610V E open for business

Ve3bmv at aol.com Ve3bmv at aol.com
Mon Sep 23 01:32:27 EDT 1996

FCC computer is now accepting Electronic version of 610V as of Sept. 23 0001
You fill out the form, when computer accepts it, gives you confirmation
number and it will give electronic version of form 159 - payment by credit
card, which when submitted, will allow you to print it and mail it with
credit card (MC or Visa) info to Box 358994, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-5994.

Will FCC reward those submitted by email by putting them on the front? The
mailed in will not hit the office until they open for business at 9 am?

Good luck!

Yuri, VE3BMV, AB2BO soon ....?

>From oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)  Mon Sep 23 21:05:49 1996
From: oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF) (Harri Mantila OH6YF-OH0MYF)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:05:49 -0700
Subject: SAC Claimed Results needed...
Message-ID: <3246ED9D.34D1 at tiltu.teuva.fi>


I'm collecting claimed results of the SAC 1996.
Please, send your result, call, class and totals for QSO & multipliers to 
my E-mail address:

oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi

73 de Harry OH6YF
------------------------------------------------------------------------HARRI M. MANTILA                  COLOR MANTILA OY LTD.
B.Sc. (El. Eng.)
P.O.Box 30                        Asematie 4
FIN-64701 TEUVA                   FIN-61300 KURIKKA
FINLAND                           FINLAND
Ham Radio Calls: OH6YF-OH0MYF     Tel./fax: +358 64 4502673
Tel: +358 400 160368              Tel: +358 400 160368
E-mail: oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi      E-mail: oh6yf at tiltu.teuva.fi
http://www.teuva.fi/~oh6yf/       http://www.teuva.fi/yritykset/mantila/

>From trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough)  Mon Sep 23 12:06:57 1996
From: trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:06:57 +0200
Subject: SM7PKK Score SAC CW:   418.710
Message-ID: <199609231106.NAA11413 at trey-sun.cisco.com>

> Is anyone collecting this info so we can compare?
>                                SAC SUMMARY SHEET
>     Contest Dates : 21-Sep-96, 22-Sep-96
>     Callsign Used : SM7PKK
>          Operator : SM7PKK

Yes, the place where we are collecting this data (and the data for
*every* contest) is 3830 at contesting.com.

--Trey, WN4KKN

>From n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith)  Mon Sep 23 12:40:31 1996
From: n4zr at contesting.com (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 04:40:31 -0700
Subject: The Not-So-Secret Weapon
Message-ID: <199609231140.EAA14565 at dfw-ix8.ix.netcom.com>

At last, an unfair advantage!  I figure having my old, relatively-familiar
call ought to be worth, say, 5 dB and 10% operator ability for the next
contest, at least.  That only leaves me 10 dB and 50% short of people like
KR0Y.  Come to think of it, haven't seen him contributing to this
discussion.  Could it be he's keeping his too?  Rats!!!!!

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at contesting.com 
... and not changing!

>From Veikko.Komppa at vtt.fi (Veikko Komppa)  Mon Sep 23 15:16:43 1996
From: Veikko.Komppa at vtt.fi (Veikko Komppa) (Veikko Komppa)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:16:43 +0300 (EET DST)
Subject: Licensing in Croatia - 9A
Message-ID: <199609231416.RAA27457 at vttmail.vtt.fi>

This is the newest licensing info on the Web that I have received. Please
have a visit at
and comment it!

Licensing information for Croatia - 9A
Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & 9A/SP6NVK - Milka
Status: September 1996

Intro: If have a license from your home country you can get a one year
license in Croatia.

PTT (ITU database):
Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications
Prisavlje 14
HR-10 000 ZAGREB

Telephone +385 1 6114 004
Telex 0599 21275 m p v rh
Fax +385 1 6115 015

Mr. Ivica Mudrinic, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications
Mr. Dominik Filipovic, Deputy Minister of Communications

Paperwork needed:
- Copy of your original (country) licence.
- Copy of money transfer to the bank account shown below.
- Filled application form.
The best way to get a license:
- Fax the above documents to +385-1-6115 015
- Administration fee (75 DM ) to Bank PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB, KRALJA DR(
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
License is good for a year.
Useful local contacts: 
Places to operate from:

Dariusz Milka <dariusz.m at cuprum.com.pl>

Back to MENU 

 Veikko Komppa "Veke"
 Collecting licensing information via Internet
 Licensing info in Web at http://www.clinet.fi/~jukka/license.html
 Internet:  Veikko.Komppa at vtt.fi
 QTH: Paaskynkuja 7, FIN-03100, Nummela, Finland    tel. +358-0-22 22 448
 JOB: P.O.Box 1401, FIN-02044 VTT, Finland          tel. +358-0-456 5260
                                                    fax. +358-0-456 7026

>From floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd)  Mon Sep 23 15:01:35 1996
From: floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd) (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 11:01:35 -0300
Subject: Raw Scores On Internet and How to do them
Message-ID: < at interpath.com>


As in the past years I will be posting scores for contests, SSB, CW, RTTY,
on Internet. I thought I would post these guidelines that may help both of
us to make it work and understand.

1.  Remember these scores are NOT OFFICIAL!!! They are just a reference to
    see where you may have placed. Also remember everyone is not on here.

2.  Please do not send me any logs. I am not affiliated with any of the
    contest sponsors. I am only doing this as a service to the ham

3.  Make SURE that when you send in your scores you send them to me
    complete. I get so many that just say Single Op. Please send me your 
    score just the way you want it posted. Do not assume that I know you 
    always work anything. If I get only Single Op I will put you in Single
    Op Assisted.

4.  As far as format that will change with every contest. If you wait till
    the first posting you will see what I am using. The best format to 
    follow is the summary sheet from CT, NR, or TR. That is really all I 
    need unless it is a contest with breakdowns. 

5.  Please put your scores at the top of your posting. Just takes me a
    while to go through your entire story to find your scores. Also make
    sure your call is at the top. Sometimes I have to read down a long
    story just to get the call.

6.  Make sure that you complete all your calculations. I will not add up 
    scores for you. I have to work with hundreds of scores and you with
    only one. If they come to me not added up I will not post them.

7.  I DO make mistakes. If I make one on your score, just send me email and
    I will correct it. Please do not yell and scream like some did last 
    year. Remember these are your scores and I will put you anywhere you
    want to be. I know sometimes people misunderstand classes and all but
    it is not my job to figure it out. I only put down what you say. If you
    do not agree that someone is in the right class please email them and 
    not me.

8.  Another big help I think to all would be to make your subject line 
    relfect your scores. Like: WA4ZXA CQWW SSB Scores. This will help me 
    sort the scores and also people who do not care to read them will know
    what they are. I might be doing two contests at one time and putting
    the contest in the title really helps me.

9.  Do NOT post any scores to the Contest Reflector! Post them to the 3830
    reflector or email them to me direct. The compiled scores will be
    posted on the Contest Reflector and Rtty Reflectore for rtty tests.

10. I will only correct scores or change a score when I receieve the 
    correction directly from the person with the score. I know a lot want
    to help but I will only change your score if YOU want me to.

11. Please NO ATTACHMENTS! Do not attach any scores to mailings. I will not
    post these scores. If you do not have the time to type into an email
    form or just cut and paste I do not have time to post them. I have to 
    get out of windows and my multi-tasking to get your score. Remember I 
    am doing hundreds of scores and not just yours.

12. I will make a note that the next posting will be the final one for that
    contest. Once the final posting is made I will not change it. Remember
    these are not official so if they are wrong they will not make a 
    difference to the real outcome.

I am sure there will be some things pop us as contest season goes on. I 
will post how to correct them at the bottom of the score posting. Please 
read these incase something has come up. I will do my best to work with 
everyone and comply with your requests but some are just to much. I use a
word processor so all the math is done by hand. Feel free to take them and
come up with any calculations that you need.

Good Luck this season and hope to work all of you.


BTW My name is Jim and not Floyd. As you see Floyd is my last name and JR
are my initials.

           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
           * Packet Node:               >> N4ZC <<                  *
           * Internet Address:          >> floydjr at interpath.com << *

>From pa3dmh at igr.nl (Alex van Hengel)  Tue Sep 24 01:59:41 1996
From: pa3dmh at igr.nl (Alex van Hengel) (Alex van Hengel)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:59:41 -0700
Subject: J7 in CQ WW RTTY & 40 meter North America
Message-ID: <3247327D.336A at igr.nl>

The PA team currently active as J79BP,RC,QA,WP from Dominica in the 
carribean asked me to bring the following to your attention:

-  The team will be a Multi-Single entry in the CQ WW RTTY Contest.
   The callsign used during this activity will be J77C.
   QSL to PA3ERC (like all QSL for the 1996 Caribbean tour)

-  Before they left for the Caribbean the team received several requests
   to pay attention to 40 m SSB in the USA band, especially from J7.
   Despite several tries not a single qso with USA on 40 SSB is in
   the log. The numerous CW qso's show that 40 m is in very good shape
   towarts the USA every evening. They will continue their tries.
   Transmitting frequency will mainly be around 7048.

Apart from some power failures the team is doing very well. The total
story is available at http://www.igr.nl/~pa3dmh/tour1996

       ( # # )
Alex van Hengel, PA3DMH

Secretary Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM/PA6WPX

Homepage PI4COM : http://www.euronet.nl/users/norf/pi4com.html
1996 Carib Tour : http://www.igr.nl/~pa3dmh/tour1996
Internet e-mail : pa3dmh at igr.nl

>From snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov (Steven Nace)  Mon Sep 23 18:44:25 1996
From: snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov (Steven Nace) (Steven Nace)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 10:44:25 -0700
Subject: J7 in CQ WW RTTY - isnt there a rule?
Message-ID: <v02120d00ae6c7bd33c69@[]>

>The PA team currently active as J79BP,RC,QA,WP from Dominica in the
>carribean asked me to bring the following to your attention:
>-  The team will be a Multi-Single entry in the CQ WW RTTY Contest.
>   The callsign used during this activity will be J77C.

etc etc etc.


Isnt there a rule that prohibits soliciting QSOs for a contest?

Please tell me we are not going to have to read hundreds of these
advertisements this fall.  PLEASE!

de KN5H  not KN5S

PS> Prior to the SAC contest, I read at least 4 ads for 'please work me in
the contest.'  Those guys didnt get a Q from me. Neither will this group.

| Steven K. Nace     KN5H           Phone: 505-525-6205              |
| AlliedSignal Technical Svcs       E-Mail: Snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov |
| Spacecraft Engineering Group      Alt E-mail:steven at zianet.com     |
| NASA White Sands Complex          Fax:     505-525-6229            |
| Las Cruces, NM 88004              Alt Fax: 505-527-7223            |

>From syam at Glue.umd.edu (De Syam)  Mon Sep 23 18:34:12 1996
From: syam at Glue.umd.edu (De Syam) (De Syam)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:34:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: All Asia DX SSB From "The Other Side"
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.95.960923133019.9765B-100000 at y.glue.umd.edu>

During my stay in Thailand this year I obtained permission to use
the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand's club station for the All
Asia SSB DX Contest using my personal call HS0ZAR.  Though
conditions at this point in the sunspot cycle are bad all over, I
knew that April and September are the best months for propagation
"over the pole" from the East Coast to Thailand.  
Club station manager HS1CHB picked me up on Friday night and took
me to the club station site, located on the campus of the Asian
Institute of Technology about 10 miles north of Bangkok airport. 
The contest begins at 0700 Saturday morning Thailand time so I
played around on 40 CW at sunset Friday night hoping to give a few
of the needy Zone 26 on 40.  Conditions were not all that good
however and I only dragged the big stations, K1MEM, N4AR and a
couple of others through the rainy season's QRN.  Plenty of JA's
got through, however.
At 0000 GMT I was ready to go on 20 SSB with the 80-foot-high
TH7DXX over the North Pole but after one CQ brought a WA2 there
weren't many other answers.  And what there were were JA's who
didn't realize that HS is part of Asia.  Guess the USA gang didn't
realize the band was open.  I looked around 20 and found just a few
non-Asians running JA's -- KH0/JH1UUT, DU1SAN, VK9XB -- and though
it was no problem to break through the piles, things went pretty
slow.  None of the bands were open to Europe yet.  A look at 15
found three VK's knocking them off, nothing else.  At around 0145
GMT the South Americans -- ZP, LU, CP -- began to come through on
15. But they were few and far between and I created a non-contest
pile-up of JA's just to keep myself amused.  Every now and then a
South American would break through and I could coax a number from
him.  At 0400 I only had 16 contest QSO's and then things picked up
a bit as UA4's started coming in on 15 and 20.  
Finally at 0700 with 40 QSO's in the log enough of Europe was in
daylight so that I got my first run going on 15.  The band dropped
out at 0740 and came back again about 0820.  This time the run was
for real and continued for hours, but Bangkok's daily rainy-season 
afternoon series of thunderstorms made me QRT every now and then
when lightning flashes got too close.  Almost all the callers were
Europeans but the occasional 5Z4, Z28 or S79 would call in.  Also
Asians who were not aware I could not work them for points.  How
many times in a single contest have you had to tell three different
S21's that, sorry, you were not allowed to work them in the
contest?  Since I was paper-logging it was not hard to log the
Asians anyhow in case any of them needed an HS QSL.  I knocked out
the contest log later on my sister-in-law's computer back at the
At about 1100 GMT I realized that 20 was getting ready to open to
the East Coast but the run of Europeans on 15 didn't let up and
everyone was telling me I was the loudest thing on that band so I
decided to hang in there until 15 closed.  Finally at 1307 the band
closed with 356 QSO's in the log, the last being SM4GNU.  At around
1200 I got mad for the only time in the contest when 9A3NQ called
me, gave me a long song-and-dance about how he wasn't in the
contest, hated contests, and asked for my name and QSL information. 
It gave me great pleasure at that point to indicate that I had
clearly called "CQ contest" and that if he wasn't in the contest he
should not have called me; I then coined a phrase: "No contest
number, no QSL" and he quickly got the point.  After saying "oh
boy" a couple of times he came across with a number.
The minute I got on 20 E21CJN across town informed me that he had
been running the East Coast and South America solid there for two
hours.  I went to work there at 1330 with W9HRQ and even though
K4MZU and W4MWT were booming in as usual I had obviously missed the
best part of the East Coast opening and outside of a few Midwest
QSO's what was coming in now was Europe.  I ran mostly Europeans
until about 1500 when 20 closed abruptly with my QSO total standing
at about 450.  
What was left was 40 meters which was a mess.  By this time the
European SSB Field Day had begun and local QRM in Europe kept all
but the best-equipped Europeans from hearing me, and even with an
inverted vee with the apex at about 70 feet on my end,  it was S&P
all night long with meagre results.  Besides, I couldn't hear very
well either with the loud Iranian broadcast station on 7070, being
jammed by the Iraqis, with audio cranked up to overcome the jamming
creating parasitics on audio peaks which spread out all over the
band.  Another BC/jamming combination on 7105 wasn't doing much
good for the portion of the band between 7080 and 7100 either.  The
JA's weren't having much luck either; I only heard JA8NFV, who I
believe has a 3-el monobander on 40, running stations with
Finally at 2000 the bothersome BC stations went off and at the same
time a few LU's showed up on the band working the contest;  they
were comparatively easy to work, as was the odd African that came
on.  At 2345 20 finally opened with WA2VUY and beginning 0015, with
a grand total of 475 QSO's to show for the first half of the
contest, I was able to run the East Coast pretty well.  A lot of
people had obviously learned about the contest since the night
before!  At 0130 GMT with 524 QSOs in my log the opening ended.  I
might add that I was not running at full blast the whole time since
I felt compelled to have a few words with many of my friends who
called, conditions being so good.  What was left after the East
Coast dropped out were a few locals like a V63 and some YB's, so I
decided to have a little shut-eye while waiting for the European
opening on 15.
At about that time one of Thailand's eager young contesters, 18-
year-old E21LLR, showed up at the station, so I let him operate
until 0900 when I took over again.  He wasn't going to send in a
contest log anyhow so he was happy to give the unsuspecting JA's
and HL's who called a contest number, and later knocked off a
number of stations in Europe and the Middle East before I got on
At 0920 I began running Europe on 15 with 535 QSO's now in the log.
Conditions today were not all that great to Europe, however, and at
1100, having only increased my QSO total to 555, I switched to 20
to catch the beginning of the East Coast opening.  The first to
answer my CQ was FT5WE! (I had also worked FT5WF earlier).  It's an
easy shot from Thailand.  I was surprised from the ages given that
both of these guys are in their early 20's.
It took until 1122 for the first USA to come through, K2QBV.  About
1205 I finally found a frequency that worked and then the pile
began to form.  By 1300 I was up to 629 QSO's, almost all those in
the last two hours being from the USA, with the W4's predominating. 
It was great to have one of my mentors and gurus, Ed, W3AU, call
in.  At 1402 I was called by myself, as Rana, WB4NFO, went over to
my QTH so I could hear how the K3ZO signal sounded.  By then it
seemed I had worked just about all of my DX'er/contester neighbors
and about half of the PVRC members.  At 1421, with 705 QSO's in the
log, I worked my last W in the opening, as the band shifted to
>From then until 1455 the European pile-up continued briskly and
then the Europeans abruptly dropped out, leaving V51E calling me
all alone.  He said he had been calling for several minutes trying
to get me through the pile with my beam on Europe.  After a couple
more African QSO's 20 went completely dead at 1504 and I went to 40
with 748 QSO's in the log.  40 being in its usual sad state, after
one QSO with a YB I went to bed.  At 1900 I was back on the band
and in an hour of S&P I added 10 QSO's to the log -- all Europeans
that I had called in vain the night before when the European Field
Day had been on.  By 2200 I had added eight more CE's and LU's to
the log and was up to a QSO total of 769.  
With nothing else happening, I listened to the Philippine Net begin
on 7045 at 2230 GMT and monitored for a while.  There are a lot
more DU's on the air than you think!  When things got slow for them
I called in and managed a couple more numbers from DU stations.   
At 23:30 20 opened with K6DR answering my CQ.  
No East Coast on this opening today, so I ended the last half hour
of the contest with QSO's from DU1, VE7, C21 and KO6, and ended the
contest with a grand total of 776 QSO's.  Fifteen and twenty were
almost a dead heat with just over 350 QSO's each, and forty brought
up the rear with around 40 QSO's.  E21CJN, who had stayed mostly on
20, reported 390 QSO's with the USA alone and was quite pleased
with that.  The great bulk of them were W4's, he added.   I recall
doing an All Asian Phone DX Contest from HS1ABD in 1979, ending up
at that time with about 1100 QSO's, so the difference between high
and low sunspot years must be about 350 QSO's.  Anyway, it was
interesting to see how things work out from the other side of the
                                            Very 73,
                                          Fred Laun, K3ZO

>From rvhoeft at ingr.com (Hoeft, Roger V)  Mon Sep 23 18:43:00 1996
From: rvhoeft at ingr.com (Hoeft, Roger V) (Hoeft, Roger V)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:43:00 -0500
Subject: Who has the antenna farm near Eau Claire?
Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=INTERGRAPH%l=HQ1-960923174300Z-4832 at hq15.pcmail.ingr.com>

Anybody near Eau Claire, Wi. know who the contester / dxer is who has
that most impressive antenna farm visible from I-94 southeast of town?

My curiosity is aroused.

Roger Hoeft
rvhoeft at ingr.com

Amateur Radio is a contact sport

>From jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Mon Sep 23 18:43:15 1996
From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 07:43:15 -1000
Subject: Mail tracking
Message-ID: < at aloha.net>

At 09:09 PM 9/22/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Roy,  with Express Mail I hope you checked the 
>little box that allows delivery WITHOUT a signature....
>73 Robert  WB5CRG  w5robert at blkbox.com   

It appears this is a SERIOUS problem for some of us,  who
did not notice the box to check.

I recv'd exactly the same notice as Roy thru my web check
of the system.  And right now,  1:43 pm, EDT,  I am still
getting the same message on 9/23.  This, apparently means
that NO ONE from the Mellon Band is going to the window,
or whatever they have to do to sign for Ex Mail sent,  as  was
mine without the little box check which would waive the recipient'
signature requirement!!

Since Millon Band people apparently don't want to bother signing
for their Express Mail,  one wonders what to do now,  call
the Bank,  and urge them to go sign for their mail??

What number would I call?

73,  Jim, AH6NB

>From n4bp at shadow.net (Bob Patten)  Mon Sep 23 19:36:42 1996
From: n4bp at shadow.net (Bob Patten) (Bob Patten)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 14:36:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Stessed? Gate 2 - Step 2 complete
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960923143515.22363B-100000 at hyper>

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996 BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com wrote:

> ? - the ham formerly known as K1ZX

This old fart has to learn yet another new call from another old fart?

Bob Patten, N4BP
n4bp at shadow.net

>From jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Mon Sep 23 19:57:30 1996
From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 08:57:30 -1000
Subject: Not to Worry- Mail tracking
Message-ID: < at aloha.net>

Just got off the phone with Chris in the mail room, Mellon
Bank,  he logs in all  registered and express mail,  requiring
bank signatuers for delivery.  A representative of the bank, 
who works in the same dept. that handles the lock box receipts, 
did, in fact sign for ALL rcv'd Ex Mail on the weekend at the POB
Office,  has delivered same to the bank mail room.
Chris asked for my US Postal Ex Mail receipt number;
he left the line a few minutes,  returned and
reported that my package is there,  and is logged
in!!  So all is well in Pittsburgh  and on  Kauai, at least
for my little concer:.  one who didn't check the box
waiving signature req.

BTW,  got to the Mail Room at the Bank via their customer
service 800 number posted at the  bank's web site: 1-800-

73,  Jim, AH6NB

>From IADIAHFD at NETINS.NET (Larry Lindblom)  Mon Sep 23 20:12:47 1996
From: IADIAHFD at NETINS.NET (Larry Lindblom) (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 14:12:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: J7 in CQ WW RTTY - isnt there a rule?
Message-ID: <199609231912.OAA25964 at insosf1.netins.net>

On 9/23/96 Alex van Hengel wrote:

>>The PA team currently active as J79BP,RC,QA,WP from Dominica in the
>>carribean asked me to bring the following to your attention:
>>-  The team will be a Multi-Single entry in the CQ WW RTTY Contest.
>>   The callsign used during this activity will be J77C.
>etc etc etc.

At 10:44 AM 9/23/95 -700, you wrote:

>Isnt there a rule that prohibits soliciting QSOs for a contest?
>Please tell me we are not going to have to read hundreds of these
>advertisements this fall.  PLEASE!
>de KN5H  not KN5S
>PS> Prior to the SAC contest, I read at least 4 ads for 'please work me in
>the contest.'  Those guys didnt get a Q from me. Neither will this group.

Ok, but where do we draw the line between "information" and "soliciting".
To me knowing someone will be active during a contest is information. It
tells me to look for them or to watch for a spot.

However, seeing a packet spot during a contest that says "we need QSOs on
14,195" is soliciting.  The same is true of a phone call or e-mail telling
me to get on the air and make a contact so someone can get another point or
two in the contest.

73 - WA0ETC - One of the NC0P Team

"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, I gotta contest, why-o-why"


>From lare at worldnet.att.net (Larry Eckenrode)  Mon Sep 23 20:19:16 1996
From: lare at worldnet.att.net (Larry Eckenrode) (Larry Eckenrode)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:19:16 -0400
Subject: Looking for info about "TR"
Message-ID: <3246E2B4.57BB at worldnet.att.net>

Anybody know if any magazine has done a review of "TR"?

Also, what the current email address for it?
Do they have a Web Site?

I've looked around but can't find much except for an ad in NCJ.

Any comments about using it would be helpful also.


Hope this passes for contest related!!!

>From HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED)  Mon Sep 23 21:35:43 1996
From: HWDX09A at prodigy.com ( ROBERT   REED) ( ROBERT   REED)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:35:43, -0500
Subject: Mail tracking
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I did not check off the signature box on my Express Mail sent Friday 
afternoon about 4:00 PM EDT and when checking on the WWW found that 
it was marked delivered at 11:00 AM EDT Saturday as expected.


 73,   Bob Reed, WB2DIN 
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

       Internet : hwdx09a at prodigy.com
                   wb2din at juno.com

       Packet   : wb2din at wt3v.nj

>From aa5bl at intrastar.net (Jon Barclay AA5BL)  Mon Sep 23 21:05:09 1996
From: aa5bl at intrastar.net (Jon Barclay AA5BL) (Jon Barclay AA5BL)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:05:09 -0500
Subject: Mail tracking
References: < at aloha.net>
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> >Roy,  with Express Mail I hope you checked the
> >little box that allows delivery WITHOUT a signature....
> >73 Robert  WB5CRG  w5robert at blkbox.com
> It appears this is a SERIOUS problem for some of us,  who
> did not notice the box to check...
> 73,  Jim, AH6NB

FWIW, I didn't check the little box either, but, checking
the Express Mail tracking number on the Web page, it says my
application was delivered Saturday at 2:45 PM.

73 -- Jon
AA5BL at intrastar.net

>From AA4YZ at worldnet.att.net (Kirk Staats)  Mon Sep 23 23:23:29 1996
From: AA4YZ at worldnet.att.net (Kirk Staats) (Kirk Staats)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 22:23:29 +0000
Subject: 610v per FCC
Message-ID: <19960923222327.AAA23530 at LOCALNAME>

Submitted mine via fcc web page at 12:20am.  Called FCC this morning and was
advised that all 610's received today would be placed in the computer and
randomly chosen for order.  She said that it would not matter how it was
submitted or what time it was submitted on Monday.  All will be chosen by
the computer in random order.


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