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Sorry, fellows, just had to get this off my chest. The following is
a partial breakdown of hams holding multiple club calls. The list has
been edited to remove any call from a club existing before Mar 24, 1995.
It has further been edited to remove all trustees active for less than
5 clubs.

1  AA6ET   8 club licenses
2. AA6KT   8 club licenses
3. AA6TK   9 clubs ( including 1 called the EREHWON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB
   ( try spelling that one backwards )
4. KA6KTA  1 club ( Cactus Radio Club Inc ) 13 different calls 
5. KD6VWK  5 club licenses
6. KE6WIS  6 club licenses
7. KJ5VV   ( this is a partial exception to the rule. Some of these clubs
   existed prior to Mar 24. Noteworthy is that he is trustee for clubs in
   the 0,5th, and 4th call areas.
8. N6TK    9 club licenses
9. WB4WOR  3 licenses ( sorry, but I had to mention this although he falls
   outside the box.

At last count, the infamous Tuckers of 6 land held 38 club calls. 

It is obvious where the abuse is. It is going to be interesting to see
how many of these "clubs" receive licenses under Gate 2, and even more
so to see how many changes of "trustees" occur.

Again my apologies.But perhaps some of you who know these individuals 
might ask them to clean up their act.


Name: ed sleight
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Date: 9/29/96
Time: 3:14:36 PM

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Subject: Single Operator Assists
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Barry Merrill wrote:
> It seems to me that SO already have assists:
>  Computer Logging - is a second operator
>  Call Sign Data Base Look UP - is a third operator
>  Second Radio with auto support in Logging - is a fourth op
>  Drugs for 48 hours - Bennies, Caffein, etc - is a fifth op
> So why isolate Packet as the only Assist?
> Merrilly yours, Barry Merrill, w5gn at

You mean you use those, too?

73, John Merrill

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