Vanity contest (was: pse/tu)

Douglas L. Klein WD8AUB at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Sep 21 22:57:56 EDT 1996

Steve Miller wrote:
> N9JF wrote:
> > Please guys, post something about a contest, *any* contest, instead. Tnx.
> What a great idea!
> Anyone interested in a vanity contest to break in everyone's new calls?
> After the FCC processes the initial influx of gate 2 applications, we can
> hold a short contest to use our long awaited calls and start putting the new
> monikers in our "supercheck partial" databases.
> Ideas? comments?
> email me and I will summarize and post suggestions.
> 73,
> Steve
> ?8??

How about an Internet Sprint whereby we exchange our 1st choices.

That would give us something to do in the next 3 weeks.  Plus, it would
be fun to see what everybody was hoping for.  

73 Doug


>From jon at (Jon)  Wed Sep  4 09:28:41 1996
From: jon at (Jon) (Jon)
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 02:28:41 -0600
Subject: pse/tu
Message-ID: <199609220228.UAA25094 at>

Aren't callsigns very MUCH a part of contesting!


> Please guys, post something about a contest, *any* contest, instead. Tnx.
>                                         73, Jim N9JF
> The Lane, The Pole, The 2-Yard Line, 14.002; Radio Contesting isn't for

>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Sun Sep 22 03:36:56 1996
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 21:36:56 -0500
Subject: pse/tu

	>>Aren't callsigns very MUCH a part of contesting!

Not to the extent that most of us have had to put up with this topic
for the last couple of weeks....

I'm going to predict that some of you folks who are changing calls
will get something pretty far down your list and wish you'd kept
your original calls.

OK, carry on -

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at

>From bernie.mcclenny at (Bernie McClenny, WR3E)  Sun Sep 22 11:33:15 1996
From: bernie.mcclenny at (Bernie McClenny, WR3E) (Bernie McClenny, WR3E)
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 03:33:15 -0700
Subject: Stressed / Vanity / Mail check
Message-ID: <324515EB.715E at>

Well I just called Fedex (1-800-gofedex) and they told me my Vanity 
application had been received @ 11:48 am Saturday by D. Melzer in the 
mail room.  You can also check  Good luck to all.  
de Bernie
Bernie McClenny ?3?? (hopefully W3DX probably W3UR)

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