40M Yagi comparisons

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>Why does every contesting ham in the known universe use a Cushcraft 40-2CD
>40M Yagi?

There can be only two possible answers:
1. The QRK is extremely competitive.
2. They haven't heard of Quads!

Vy 73 de Bren, G4DYO

>From kb2hun at wizvax.net (William R Liporace)  Wed Sep 18 12:29:57 1996
From: kb2hun at wizvax.net (William R Liporace) (William R Liporace)
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Subject: CVB/LTA
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Here is what I know (not that I know much) about Voice Blaster and the 
It is available from LTA industries email address is lta at contesting.com

It was designed to work with Sound Blaster Cards. All other cards are 
compatible cards.. Good Luck :-)

The humming in the interface is usually caused by ground problems.  These 
are found in a lot of cards... W9XT, DVP, Sound cards... I have found 
that playing with caps, toroids, isolation transformers etc helps.  I 
would love to see a better interface for DVP, Sound Card interfaces.. 

Please this is not an add for any of the above products.  I have used all 
but the W9XT card, I know of a person using one.  They all have thier 
merits and pitfalls.  They all are made by reputable peaple and are 
supported very well!!  

I did not find a home page for LTA Industries, but the do have a 
reflector for sharing info.  Links to all major software can be found @ 
KY1H's homepage, KA9FOX's Homepage, VE7TCP's Homepage and many other 

I hope that his will help others.  After 10+ replies here you go.
GL & CU in the pile ups :-)  73 Will

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From: James_E_Brown at smtp.ord.usace.army.mil (James E Brown) (James E Brown)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 08:19:45 -0500
Subject: Sprint - Ethical Question -Reply
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There are no ethics involved here.

How would you have this contest if no one called qrz or cq?  Turn on
your rig and listen to the deafening silence?  Even just dropping your call
would be equivalent of qrz.  There was no "sitting on a fequency and
caling cq", since that was permitted for only one q, and I didn't hear
anyone violating that.  And, again, someone has to call cq or qrz or there
is no 'test.

Jim     AE4EY

>From desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith)  Wed Sep 18 15:28:49 1996
From: desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith) (Doug Smith)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 09:28:49 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: CVB/LTA
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At 07:29 AM 9/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The humming in the interface is usually caused by ground problems.  These 
>are found in a lot of cards... W9XT, DVP, Sound cards... 

I use the W9XT, as do several locals.  Gary gives a stern warning in the
documentation to keep audio and PTT/control grounds separate when wiring
mike cables.  We haven't had any problems, either with hum or RF pickup,
even in stations where other DVKs have had serious RF trouble.  

73 Doug

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