon Sep  9 21:59:13 1996
From: ka8okh at (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH) (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 17:59:13 -0300
Subject: How do I submit my sprint log?
Message-ID: <199609092200.SAA05290 at>

If my information is correct, my cw sprint log goes to tree at

Do I send the binary log file as an attachment, or do I send the summary sheet
and text file?

na de ka8okh

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <ka8okh at>
Somerset Electronics Co. - Somerset, KY
Expert repair on all major brands of CATV line/headend, & TVRO equipment.
Opinions expressed here are of my own unique design.

>From mraz at (Kris Mraz, N5KM)  Mon Sep  9 23:16:54 1996
From: mraz at (Kris Mraz, N5KM) (Kris Mraz, N5KM)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 17:16:54 -0500
Subject: New ICOM radio
Message-ID: <32349756.42877E5C at>

A new ICOM radio, IC 756, is rumored to be available in the US in the November
timeframe. Its HF + 6 meters, IF DSP, Dual Rx, etc. Looks interesting.

Check out for details.

Kris N5KM 
mraz at

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