[CQ-Contest] DX-to-English translations

Rob Hummel rhummel at monad.net
Tue Apr 1 13:13:39 EST 1997

During the recent ARRL DX and CQ WPX contests, I noted that a
number of US hams were having trouble understanding some of the
idomatic phrases used by non-US hams. Some of this can be
attributed to different speech patterns or language difference.

As a public service, I've compiled some common phrases and their
translations. I hope this helps.

Rob, WS1A

DX station says                        US Translation
----------------------------           ----------------------
"The Whiskey-One something only,       "Everyone call again."
 call again."

After struggling with poor             Any resemblence between
conditions and many repeats,           the entry in my log and
the DX station announces:              your call is purely
"I got your call okay now."            coincidental.

"Is this frequency in use?"            "Thanks for holding the
                                        frequency for me. You can
                                        QSY now."

"CQ Contest"                           "Unless you're from Wyoming
                                        or Nevada, don't call."

"My power is 300W"                     "How do you like my new
                                        parallel Alphas?

"Frequency is occupied!"               "Oh, there you are. We've
                                        been holding the frequency
                                        for you."

"Please move [up/down] a little."      "Oh, there you are. We've
                                        been holding the frequency
                                        for you."

(After you transmit your exchange)     "I didn't copy, but I think
"QSL, thanks!"                          I already have your [state/

"QSL QRZ?"                             "Bet you can't guess my

And my favorite...

"The (any call, whole or portion)      "WS1A, please call again."
 station only."
 Rob Hummel (WS1A) <rhummel at monad.net>

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