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Fri Sep 20 10:34:56 EDT 1996

     The best thing to do is use the date on which the application is 
     prepared and signed.  However, any date between when you received the 
     form and the 23rd will be OK.  Just don't date it the 24th!
     Best of luck getting the one you want!
     Tad, ?3(or4)??

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Subject: Signature Date on Contest 610V
Author:  jreid at (Jim Reid) at INTERNET
Date:    9/19/96 5:10 PM

Many have counseled that Express Mail sent today or 
on Friday will be date stamped in by the Mellon Bank 
as Sept. 23rd,  opening date of Gate 2.  However, the 
610V forms asks us to date the application on the 
date we sign the 610V form.  If I date the 
application with today or tomorrow's date, ie,
19th or 20th,  will the app. be rejected?  Or 
should I just go ahead and date it Sept. 23,  1996, 
the opening day?
Typical question about a government form!
73,  Jim, AH6NB

>From n4vhk at (HENRY HEIDTMANN)  Fri Sep 20 12:20:52 1996
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:20:52 -0400
Subject: No subject
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OK, the contesting fairy just dropped by to give you a present. You have a
choice: He/(or she....politicially correct, you know)will give you a
TS-930SAT or a TS-690SAT for HF CONTESTING purposes.
Which would you choose? Reasons?
Thanks for the help and have nice weekend(Unless you work at Mellon Bank:-(
Henry Heidtmann, N4VHK
W4NC Team

>From apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER)  Fri Sep 20 15:53:33 1996
From: apmeyer at (ALEX A.P. MEYER) (ALEX A.P. MEYER)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:53:33 -0700
Subject: Adress for YU1RL????????
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Need a adress for YU1RL.

E-mail or Home Adress or Packet or PHone NUMBER.

Thanks ALEX  >>>WB6AFJ<<<<<

>From k7fr at (Gary Nieborsky)  Fri Sep 20 18:07:24 1996
From: k7fr at (Gary Nieborsky) (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 10:07:24 -0700
Subject: Contestors in Las Vegas?
Message-ID: <199609201707.KAA02263 at>

I'll be in Las Vegas 10/1,2,3 on business (really).  Any contestor types out

Reply direct please.

Gary K7FR
k7fr at

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Fri Sep 20 18:27:25 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:27:25 -1000
Subject: Electronic 610V
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>Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 07:25:42 -1000
>To: vec at
>From: Jim Reid <jreid at>
>Subject: Electronic 610V
>Aloha Bart,
>There is much anguish among the Extra community about this.
>The concern is priority of the electronic app vs.  those being
>sent,  even now,  or already by guys/gals using Fed Ex and
>Express Mail.  Can you give assurance that the FCC will NOT
>act on these electronic filed apps until they recv the $30 fee,  or
>the bank does,  that is.  Or,  that they will all be dumbed into
>the same lottery hopper along with all the other hard copies
>grouped as a mass of Sept. 23 applications?  That is assurance
>that one method of filing will have no priority over any other
>method of filing on Sept 23rd.?
>73,  Jim, AH6NB
>Way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean(Island of Kauai)

>From edwoods at pbsac01.isp.PacBell.COM (edwoods)  Fri Sep 20 21:00:00 1996
From: edwoods at pbsac01.isp.PacBell.COM (edwoods) (edwoods)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 13:00:00 -0700
Subject: the great prefix abandonment of '96
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I see that the "NV" prefix has taken a beating.

     old       new

     NV4B      W4FOP

     NV4V      K9ARW

     NV5D      K5ONE

     NV1D      W1CKT

     NV9D      N9PC

     NV1C      W1MQU

I wonder why?

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at

>From HWDX09A at ( ROBERT   REED)  Fri Sep 20 20:39:14 1996
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 14:39:14, -0500
Subject: Vanity Callsign Electronic Filing
Message-ID: <199609201839.OAA12954 at>


I asked the question of the ARRL VEC Manager who is well up on what 
is happening as I wondered if my Express Mail was worth it or if the 
electronic would be better. My concern being if electronic was a 9/23 
day one submission or held for payment.

One must wonder why an application without payment would be accepted 
as it is incomplete the same as one arriving prior to the box 
openings would be returned an premature. KC2Q got his back as 
premature and must have been by a long way.

Then again banking procedures from Friday night close are allowing 
lots of weekend handcarries rather than the FCC procedure of Monday 
morning so win some loose some.

Here is Bart's reply - 


  Anything filed electronically on 9/23 will be considered
  first day.  I expect the FCC will allow a reasonable timeframe
  to get the payment in (I'd guess 30 days), and then if no
  payment arrives FCC will either undo a grant if one had been
  made, or not grant a call if they haven't issued any day one 
  calls yet.

  I don't expect to see any day one grants until about three
  weeks after day one (since they have to put all day one 
  receipts into a big queue, including entering of the thousands
  of paper applications--with each one's 25 choices).



I have still opted for sending mine by Express Mail by the Post 
Office to

     Federal Communications Commission
     Amateur Vanity Call Sign Requests
     PO BOX 358924
     Pittsburg, PA 15251

This is the BOX that will be opened, checks removed and forwarded to 
Gettysburg. The handcarried deliveries to the lock box will be 
brought to join this BOX for processing internally at the bank. 

Using the USPS Express Mail rather than Fedex or other eliminates 
that extra internal step which I'm sure won't happen until during the 
day Monday anyway when whoever has the lockbox brought to the PO BOX


 73,   Bob Reed, WB2DIN 
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

       Internet : hwdx09a at
                   wb2din at

       Packet   : wb2din at wt3v.nj

>From aa4lr at (Bill Coleman)  Fri Sep 20 20:40:07 1996
From: aa4lr at (Bill Coleman) (Bill Coleman)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 15:40:07 -0400
Subject: SSB Sprint Log submission
Message-ID: <960820153738.PAB07930 at>

This is probably a stupid question.

Where should we mail SSB Sprint logs? For CW, it was 

How would I know without asking?

Bill Coleman, AA4LR           Mail: aa4lr at
Quote: "Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!"
            -- Wilbur Wright, 1901

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