Vanity calls: only interested in 10 calls...

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Fri Sep 13 03:33:11 EDT 1996

On 12 Sep 96, TL wrote:

> Let's say that I'm interested in 10 calls only. And let's suppose that 
> they are all taken when my turn comes. Am I going to be given 
> a NEW call or can I keep my original one (WX3W)?

I believe that if you list your current call as the 11th call, it 
will revert back to it.  Or, you may not even need to list it.  The 
question as I see it is, if you go thru a list of 10 - 15 - 25 calls 
and none of them are available and you keep your old call, is it then 
considered a vanity call that you have to pay for from now 'til 

While I've decided not to change my call, if I have much more wine, I 
may actually send in an application  =:o

Good Luck!

Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA
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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 02:41:23 -0000 (GMT)
Subject: CT vs TR
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On 12-Sep-96 kk5ep at wrote:
>I am trying to decide on a contest logging program to purchase in
>preparation for the upcoming Fall and Winter contests.  I have narrowed my
>choices to either CT or TR.  Would some of you pros help me make this an
>informed decision?  Why do you like one or the other better?
>Advantages/disadvantages, etc.  I thank you profusely for your time and
>patience.  73, Mike Causey  KK5EP (for another couple of weeks!)  

I have attempted to use both. I am registered with TR. I am sure each has it's
fans, so I will tell you the one feature that totally made up my mind. :)
Seems CT will not key my old Kenwood, or any other radio I have owned. TR allows
me to put a statement in the config file that will reverse the polarity on the 
RS232 port to key them. Maybe if I used the printer port I would have been
sucessful, but frankly I had the serial interface built, and didn't want to
hack apart a cable just to try it. :)

I like tr log a lot, however... (There is always a but) I am 99.99999% running
under Linux. So, I am in the process of writing my own logger. Nowhere near as
featureful as either tr or ct, but it will allow me to totally rid my system 
of DOS/Windows. Of course if tree is monitoring I would be happy to PORT tr to
Linux. Since I now have a pascal compiler that is turbo pascal complient. :)

How about it tree?

Al - kk5zx
E-Mail: foggie <foggie at>
Date: 09/13/96
Time: 02:41:25

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Subject: More on gate 2
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>   Federal Communications Commission Vanity Callsign Request
>   PO box 358924
>   Pittsburgh PA 15251-5924
>   /mike
>-- End of excerpt from Michael L. Ardai

Should the $30 check be enclosed in the inner envelope, or the outer 
envelope ?

Steve, N2IC/0


The address you have quoted here is the one and only address to be 
used for the US Mail, Federal Express or any other carrier to deliver 
your check and form 610-V

This is very self explanatory in the instructions. The other address 
is for hand delivered mail ONLY

I have heard now mulitple sources all say to place the check and 610-
V in the envelope marked for the FCC. If we do away with had carry 
procedures it is quite specific on that.

Apparently hand carried envelopes will go to one area and then to 
another area still in Pittsburg where they meet up with mailed 
envelopes. In this 2nd area appears to be where they are opened and 
checks seperated from 610-V forms.

Considering the fact that all 3 days hand delivered mail meets up 
with the normal mail and that all mail for the 23rd is processed 
together it seems like a good idea to just makes use of Fedex on 
Friday for a delivery to the normal mail box supplied.


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