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Zack Widup w9sz at
Thu Sep 26 10:03:48 EDT 1996

In an earlier message, I wrote:

>>Whoever is posting all these fake messages from, I hope you get 
>>sufficient jollies to knock it off.

My apologies to N5IA if it was really you.

Those who are also on the DX reflector know there have been several 
postings to it in the last couple weeks from fake senders at, 
notably from "WA4JTK" and "w6imagene". They were only posted to bait 
flames, and the DX reflector traffic was considerably increased for 
several days by outraged people who took the bait and flamed away.

Sorry to everyone here, and I'll be more careful from now on!

73, Zack W9SZ


>From seay at (Del Seay)  Thu Sep 26 14:37:25 1996
From: seay at (Del Seay) (Del Seay)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 06:37:25 -0700
Subject: Concrete Curing
Message-ID: <324A8715.50C8 at>

All the advice is probably sound. However, most of us live in a less
than ideal world.
Usually - three (3) days will give enough curing time to start up with 
steel, if you have done the rebar well. And used high strength mix!
Also, backfilling is not a good idea. Pour the whole damn hole full,
and build your frame at the top so that the exposed area looks
sanitary. The reason is - the pull on the anchor should not be
only against the weight of the concrete, but also the amount of
earth the anchor has to move. The larger the area of earth, the more
holding strength. Even properly compacted earth will not approach the
holding ability of undisturbed earth.
By the way - the last tower we built was a 130' self supporting
microwave tower with an eight foot base. 3 days of curing before going
up, and it hasn't moved in a year and a half. It's better to wait, but
sometimes we have to move on.
de KL7HF

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