Ferrite beads, torroids used for rfi suppression and Baluns, etc.

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Hi Jay,

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>I am hopefully adding to this conversation and don't wish to offend any of


>The Reisert balun is one of the best you will ever find for HF.  
If the load is in perfect common mode balance and of a controlled impedance,
a voltage type balun is as good as a choke type balun. But the choke type
balun is almost always much better in the real world. Frank Witt AI1H and Roy
Lewallen W7EL  have done excellent real world analysis' on this. I have also
measured and confirmed their work independently here. 

The last thing we want to do is force "voltage balance" in the system, unless
we enjoy feedline radiation.  

>Working on my 1/2 Four Square.  
>BTW K5IU has an excellent article comming in Communications Quarterly which
>that 1/4 wave radials are absolutely the WRONG length for any vertical

Let's think about that a bit. MEASURED data have proven over and over again
that 60 1/4 wl radials comes within a dB of a theoretically perfect ground,
and as length is reduced the NUMBER of radials required to achieve the
maximum FS for a given length, as well as the field strength, decreases. If
the radials are made longer, we can use more radials and FS improves. The
curves are ALWAYS real smooth curves.

Now suddenly 1/4 wl is the "wrong length", it just happened to be overlooked
for fifty years in innumerable real world FS measurements.

73, Tom

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Subject: ARRL,FCC,Vanity Calls Info
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Hold he phone...here is a new rumor....

One of the local yokels here called the League about how the FCC is going to
process all the vanity call signs for Gate 2.  The guy at the League says
they will use all 25 calls submitted.  He says they (the gnomes at the FCC)
will input all the information and then let the computer make decisions.
Based on what, I don't know.  He says the computer is going to sort out all
the calls and make the assignemnt.  The guy at the League said we shouldn't
even see a new call come out for two weeks as they input all the information.

Now...who you gonna believe?  Again, I am glad I don't have to sweat the

k0wa at southwind.net
k0wa at southwind.net

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Subject: CONTEST related post!
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>>This year, I intend to enter the fray SOA to see how well I can do. 
>Will be glad to see you in there with us, N6AA will question
>your manhood; however.
Thanks for your thoughtful reply Chas. 

I indicated "SOA", which I meant to stand for "Single Operator ALL BAND",
not "assisted".....hi hi  I know some feel the assisted category is not very
macho and they are entitled to that. Hey, they may even be correct. But,
that is a thread of a different color. :')

I guess if I can survive single op SS both modes than I can do the CQWW
without meaningful rest too. 

I've received a lot of good advice from you and many other top operators.
This is very helpful and I respect their views. At the same time, I envy
your obvious stamina, a bit.

See you all in the big one!


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the correct address is http://www.webbuild.com/~ki4hn/vanity.htm

                                         not /~ki4hn/vanitytd.htm

Your welcome....

Cleve - N7IXG - For awhile longer

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Subject: It only happens to other people.
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In looking over the WW CW writeup in October CQ, I notice that #3 (N7ML 1.28 
meg) and #4 (W2VJN/7 1.22 meg) were left out of the "Top Scores in Most Active 
Zones" box for zone 3.

George Cutsogeorge,  W2VJN                   
Umpqua, OR.

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