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Wed Sep 18 21:53:34 EDT 1996

The OPs at V26B "Team Antigua" are pleased to announce the new address for
our Home Page. The URL is:

This site was developed by the best SO/A (tribander catagory) operator in the
world, Chas K3WW, and is linked to the Frankford Radio Club homepage where
insights into the "Best DX Contest Club in the Galaxy"(tm W3BGN) can be
 We hope to have the .bin file up shortly so you can browse the log from the
1995 CQWW Phone Contest. There are 12K Q's to load and it takes a meg so
looking for place to put them but check in for updates from time to time.
Presently a photo of the station along with station description are displayed
for your reading pleasure.
Suggestions / comments / bright ideas most welcome! Thanks again to K3WW for
his technical expertise and patience as he copes with a html defecient
contest team.

                                           73 de Doug // V26DX
                                           15m OP V26B

>From rfpwr at linknet.net (Charles Young)  Thu Sep 19 02:41:39 1996
From: rfpwr at linknet.net (Charles Young) (Charles Young)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 20:41:39 -0500
Subject: Resolutions
Message-ID: <9609190141.AA01475 at popalex1.linknet.net>

Since erecting a 100' tower 2 years ago, a bum knee and then a bum foot
have insured that the top remains bare. After turning 49 in July, the time
has come either to finish my station (if a station is ever finished) or sell
all this junk and invest the money for retirement. If I don't do this before
turning 50, I never will. What to do? How to proceed? A definitive plan is
needed. To assure that my current motivated mental state continues through
completion of my plans, I hereby make the following resolutions in the
presence of my sympathetic contest bretheren:

1. I will once again work high power CW SS. (A true masochist works high
power CW in Louisiana in SS). 

2. My antennas will all be up and working. No antenna construction will
occur on contest weekends as has been the situation for the past 2 years. 

3. I will not quit after 8 hours, no matter who the operator is at W5WMU.  :-)
After 8 hours, I might have this two radio thing down. 

4. I will have two antennas per band, in order to spray my loud W5 SS signal
in multiple directions. 

5. I will take 5 days vacation in October to work on nothing but my station
(the XYL will love this one).

6. I will purchase TRLog and learn to use it before the contest (have the
free version downloaded via FTP but never tried it). 

7. Starting tomorrow, I will work out 20/30 minutes a day and go on a diet
to shed a few pounds (the wife will REALLY like this one). 

8. I will use two radio/amp combinations. Haven't done this enough to be
proficient at it.

9. I might even buy some of those Top Ten boxes so the antennas will follow
the radios around. 

10. I will follow K5GA's suggestions to the letter (thanks Bill).

The optimized N8RR/5 SS antenna array: 

80M   Inv Vee at 95' and 1/4 vertical (this is a killer DX ant. in the
40M   40-2CD at 70' and dipole or loop at 80'
20M   205CA at 60' and 4 el Quad at 50' up now....205CA at 100' on hand
waiting to go on the 100' tower. 
15M   155CA at 50' and 4 el Quad at 50' ( 2 years ago the 155CA was good for
188 Q's the first hour on phone SS- it and the 60' 205CA averaged over 130
Q's hr for the first 6 hours and then, you guessed it, I quit to build the
quad on Sunday. I hate phone SS. 
10M   105CA at 60', 2 el Quad at 50'
160M  Does anyone work 160 in SS? I honestly don't know. A 14 ga wire
inverted L up the side of the 100' tower was good for WAS in 1995 ARRL 160. 

Radios:  FT1000D/AL1500

Would a top ten finish be too much to ask before I go over the hill? Top
twenty? Another clean sweep coffee cup? Advice and suggestions from you
veterans who have kept up with the state of the art would be welcome. No, I
am not bringing in a younger guest op, at least not this year :-) At least I
can still copy CW. To be continued.........

73, Chas N8RR

RFPWR at Linknet.Net  (New E-Mail Address)

>From n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith)  Thu Sep 19 02:41:16 1996
From: n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 18:41:16 -0700
Subject: DVP Hum
Message-ID: <199609190141.SAA08433 at dfw-ix8.ix.netcom.com>

After moving my computer and reconnecting all the cabling, I find my DVP has
a hum in the headphones that it didn't before (haven't checked playback
yet).  I suspect a DVP-specific ground loop, because my sound card is
hum-free and the hum (which doesn't vary with transceiver volume control)
goes away entirely as soon as I pull the headphone plug that goes to the DVP
out of my transceiver.

At this point, I don't even know for sure that the hum isn't the result of a
cable shield being PROPERLY connected, rather than an open or something
else.  Before I spend an afternoon scrambling around behind my computer,
under my operating desk, can anyone tell me whether a 1:1 isolation
transformer in the headphone line would solve the problem, and might even be
the most reliable protection against a recurrence?

Thanks, all...  

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at contesting.com 
... and not changing!

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