New regulations are in effect in Russia since Sep'96 at TGV.COM at TGV.COM
Thu Sep 26 00:46:57 EDT 1996

New radioamateur regulations issued in Russia and are in effect
since September, 15, 1996.

The most sufficient changes are the following (from my point of view).

       1. Age limitations:
4th and 3rd classes ('novices')- 8 years old (instead of 14 and 16),
2nd class ('intermediate')- 14 instead of 16.

       2. License is valid during 5 years.

       3. Band plan changes:
160m band SSB-window is reduced from 1860-1930 to 1840-1930;
 80m band is expanded from 3600-3650 to
           3700 (3rd and 2nd classes) and 3800 (1st class).

       4. Russian band plan per license classes (briefly):

                3rd class       2nd class       1st class

 1.8 MHz        CW SSB          CW SSB          CW SSB
 3.5 MHz        CW              CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
 7.0 MHz                        CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
  10 MHz                                        CW     DIG
  14 MHz                        CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
  18 MHz                        CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
  21 MHz        CW              CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
  24 MHz                        CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG
  28 MHz        CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG      CW SSB DIG

* for 4th class only 160m (SSB & CW) and UHF (SSB, CW & DIG) are allowed.
* TX output power for 4-2 classes 5W @160m;
   /no changes/   for 4-1 classes 5W @UHF&VHF.
                  for 3rd class 10W @HF;
                  for 2nd class 50w @HF;
                  for 1st class 10W @160m, 200W @HF;
                  for 4-1 classes 5W @UHF&VHF.
* SSTV and FAX are allowed for 2-1 classes @20m.
* 6m band is not allowed.

See you in CW contests,
73 de RW3FO, Dmitri
Moscow, Russia
bagno at

>From pcortese at (I2UIY)  Wed Sep 25 22:34:39 1996
From: pcortese at (I2UIY) (I2UIY)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:34:39 +0000
Subject: European Sprint Contest - Rules

EU SPRINT 1996 - Rules

The EU Sprint Committee hereby invites you to participate in  the  two 
Autumn European Sprint Contests held in 1996.

Entrants:   any  licensed station operating from  Europe  or   outside 
Europe may enter the Sprint.

Object: EU stns work everybody, DX stns work only EU

Categories: Single Operator ONLY. Only ONE signal may be aired at  one 

SSB:   first   Saturday in October - 5 October 1996   -   managed   by 
CW:    second  Saturday in October - 12 October 1996  -   managed   by 

Time: from 15:00z until 18:59z.

Bands:   20,   40 and 80 meters only. Pilot  frequencies   are:   SSB: 
14.250, 7.050, 3.730. CW: 14.040, 7.025, 3.550

Exchange: all of the following data MUST BE PART OF THE EXCHANGE:
   - your callsign,
   - the other station's callsign,
   - your serial number starting from 001 (RST not required),
   - your name or nickname.
Please   note   that  BOTH  callsigns  MUST  be   repeated   by   BOTH 
A  valid  exchange is: "OK2FD de I2UIY 118 Paolo"  while  "OK2FD   118 
Paolo" is NOT a valid exchange.

Special  QSY  Rule: if any station initiates a call  (by  sending  CQ, 
QRZ?,  etc.),  he is permitted to work ONLY one station  on  the  same 
frequency. He must thereafter move AT LEAST 2 (two) kHz before he  may  
call   another  station or before he may  solicit  again   (CQ,  QRZ?, 
etc.) other calls.

Valid   contacts:   valid contacts are QSOs   correctly   logged   and 
confirmed.  Each  operator may use ONE and ONLY one  name  during  the 
Sprint.  If  the exchange is copied incorrectly,  that  operator  will 
receive   zero   (0) points. In case of  miscopied   callsigns,   both 
stations  will  receive zero (0) points for that  QSO.  The  Committee 
reserves   the   right to apply penalties in   particular   cases   of 
violation of the rules or spirit of the contest.

Scoring:  each  valid QSO counts one point. The final  score  is   the 
total number of QSOs.

Awards:  there are NO awards or prizes since these contests  have been 
created to test the individual skills only. Results will  be forwarded   
as  soon  as  possible  to  Leagues,  magazines   and bulletins.

Logs: a single chronological log is required. PLEASE SEND US YOUR  LOG 
ON  A FLOPPY DISK. Use any of the available software or send  a  plain 
ASCII  file. A separate summary sheet is required too.  Logs must   be  
sent   NO later than 15 days after the  contest  to   the  appropriate 

-  Autumn SSB Sprint: Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, P. O. Box 14, 27043  Broni 
(PV), Italy.
-  Autumn CW Sprint: Karel Karmasin, OK2FD, Gen. Svobody  636, 674  01 
Trebic, Czech Republic.

DL2NBU has written a program specially designed for the newly  created 
European Sprint Contest. The program is similar to CT, allows  sending 
CW  via LPT/COM, generates .RES files etc. The software  is  available 

Logs  for ANY of the four events may also be sent by Internet Mail  to  
"eusprint at". The receipt of your electronic  log will  be 
confirmed.  If you don't receive a confirmation within two  days,  try 
again or use the postal system.

Thanks in advance for your participation de: G4BUO, I2UIY,  OK2FD  and 
the B.C.C. Sprint Committee.

[ ] Paolo Cortese, I2UIY / IQ2A / N7PMC / OK8AFL
[ ] P. O. Box 14 - 27043 Broni (PV) Italy
[ ] Phone 0039-385-53203
[ ] A.R.I. HF Contest Manager

>From woffutt at (wallace offutt)  Wed Sep 25 23:25:28 1996
From: woffutt at (wallace offutt) (wallace offutt)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 18:25:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: The Callsign Contest
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.93.960925181824.7490A-100000 at>

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Troy Majors wrote:

stuff snipped
> Only one problem, do we have room for any more contests on
> the calander?


There are *at least* 258 days each year when there are no contests.
(Sunday - Thursday x 52 - two Sunday evenings for SS = 258.) Who says
that contests have to be on weekends?

There never have been, are not, and probably never will be enough CW
contests in my life. :-(

Hal K8HVT (not K8SVT) (And not K8HVT much longer?)

>From AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C)  Wed Sep 25 23:30:15 1996
From: AD1C at (Jim Reisert AD1C) (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 96 18:30:15 -0400
Subject: It only happens to other people.
Message-ID: <199609252236.SAA27113 at>

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:37:28 -0600, Mike Coolidge wrote:

>That is because N7ML is in zone 4 not zone 3, same zone as me.  Funny move
>all the way from Illinois to Montana and Im still in the same zone!

While I can't help the fact that ITU and CQ zones don't nicely follow
call-area boundaries, or that the ARRL and CQ sometimes lose logs, or
score them incorrectly, I can make life a little easier on the people who
work you.

If you are not in the CQ or ITU zone that CT thinks you should be in,
please send me your contest callsign (i.e. I need to know if you sign
/portable or not) and your actual CQ and/or ITU zone, so I can add you to
CT's country file.  This is especially if you are receiving a new callsign
whose call area is not in the same CQ/ITU zone as your QTH.

This will at least allow the lazy to log your zone properly, and will help
when you are spotted on packet.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert <AD1C at>          

>From Tim_Coad at (Tim Coad)  Wed Sep 25 23:37:09 1996
From: Tim_Coad at (Tim Coad) (Tim Coad)
Date: 25 Sep 1996 15:37:09 -0700
Subject: Another way to make top ten
Message-ID: <n1368456386.86646 at>

Another way to make top ten and sleep......

Besides moving to the east coast you could:

Just enter your Single Op unassisted score as Single-Op Assisted.

OK, OK we dont want to start that thread again, but Im as tired of reading
about vanity callsigns as I was about hearing OJ news, (And now the news media
is trying to start that up again!) so I am anxious for some contest related
material to be posted. So I'LL offer up some other contest topics for

1. Do we need mandatory drug testing of contest ops?
2. Are those East Coast big guns really running 3rd and 4th tier euros' or are
they just reading calls from the callbook?
3. Does running QRO in contests really make you more likely to have female
4.a How many of you out there also have had hallucinations after 40 hours of
no sleep? 4.b and what were they?
5. What do you think about a new contest that is held ONLY on 14.230?
6. Was the Russian woodpecker really a YCCC device to keep west coast hams
from running JA's on 40?

OK well there, 6 topics I came up with in 6 minutes......any more?

CU all in the next test!
Tim - NU6S

>From w2up at (Barry Kutner)  Thu Sep 26 00:32:04 1996
From: w2up at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:32:04 +0000
Subject: Re K3ZO: making top ten SOAB
Message-ID: <199609252332.TAA23360 at>

On 25 Sep 96, Bill Fisher KM9P <km9p at> wrote:

> I still maintain that if someone not blessed with a W1, W2, W3, or W4 QTH
> expects to make the top ten USA, they better not be too sleep happy.  1.5
> to 3 hours the 2nd night is generally the equation used by me and I am
> generally playing catch up like Ugly will be doing.  I'll bet W9RE and
> N2IC aren't sleeping the first night.

Oh no. I hope we don't start this thread again. As I've said to N2IC 
in the past, I would be happy to trade European runs for being an 
hour away from the world's best skiing! (No, I don't think the 
Poconos will be making a bid for the winter olympics :.)  )
Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at
Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at

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