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>From ac6ef at (Terry Dunlap)  Thu Sep 12 04:30:46 1996
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Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 03:30:46 GMT
Subject: COM3/COM3 Summary - LONG
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Here's a summary of the responses I got regarding adding COM ports to my
Win95 system. 
Hope it comes out ok, first time I've tried this. 
Thanks again for everyone's help.  Everything works great!! 
73 de Terry AC6EF 
What I'm doing to interface everything is OS/2 and COM boards I can jumper
odd interrupts!  The interrupts can be the biggest challenge since many 
I/O boards don't even have the pins for the high interrupts.  It is
essential all interrupts be different - a "feature" of the PC ISA bus. 
	Darrel KI6VY 
I use a 16 bit serial/Parallel card under WIN95. It has the ability to
assign almost 
any IRQ to any COM at any one of 8 different addresses. My config looks
like this 
COM1 IRQ4 (external modem) 
COM2 IRQ3 (VHF, PK232-TNC, packet spotting) 
COM3 IRQ10 (Radio interface, TS-850) 
COM4 IRQ11 (HF, (2nd) PK232-TNC, RTTY) 
LPT1 IRQ7 (Printer) 
LPT2 IRQ5 (CW keying interface) 
MS BUS Mouse configured for IRQ2 
"DXBase" for general logging and everyday packet spotting and DX alert 
"TRLog" for contesting. 
"WF1B" for RTTY contesting. 
freeware RTTY terminal program for general RTTY QSOs 
Netscape for modem interface and E-Mail. 
I run all of the above "hardware" with out conflicts or lockups. You cant 
run all of the software simulatneously because for example; both DXBAse and

TRLog want control of the radio...pretty obvious. 
If you want I can get you the name of the card I use, I bought it at FRY's 
down in the BAy area. 
Watch out for sound blasters and acelerated video cards some of them want
take over some of the IRQs for example some of the fancy video cards want
and some sound blasters want IRQ11.I'm sure there are other combos on these
Good Luck and I hope this helps...print a summary when you get all the
dit dit 
Hi Terry, I'm using win95 with ... pkt tnc on com 1, using PaKet 5.1, 
and the mouse on com 2, and the modem on com 3, using Telix, netscape 2.0, 
and Internet Explorer 3.0....What I wud suggest is set everything up on  
the boards to be .... whatever 1 to com 1 and another to com 2 etc...don't 

change one that is doing what it shud... 
Then have the "add new hardware" find the new com port .. and the rest  
shud be history...This is of course the readers digest explaination... 
Please let me know if this jives with your machine... 
Cleve - N7IXG 
Some things That might help more are ... 
Set com 1 irq 4 <--that's normal 
set com 2 irq 3 <-- this is too 
set com 3 to an unused irq 
set com 4 to an unused irq 
how do i find out what irq's are being used you say.... 
Use the program MSD (MicroSoft Diagnostics) and take a look at the irq area

..... good luck ... sorry abt the two parter answer... 
Cleve - N7IXG 
Hi Terry.. 
I've had problems with one of these new generic motherboards with serial 
ports onboard.  Couldn't get an internal modem to work with both built-in 
ports active -- it looked like the built-in ports ate *all* possible IRQs. 
(I realize that doesn't sound possible!)  Had to disable one internal port 
to use the internal modem.  Ended up buying an external modem and A/B 
switch, though that isn't an answer to your problem. 
Maybe you should disable *both* builtin ports & do it all with plug-in 
cards?  Of course, if you don't have any builtin ports, ignore this
Are you sure doing the Win95 configuration also configures the IRQs on your

ISA board?  I know Control Panel in regular Windows doesn't.  You have to 
use the jumpers or the provided driver disk. 
73 Doug W9WI 
Douglas E. Smith W9WI/4		  desmith at Telalink.Net 
1385 Old Clarksville Pike	  72777.3143 at 
Pleasant View, TN 37146-8098 
  I would be interested in any useful responses you get also. 
  I haven't purchased one yet but there is a 4-port card by STB - think it 
is called '4-COM' but not sure. Looks like it is about $100. 
  I stuck a second generic 16550 card in my PC and would swear that I have 
it configured correctly to non-interfering IRQs but sure can't make the 
thing play under Win95. Not a clue as to what I'm doing wrong. 
  Good luck. 
73 de Mike / W8DN     
weightdn at 
Terry, I use a Flexport 42 ISA board which performs beautifully under 
DOS/WIN 3.11 and WIN 95 (Which is how I run it). It allows IRQ's from 2-15,
also some non-standard address's. Very flexible and simple to set up. I use
with N6TR, Log-EQF, Hostmaster (RTTY-Pactor), Also runs Paket 6.1, and lots
other junk. I got mine from HDSS, 1-800-252-9777 for $94.00. It's also
from NCA, 1-800-622-1115. The parent company also has a nice web site. They
Quickpath. BTW, I run my mouse on COM1, TNC on COM2, modem on COM3, and rig
control (Yaesu FIF-232c) on COM4. Hope this helps - Bob. 
Terry, make sure you are using different addresses as well as different 
IRQs when you configure COM3 and 4.  That is, both of the new COM ports 
need different IRQs and Adrs from anything else.  You can check settings by

going to Control Panel > System > Device Manager and scrolling up to the 
Computer icon at the top of the list.  Double Click on the icon.  This area

gives you a bird's eye view of the whole shebang .... IRQs, adrs, etc etc. 
Second, you might consider a special I/O board.  I am using a Flexport 42 
by Quickpath.  It fits in an ISA slot.  Gives 4 COM ports and 2 enhanced 
LPT ports, and a choice of about 10 IRQs and addresses.  It works great and

makes it easy to put COM ports at "odd" IRQs and addresses after the 
"legacy" cards use up the common settings.  The cost is about $75 or maybe 
a bit more.  I bought mine from some mail order house out in CA .... call 
one that specializes in disk drives and I/O stuff.   There are other manufs

for the same type card, I am sure.  I am using it with a PCI buss Pentium 
and it works flawlessly.  Cards like this will probably be useful for a 
long time because they are so flexible.  GL! 
--------------- Wes Attaway  (N5WA) ---------------- 
Hi Terry, I also have the same problem as you. Would you pse forward 
a copy of msgs you get with a solution to our problem. Tnx...73... 
John K3TEJ 
I went thru this too.  I THINK you want a regular board, but better = 
check with those who build machines. =20 
I got mine already built and the tech who put it together ignored my = 
request to put the trackball on COM3 and the internal fax/modem on COM4. 
Anyway, to make a short story long, there are not enough interrupts = 
(IRQs) and IBM hated hams so COM3 got the same IRQ as COM1 and 2-4, so = 
of course they lock up (sometimes).  Windows allows you to set the IRQs = 
and usually tells you about conflicts.  The problem is, of course, now = 
the software.  Older programs may allow you to set the port but if they = 
don't allow you to set the IRQ, you're not going to get the program to = 
work.  As an example, this is true of my AEA PC Pakratt program. 
The latest version (10.04) of NA allows you to set the IRQs in a config = 
file.  I know it works because that's what I use and I was able to = 
verify a software as opposed to a hardware problem vis-a-vis the TNC.  I = 
am given to understand that CT9 does the same thing thru TSRs for the = 
COM ports, and that TR somehow avoids the whole mess.  Best to ask on = 
ct-user and Tree has a Web site I think where you can ask questions (and = 
check out his FAQs) 
Hope this helps! 
73, Bob AA0CY 
<aa0cy at> 
I have 2 on board serial ports and use them. Then I added an ISA card that 
is capable of four more serial ports (only using 2 of them) with complete 
control over IRQ selection. I found that when using plug and play it works 
fine for most things but sometimes you need to have a  
little control over what is assigned what IRQ's. ie. certain programs cant 
select irq15 for com4 
So you have to use a little of both... Bought my card at the local COMP-USA

for abt $40. And the serial ports are buffered 16550 UART. 
good luck 
Yep, that is all I do. Go into control panel, then into "system", and
your com ports from under "device manager". Once selected, the settings
will be  
under "resources." I changed my IRQ's in there, and rebooted when it says
and it all functions fine. WIN 95 has a problem with COM4 with some video
(Due to a strange conflict), so you may want to select a non-standard
for COM4, if you get the Flexport card. Another nice thing about the
that I forgot to mention, is that it has 2 parallel ports also.  
If I can help with anything else, just drop a note. 73 de Bob 
Address: bscott at 
Name: Bob Scott 
Amateur radio call: KF9YH 
Member: National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (Paramedic) 
The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author. 
I'm using a FlexPort Model 42 by Quickpath Systems. 
Quickpath has a local (to you ) address: 
Quickptah Systems Inc. 
46723 Fremont Blvd. 
Fremont, CA 94538 
510-440-7288 or 1-800 995-8828 
PS: Have you checked under the START\SETTINGS\CONTROL PANEL\SYSTEM etc to
sure that the addressing and IRQs are correct there? 

Using a Byte Runner 4 com port board with all IRQs for the com ports  
less than 7.  Some programs (NA, and others) won't run with IRQs  
greater than 7.  LPTs (3 here) don't seem to care as much.  You can  
share IRQs among LPTs as long as you don't try and use the two LPTs at  
the same time.  The CT web page has a listing of several boards that  
 can do this. The Byte Runner guys are in Knoxville, TN   I don't have  
a number for them 
Scotty, N4PYD 

Hi Terry, 
 Run down on the junk: 
	1- Yaesu FT-1000D on comm with FIF-232, 2- AEA PK-900 on com 3, USR  
internal 33,600 Sportster modem on com 4. using Win 95 with a P-133 Triron
mother board with 32 M of RAM, Quickpath "Flexport 42" comport board fully 

"Win95 compatable" and the support is great, (tell them I sent ya) you can
to www// and see the board but you can buy it for about
$100.00 if  
ya shop around.  
	As for "adding" new ports, go to settings, then add hardware, then tell  
windows no you will add manually and select com ports then just follow the 

screens, add the port then after go back and adjust the base address and
settings.  I had a real hard time with AEA equipment ie Logwindows, does
like "wierd" IRQ settings, I can not help with CT or the other ones cept
works well also... 
	Hope this helps ya...   
Vy 73 de KB9IYS 
Mike Halley Ex WB9SLW 
NW In. Skywarn #96-006 
Porter Co. In. EC 
mhalley at 
Duuno of any PnP boards that support the high IRQ's.  PnP is off-times = 
said to stand for "Plug and Pray". 
Your best bet is one of the Four-Port boards on the market.  The one = 
made by STB (for example) allows the IRQ of each COM Port to be set = 
manually with a jumper.  These use the more or less standard I/O = 
Addresses for COM3 and COM4 - 03E8H and 02E8H.  Access is provided to = 
Another made by Port-Folio has 4 Serial, 1 Parallel, 1Game, 4 FDD, and 2 = 
IDE's.  This card is set up via software I believe.  I know it allows = 
access to the high IRQ's, but not which ones.=20 
I use a 2 Port card (made by TTC Computer Products of Irving, TX) in = 
addition to my 2 on-board ports to support COM3 and COM4.  It has DIP = 
Switches to set the I/O Addresses, and jumpers to set the IRQ's. Access = 
is provided to IRQ2,3,4,5,10,11,12,15.  Sorry, I don't know where to buy = 
one of these today. 
To get 4 completely independent Serial Ports to work, COM3 and COM4 must = 
be on completely separate I/O Address and IRQ's from COM1 and COM2.  On = 
most standard 2-Port ISA boards, COM1 and COM3 share IRQ4 ---  and   = 
COM2 and COM4 share IRQ3.  >>> I suspect that is your problem <<<< . 
I used only one of the Ports on my TTC card (COM3 is an Internal Modem). = 
 As I remember, I put it on 03E8H and IRQ5 and WIN95 detected a new COM3 = 
The STB, Port-Folio, and my TTC all use 16550 UARTS - which is another = 
must to operate fast ports and not drop characters. 
CT and DXBase support IRQ's besides the conventional COM1 and COM2.  For = 
a while I had my IC-781 on 02E8H - IRQ10 in both CT and Dxbase.  I = 
>>>think<<< NA supports other IRQ's as well. =20 
73 ---> Dave, W9ZRX 
I'm not a computer person and I'm going from memory but: I purchased a 
new PC last weekend with Windows 95 installed. I have added COM 3 and 4 
to the system. Start by going to the Control Panel. Double click New 
Hardware -- and I think I simply selected the default of the following 
screens -- and '95 will add COM 3. Shut down the PC, reboot and you'll see 
COM 3 has been added. Then follow the same procedure and it'll add COM 4. 
It will give you the IRQs to use also. It's really very easy. I have both 
TR and CT. I installed both and they seem to run OK but I have not
the PC and the rig. I learned last night that my interface is no good. I
a lightning strike in the spring that took out the old PC and obviously got
interface also.  Anyway, I hope this helps. A NEC Customer Support person 
walked me through the process the first time (Adding COM 3) and it was
- Jay/K4OGG 
I let the system detect it....  Seems to me that once I had to change 
it manually. It was ait of a pain to get it working but once I did..just 
leave it alone... 
I'd suggest an ISA board, since the PnP can be difficult if they don't 
configure properly.  My suggest is to look at control panel/system, and 
then view by connection to make sure you are using available IRQs.  You 
probably need boards that will allow you to set high IRQs.  Try the 
boards from SIG. 

Beryl D. Simonson KE3GA    
H(610) 664-0549 bsimonson at 
O(215) 765-4600 bsimonson at 
Frankford Radio Club 
Hi from Dublin, 
        I am doing the same thing here so if  
        you get any good info would you pleas 
        pass it on to me....many thanks.... 
        Cheers ...Tony EI2GX 
Dear friend, 
i have the some problem,  
if you will know some things about this please forward me. 
Thanks from Giancarlo T77WI 
I have tried many times with many system crashes. 
My serial port have the hardware configurable IRQs  but Win 95 don't  
likes these. The IRQ n0 2 is used for automatic IRQ checking and is  
impossible to use. This for my experience of course. 
Again 73 
Yes . I would like to see a summary of your responses. Thank you. 
Cheers from down under, 
John, VK5AI

>From kg5u at (Dale Martin)  Thu Sep 12 05:48:16 1996
From: kg5u at (Dale Martin) (Dale Martin)
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 23:48:16 -0500
Subject: ZD8Z Web Site
Message-ID: <01BBA03B.B8595F00 at>

And it's so clean, too!


From: 	Trey Garlough[SMTP:trey at]
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Subject: 	Re: ZD8Z Web Site

> >I realize that it's now the "in thing to do", i.e., have your very own web 
> >site to publicize your upcoming contest operation. Unfortunately we ZD8's 
> >are few in number, have no PhD's resident on our staff, and definitely 
> >represent a low budget operation - so we don't have a web site! 
> Well, now you do.
> Go to Contesting On-line ( and check out ZD8Z in
> the Contest Station links.  (Be prepared to expand your imagination.)

Now there's a web site that truly "cuts the mustard!"

--Trey, WN4KKN

>From floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Sun Sep  8 17:56:15 1996
From: floydjr at (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 1996 13:56:15 -0300
Subject: NA Sprint CW 96 Scores
Message-ID: < at>

Raw Scores

Compiled by
>> WA4ZXA <<
floydjr at

Date Posted: 09/08/96

CALL                  SCORE       QSO'S        MULTIS

High Power

K1KI                 13,995        311           45
KM9P                 13,588        318           41
K5ZD                 13,322        303           44
N4ZZ                 12,330        274           45
WB0O                 12,012        273           44
N6ZZ                 11,700        260           43
KZ2S  (@N2NU)        11,685        285           41
N3BB                 11,424        272           42
N5FG  (WQ5L)         11,193        273           41
KM0L                 10,209        249           41
NA5Q                 10,000        250           40
KJ6HO  (K6OY)         9,618        229           42
N0AX                  9,331        217           43
WR3O                  6,156        164           37
W9WI                  4,070        110           37

Low Power

NM5M                 12,700        282           45
KC6CNV               10,492        244           43
KY2P                  7,840        196           40
AA4GA                 7,462        182           40
N0DH                  4,935        141           35
WD4AHZ                4,800        150           32
WB0OLA                2,160         72           30

If you did not state what power you were running I put you in High Power.
If that is wrong just emial me and I will change it.

73's Jim
           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
           * Packet Node:               >> N4ZC <<                  *
           * Internet Address:          >> floydjr at << *

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Subject: Vanity Calls
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On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, R. W. Schuck wrote:

> Any chance of getting an update of your "to date" listing before Gate 2
> opens?
> Tks es 73
> Randy/AA8TU

I live in the Raleigh, NC area where Hurricane Fran went through last
week.  My house has been without power or water until yesterday which
is why the vanity call info on my web page has not been updated.  I
have been able to do some e-mail from work, but I need my home system
to do the vanity calls.  I will be getting the data back up-to-date
in the next few days.  Sorry for the delays.

ki4hn at

>From lare at (Larry Eckenrode)  Thu Sep 12 14:03:57 1996
From: lare at (Larry Eckenrode) (Larry Eckenrode)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:03:57 -0400
Subject: FRC HOME PAGE has moved!!
Message-ID: <32380A3D.5FA2 at>

The Frankford Radio Club's Home Page has moved.

Our new address is

Please update your bookmarks and links.

Thank You,
Larry -KD2NT

>From radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys)  Thu Sep 12 14:07:48 1996
From: radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys) (Robert Penneys)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:07:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: >> Stn(s) wanted for CQWW <<
Message-ID: <199609121307.JAA05234 at>

I want to single op or SOA on CQWW, both phone and CW, and borrow the best
stations possible which may be available.

I cannot take off much time and want to arrive Friday and return Sunday night
if possible.

If you have a good station which is ready to roll and not currently booked,
please let me know.

Tnx, Bob  WN3K    Frankford Radio Club

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